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Elsword 2022 Summer Update

July 13th, 2022 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates

7/21 Focus on making levelling new characters more accessible through shared items and titles

-Shared bank can be opened for free

-Rigomor armor and Amethyst crystals can be bank shared

-Titles from normal dungeons can be shared among characters in an account

-Master road accessories can be bank shared

-Rigomor region open quest changed -> Clear Varnimyr dungeon

-Refined Mystic stone no longer drops. Only Radiant Mystic stone drops

-Polarize/Adaptation limit increase from 45%

8/04 New Raid (20:10)

-8 players play in two parties of 4

– Increase each party member’s importance in the raid

-Tried to ease the power inflation caused through stacked synergies

-New Raid Weapon and Mystic Stones

-New Raid Weapon is obtained when the raid gauge is full (Not random)

-New Mystic stones give better stats than previous ones

8/18 Laby 4th (22:41)

-Mischievous concept

Summer Events

-7/16 +10 Varnimyr raid weapon & radiant mystic stone support cube

-7/17 Sage Magic stone x100

-7/21 Elrios pass season 2, punch master event…etc



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  • Flare Kyn says:

    I’m loving all the 7/21 stuff aside from the Polarize increase, don’t really care too much about Polarize (the Adaptation increase is awesome, though).

    The 8/04 stuff is interesting. I’m looking forward to it.

    Yes, Laby’s 4th path! The concept looks interesting. Probably means it won’t be a Nisha path like I wanted (like Nisha Labyrinth), but who knows?

    • Anon says:

      It still could be Nisha. It would just mean that Nisha’s personality is different on this path, which isn’t unusual for different paths anyway. My best guess is it’s probably not her though, since “Mischievous” sounds more childlike, reflecting Laby’s personality more.

    • xD says:

      The new laby looks cute😭 and the new updates look really great, hopefully there isnt something else like “To use certain stuff you have to pay $$$ and some limitations”

  • DanYami says:

    where’s the new region tho

    • Flare Kyn says:

      I don’t recall them mentioning a new region in the roadmap they released in April. If there is one, though, it’d likely be released alongside the new Raid.

    • xD says:

      Probably a new region in August for raid, unless they add the Raid into tirnog. Following the story its so related to Ran

    • fal says:

      as other said, probably there is going be a new region with the new raid, unless they make new mystic stones only obtainable with the new raid.
      making the new weapon drop only when bar is full its a nice addition, we might get desperate to get it full but at least we know when is going to drop… i wonder if we are making a new kind of market there, selling weap drops for fragments if we have the option to craft something else like accs/special items.

  • Akira says:

    Isn’t a balance patch coming on 7/21?

  • Jenova says:

    Free Shared Bank? Already? I thought we were going to wait until the game was going to close to get that. Oh, I think this is going to be a different Laby/Nisha dynamic. I feel like it’s going to be like an opposite of Radiant Soul. They are going to cause mischief instead of learning from each other and being understanding. Chaos Laby. Maybe, it will delve deeper into her “demon” roots. That would be fun.

  • lolme says:

    finally, also if rigo bankshareble doesnt that mean tenebrous is kinda bad rn? seeing many ppl complain in KR forum about it, they want tene get buffed ,

    • Flare Kyn says:

      Tenbrous was bank shareable from the start, and is objectively better than Rigo.

      • Flare Kyn says:


        • leedongshin says:

          yeah but kr ppl complaining in forum saying that

          tene is very good but character bound while rigo is universal

          • fal says:

            you are right, tenebrous is good, better than rigo higher reforge but tied to a very high cp and character.

            rigo being bank shareable nulls the need to transfer reforge to teneb, it was already too costly to make it viable, while i had my doubts of using it now im sure i wont unless they decrease the cost, but making rigo bank shareable also reduces the chances of this change by the devs.

            i think rigo becoming like this is a great change, but teneb needs some kind of buff rather than just raw +500 damage at r21 (total 2000), i hate the amount of rng on the armor even if thats the plus stats we get compared to rigo.

      • Akira says:

        Actually i hear r21 Ceru is still better

    • xD says:

      Tenebrous can get good, but you need to spam/buy many pieces to make it good, its so rng so you might need to spend a lot of ed and pieces to store the effects (50% chance) and still MORE RNG to apply. You can pretty much spend 200M~800M ED in NA to get certain perfect effect from board.

