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Earth Master
Name Bellonde Gaia
Race Human
Role Earth Master
Location East Lurensia, Central Fluone, Elrianode
Voice Actors Korean Flag.png 신범식 (Shin Bumsik)
I, Bellonde Gaia, have come to resume my duties as Earth Master.

~ Gaia



The El Master of Nature. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. He possesses the warmth and richness of the land and protects the continent of Elrios. A man with a strong will to protect everybody around him. He is the least experienced of the El Masters.


El Master Gaia

Born into the Gaia clan, Bellonde Gaia was the youngest child with at least 3 older sisters. When the time came for the Earth Master to be chosen, Gaia was the one to make the mantle of the Master of Earth. As the El Master, he learned under the guidance of Water Master Denif.

When Denif and the other El Masters of the time began to believe their sole reliance on the El Lady to support the Large El was flawed, they devised a plan to train a group of El Priestesses to lighten the burden of the El. Among the first generation of El Priestesses was Gaia's older sister, Verdel.

The El Explosion

When the El Explosion left the continent of Elrios in complete chaos, under the guidance of Denif, the remaining El Masters agreed that they must imbue their elemental powers into whatever large El fragments they could find in the hopes that the world could survive the disaster. Gaia traveled to the land that would become the Velder region, there he imbued the large El fragment which the power of nature and created the Earth El. In doing so, he fell into a deep slumber within the El itself.

The Girl in the Black Forest

After the restoration of the El, Bellonde Gaia was reawakened from his long slumber in the El. He found himself in the palace of Velder, in a new time. When he had awakened, he learned from the Velder high priests that Elrianode had suddenly appeared. He asks about the first Earth Priestess, his sister, Verdel. The priests told him that she had chosen to be buried in the Black Forest, Nisha Labyrinth, believing she didn't deserve to rest peacefully while her younger brother entered a deep slumber in order to save them all. He wished to pay respects to his older sister and ventured to find her grave.

When Bellonde found his sister's grave, that is when he met the mysterious girl of the Black Forest. Bellonde was surprised to find another person in the Black Forest, much less a child. He introduced himself and asked why the girl was in the forest, she explains that it is where she came from. Gaia is oddly suspicious of how she could've existed in the forest of demonic energy, but they both start hearing voices calling for help. The girl jump to try and help but Gaia realizes it is likely a trap by a monster. Laby is lured in by the monster but Gaia manages to save her, Laby seeing its action as a rude prank. Gaia worries for the child, asks if she had any company, family, a place to go, or even a name. She can't recall a name, and tries to adopt Bellonde's, he then goes on to tell her about the forest she came from, how it is dense in demonic energy and how it used to go by a different name, Nisha Labyrinth, the Labyrinth of the Night. Using the name of the forest, he gives her the name, Laby, which she gleefully adopts. She then gives her mirror the name, Nisha, calling it her friend. Bellonde is confused when he looks at the mirror as he sees no reflection and begins to wonder if it a kind of Nasod. He asks her again if she had any place she wished to go, Laby replying just outside the forest. With Bellonde planning to meet with his teacher Denif, he decides to take Laby with him, hoping that he might potentially know more about what the girl was.

The Sea, the Ship, and the Teacher

Leaving the Black Forest, they find themselves on the border of Velder, overlooking the East Lurensia Port town, a port recently constructed in the years following the restoration of Velder. They're greeted by a port worker who tells them about what had happened since the demon war, thanking the El Search Party for helping pave the way for them to reclaim the city. Laby notices metal contraption roaming around, and Bellonde is surprised to see Nasods. The worker tells them that the Ponggos from Altera had come and introduced Nasods to them to aid in the restoration process, however also notes that the local kids have started saying "pong". Bellonde is shocked to see the people so ready to accept Nasods in the age. The worker telling him that thanks to the technology, they've managed to build ships that can take them all the way to Lanox. That the expedited travel even helping them take out the remaining demon remnants in Fluone.

Laby asks if they could board a ship but they learn that the ports have recently had a bit of a monster problem and the soldier are busy dealing with demons elsewhere. Seeing the monsters, Laby is vaguely reminded of her friend, Bellonde is curious as he thought Nisha was Laby's only friend. Laby hesitates but notices that the monsters are trying to eat parts of the ships. They clear the monsters, Bellonde is surprised to see how resilient Laby appears to be when taking harm and how cheerful she remain in spite of being attacked. While they wait for the ship workers to finish repairs on the ship, Gaia decides he could teach Laby how to fight.

After the repairs were complete, the two board The Lariness and set sail. The trip was very long, Gaia became seasick. Laby grew bored of the long trip and Gaia tells her advice one of his sisters once told him, that every moment they are spending on the ship is a part of their journey to their destination. Suddenly their shipped is attacked by a band of mermen pirates. Gaia confronts the captain and learns that he had steered them through an unsafe route believing they could get by faster. He and Laby defended the ship but the intruders suddenly retreated. Looking forwards the captain exclaims that a storm is approaching. The captain tried to steer out of the way but they're caught in the current. Even worse, the ship is them attacked by the giant Leap Octopus. The remaining crew begin to panic but Gaia and Laby do their best to fight the monster. The octopus breaks a hole through the ship and it begins to sink, as a last resort, Gaia focuses and using his powers manages to lift the earth underneath the ship, grounding it. When they let their guard down, a tentacle swooped and knocked Laby off the ship. Gaia was too weak to help the girl, he was also unwilling to put the lives of the remaining crew at stake, regretfully leaves Laby behind and stays on the ship. He does managed to put a protective barrier around her so she wouldn't drown at sea. The crew of the ship manage to repair the ship and reach Fluone.

