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RageCutter2.png [Specjalna Umiejętność- Vitality] Elsword stabs a Cornwell into the floor, creating a spell circle where mini-Cornwells will then erupt from the circle, damaging any targets as they rise. Each individual sword has a chance to inflict Wound.


Wymagane PU
Zaklinacz Mieczy

Informacje o Umiejętności

Poziom Umiejętności Obrażenia (Fizyczne) Szansa na Wound Czas Trwania Wound Maksymalna ilość
Koszt Many Czas Oczekiwania
1 199% 2% 5 Sekund 8 200 MP 10 Sekund
2 239%
3 278% 3%
4 318%
5 (M) 378% 4%

Tips and Details

  • Has very high vertical range.
    • However, the range of the skill does not match the animation, so although the swords' animation can continue off the user's screen, the damage range is limited to about the top of the screen.
  • Fairly difficult to catch and combo after using Rage Cutter, with Harsh Chaser and Mirage Sting the only effective catchers.
  • Contrary to its appearance, it can only be mana broken at the very start of the skill and on the last two hits.

Infinity Sword Skills
Hyper Active
Blade Rain Blade Rain
Special Active
PhantomSword2.png Phantom Sword     ISspecial2.png Rage Cutter     MaelstromRage.png Maelstrom Rage     ISspecial1.png Sword Blasting
HarshChaser.png Harsh Chaser     SacCounter.png Compact Counter
Harsh Slayer.png Brutal Slayer     Sharp Blade.png Sharp Sword     LightningStep2.png Lightning Surge