Shrine of the Two-Headed Serpent

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Shrine of the Two-Headed Serpent

An old abandoned shrine... Wild flower blooms in the old peaceful training grounds.
  • Normal Mode
  • Hell Mode

Ara, Laby, and Bellonde head to a nearby shrine to find their way.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
  • Normal Mode
  • Hell Mode


Entry Requirements
  • Can only enter alone.
  • Must have reached level 99 and completed the quest [Dungeon] Master Road Entry.
  • Only 1 Resurrection Stone can be used to revive in Hell mode.

Environmental Debuff - Trial of Earth

  • ​The powerful force of the blooming Earth presses on your body, Attack and HP will be reduced by 30% (70% on Phase 2). Effects are reduced by Adaptation.
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Attacks highlighted in red bypass invincibility frames.
Master Gaia - The El Master of Earth participating in a sparring match.
  • Sidestep: Quick on his feet, Gaia will often jump back or forward through players and attempt to misdirect them.
  • Uppercut Combo: Dash forwards and uppercut his target into the air. If the hit connects, he will jump up to perform a multiple hit midair combo. The final hit will force all skills into a 5 second cooldown.
  • Mystique: Shoot a slow moving energy ball forwards.
  • Power Dive: Jump high into the air then dive into the ground indicated by a green field. When landing, he will produce a shockwave which spreads outward.
  • Counter: Upon reaching full MP, he will become invincible for a moment while entering a defensive stance. If he is hit from the front while in this stance, Gaia will teleport to the player and retaliate with a single punch with a powerful suction force. This punch will inflict  Enemy DebuffWave of Time and SpaceEnemy DebuffWave of Time and Space and put all skills into cooldown. He generally will not retaliate if he is attacked from behind, but some skills will cause him to retaliate either immediately or after the player gets in front of him even if they hit him from behind.
  • Shattered Earth: Leap to one of the far sides of the map and charge up a powerful punch to strike the ground. When he strikes the ground a wave of shattered earth will cross the entire map. Be immediately next to or above Gaia to safely dodge this attack.
  • Earth Eruption: Gaia will cause three earth mounds to burst out on each side of him. These earth mounds will then explode into vertical eruptions.
Master Gaia (Phase 2) - The El Master of Earth after he has been depleted to half health. Now letting up a bit more of his true strength, supported by two floating gauntlets. Gaia will have perpetual Hyper Armor for the entirety of this phase, though it will not also grant him Super Armor, meaning he can still take hitstun.

Gaia is able to use all abilities from phase 1, with the following adjustments:

  • Guardian's Gloves: Activated at the start of the phase, these two floating gauntlets will aid Gaia in all of his attacks, increasing their range and damage.
  • Guardian's Judgement: Gaia's ultimate attack. He'll teleport to the center and fuse his two gauntlets into one big one to strike the ground, he will cause various boulder to lift off the ground before slamming them down, causing a massive blast of energy. Find the opening between the boulders to avoid the powerful attack. He is completely invulnerable during the attack.
    • After performing this, Gaia will be fatigued and have his defense reduced drastically temporarily.
    • Gaia's overall defense will decrease each time he performs this attack.


  • Phase 1 Cutscene
  • Phase 2 Cutscene
  • Mid Dungeon Dialogue
  • Ending Dialogue
  • Dungeon Victory Quote
  • Gaia: You seem to have a lot on your mind. Do you mind sparring with me right now? I look forward to the match.
Image Name Boss Character Stats Set Effects
Earth Aura Earrings
Earth Aura Earrings
Earth Aura Earrings
Master Gaia

Accessory (Earring):
All Skill Damage +1%

[Unidentified * 1]

Master Piece:

2 Pieces:

  • +3% Physical Attack Power
  • +3% Magical Attack Power
  • Adaptation +1%

3 Pieces:

  • Max MP +20
  • Polarize +3%
  • Adaptation +2%
  • Naturally, many attacks performed by Gaia can be linked to Eternity Winner skills that Laby learned from him:
    • Uppercut Combo is a combo attack that punches enemies into the air, just like Laby Thunder.
    • Mystique is a slow moving charged up projectile, just like her skill of the same name.
    • Counter combines both the defensive stance and counter-attack of I am Stone with a heavy punch after sucking enemies in range, just like Swirly Punch.
    • Power Dive jumps high up in the air and attempts to land near players for a shockwave, similar to Smash.
    • Earth Eruption, Gaia's initial "special move", is clearly the move that inspired and is referenced by Love and Peace.
    • Lastly, Guardian's Judgment is the basis for her own Master Skill, Teacher Punch.
  • The Shattered Earth attack was featured as a consumable summoning item during the Ara/Laby Master Class release event and is the basis for the Shattered Earth Force Active Skill.
  • After Gaia performs his Guardian's Judgement special attack, the arena will be left cracked and shattered for the remainder of the battle. This is entirely cosmetic and has no effect on the actual map layout.
Date Changes
12/19/2019 01/15/2020
  • Shrine of the Two-Headed Serpent added.
05/13/2021 06/23/2021
  • Phase 2 damage reduction decreased.
07/06/2023 08/02/2023
  • Boss HP reduced.
  • Hell Mode:
    • Phase 2 Damage Reduction reduced.
    • No longer utilizes Hyper Armor except for the Ultimate Attack.
    • Resurrection limit increased from 1 to 3
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 쌍두뱀의 신당 Temple of the Twin-Headed Snake
Germany Tempel der zweiköpfigen Schlange Temple of the Two-Headed Snake
Spain Templo de la Serpiente Bicéfala Temple of the Two-Headed Snake
France Temple du serpent à deux têtes Temple of the Two-Headed Snake
Italy Tempio del Serpente a due Teste Temple of the Two-Headed Snake
Poland Świątynia Dwugłowej Żmii Temple of the Two-Headed Viper
United Kingdom Temple of the Two-headed Snake
Brazil Templo da Serpente de Duas Cabeças Temple of the Two-Headed Serpent

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