      • fal says:

        teneb is kinda bad at that part. They should buff it with some kind of flexibility in damage type/effect being character bound and being character shared means all characters should be physical or magical; unless you want to make another piece of armor changing it effect or make it useless because somebody else already had that effect (critical chance, per example), this is not a problem if you go the universal dps formula, but if your character is tied to a support status then you are a overcoslty innefficent dps.
        at least decreasing the amount of rng will make it better, because we need to make the planets align in order to get the 24 effects with desired effect and desired numbers! (12 teneb and 12 stats).

        a good change would be to make the party buff part be flexible:
        *after you get a party buff on a piece that becomes the “main effect”
        *when you are in town you go to npc and pick an “alternative buff” for a teneb piece
        *when you are inside the dung it checks if somebody else already have it and changes the buff effect to the alternative while keeping the numbers you got from the “Main effect”.

        this would keep the need of getting the “main effect” with good numbers because it is more effective (and costly if you buy/sell) but also reduces the need of cherry picking people for a good party, and with a new raid this is going to be a problem even if they say “– Increase each party member’s importance in the raid” i dont really have high hopes for that, we are in the meta of: HDPS> DPS (Secondary)> Healer> Freezer> Supports> and the rest of characters.

        • leedongshin says:

          so making all effect exiwt in one armor but you can choose it and change whenever you wanted

          ex :i have 10%pola and 3 continous effect in one top but you can only choose one and change at will but only one will be equipped?

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Probably not that big of a buff.

          • Flare Kyn says:

            Erm, what I mean is, it probably doesn’t need to go that far.

          • fal says:

            hemm i also think we should not go that far, i was talking only about party buffs: to have an alternative if and only if there is another party member with the same buff.
            the pieces are too costly to make them worth of having more than one only because the effect overlaps with someone else while also maintaining the cp req for some of them.

            what you say i guess can be worked to reduce a the rng if done differently.

  • Gabezin says:

    Still waiting for them to put in a system like the one they have in the GrandChase Classic, a collection of job outfits.
    Since they put a lot of Elsword stuff on the GC, why not do the opposite too?

    • Flare Kyn says:

      I know Elboy himself was put into the lore of Grand Chase, but what other Elsword stuff are you talking about? I’m legit curious.

      • Flower says:

        I think they are asking for permanent promo job costumes in Elsword since if I recall…Kog just put a system in Grand chase classic (the one that reopened) in where you can get the characters promo outfits permanently.

        For the second sentence, they are probably more saying “Since Kog put ERP in GC (apparently GC has a system similar/if not exact to it right now) why can’t they put some GC stuff like the permanent job outfit into Elsword.” Thats probably what they mean.

        And the answer that Kog will give is. “No.” End of statement.

        • Flare Kyn says:

          I was only asking about what was brought from Elsword to Grand Chase Classic. And he said they put a LOT of things from Elsword into Grand Chase Classic. I don’t think the ERP-like system alone constitutes as a lot.

          That being said, I can’t find anything about the ERP-like system on the Grand Chase Wiki. Do you know what it’s called, at least?

          • Flare Kyn says:

            I think I found it. You’re talking about the Chase Point system, right?

          • Flower says:

            Yes, something called Chase points. That might be what the person is referring to when he said “a lot of elsword stuff in Grand chase” (though I’d say its an exaggeration and also I don’t see the issue of a thing like that.)

  • f2pSlave says:

    -Rigomor armor and Amethyst crystals can be bank shared

    that’s rudeces the burden of getting this armor a lot, but fluorites, durabilty and the massives amounts of ED it takes the get this armor to a decent reforge lvl is insane. It’s a step in the right direction, at the very least, maybe in 1 or 2 more years they will do something about the other issues

  • James Norrington says:

    What happened on KR server that made KOG make all the good and drastic changes?

  • McKenzie says:

    give us our money back for the bank share chile.

  • VortexMaster (INT) says:

    Finally we will be able to feel progression instead of frustrion from RNG.

  • Lover_ON says:

    Late to the party but this was a big day for f2p players.

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