Reunion, Coming Face to Face

After the ship reached Fluone, Gaia didn't waste a single moment before he began his search for Laby. Regretful for having to abandon the girl, he hoped she'd find a town to take refuge in, in which he could find her. He's spend the following days combing the shores of Fluone desperately searching for her.

His searching proved to little success until he was already at Elrianode's door. As a last hope, he decided to wait in the Fallenode region to see if Laby may find her way here, and luckily she did. Gaia is relieved that the girl is okay after the two lost each other. He tells her that he was combing the coast of Fluone in search of her to no avail, Laby then tells Bellonde what had happened since they split ways and tells him they should visit her friends in the future. Gaia had been searching for her because they promised to go the Elrianode together, now that they are together they would try to get into the city. However, the city is now surrounded by a large Henir barrier, the two approach the city dealing with the nests of draugr. On the way, Bellonde expressed his regrets, both for leaving Laby on her own and in the distant past when he failed to protect the El. Expressing prior hesitation to return to Elrianode, but says that Laby who he had met at his sister's grave, inspired him to press onward. On the way they find an exceptionally large pool of Henir which housed a Giant Draugr, not wanting to leave such a beast free to roam, Gaia and Laby defeat it. Letting go of the past, Gaia is filled with his original drive to protect everybody. Faced with the Henir barrier, he first tells Laby about Henir, he then creates a barrier around them with his El energy that will last them long enough to get through and they both delve into the barrier.

Sage of Fluone

Gaia pushed through the barrier and was able to make his way to the other side with little complications, however the same could not be said for Laby. Bellonde rushes her immediately towards the El Tower for aid. Denif is surprised to see his pupil and fellow El Master return. Denif orders Darkmoon to take Laby and heal her wounds, the other priestesses follow to aid her. Denif thanks Gaia for coming back, and informs him of the El Priestesses, proof that his sister, Verdel, and the other priestesses succeeded in carrying their duty. Gaia reclaims his duty as an El Master.

Gaia and Denif were conversing in the El Tower when Laby arrived and was in awe of the Large El, calling it morning. Denif asked her what she meant, she told him of the Black Forest she came from. After discussion the current situation, Denif notes Elsword's involvement with the current El's restoration, Gaia is alarmed to learn of a boy with such power. Denif believing he either might be an Elrian of unprecedented power or a being similar to the El Lady. Laby gathers that the boy's actions freed her and wishes to meet him, Denif notes that Elsword doesn't himself even realize what he might be, so no real answers would come from that. Denif then asks Laby about Nisha, but Laby hesitates, simply calling it he friend.

Answer to Belief

Later that night, after Laby spoke with Ignia she confessed the truth about her and Nisha, Gaia was shocked to learn of the truth and finally understood why she didn't appear to feel fear or sadness in the past. Laby mentions the energy she felt inside the barrier felt somewhat familiar to something she felt in the distant past. Denif then brings up ancient theories of portals opening up in the core of the Black Forest as a potential explanation, siting the El Search Party's discoveries. Gaia, unsure what to make of the El Search Party, worries they have given them their burdens. Denif then goes on to explain the situation in regards to Henir's Order, the El Search Party, and their current objective.

Denif senses that Ventus was approaching from the other side of the seal. With the priestesses and Gaia's help, they open up the seal where Ventus comes through with Rosso. Ventus notes that the Henir passage has become more chaotic on the way back. The priestesses introduce themselves to newly arrived Fire Master. Rosso asks if the Fire Priestess is present, Ignia presents herself but Rosso is quick to criticize her for being weak and unfit for the harsh responsibilities of controlling the power of fire and tells her that she should leave now that he is back. The two fight among each other until Gaia drags Rosso away to get his injuries tended to. Ignia feels dejected by her encounter with the Fire Master but both Ventus and Denif find their encounter to have gone better than expected, knowing Rosso's personality.

Darkmoon tends to Rosso's wounds when Laby follows them to talk with Rosso. Rosso tries to dismiss the child, but Laby explains how Ignia had idolized and was looking forwards to learning from him. Rosso expresses he has little interest in teaching, saying he doesn't wish to burden others with the responsibilities of fire. Rosso sensing the abnormal energy coming from Laby demand to know if Gaia knew what she was and wondered why Denif for allowing something like her this close to the El. Gaia tried to calm him down assuring Laby was no threat. Rosso remains suspicious but is willing to accept she isn't an immediate threat if Denif was fine with her. Laby is curious if Rosso knew what she was, he refuses to answer until Darkmoon pleas him to help them even just a little. He states that her aura was certainly of Demon Realm origins, being something he himself felt near where he slept. Rosso warns Gaia that he only spoke this information so he would be aware and be responsible for the child.

You and I Are One

Back in the city, Denif recalls to Gaia the events following the El Explosion, informing Gaia that while he fell asleep after he poured his energy into the El, Denif remained awake and used the last of his energy to seal off Elrianode. Gaia wondered why Denif decided to seal the city alone and not requested the aid of the other masters. Denif gave two reasons, the first being that making the Elemental El was the more important priority they could not afford to fail, and the other was he suspected the possibility of a traitor. Gaia is saddened that Denif did not trust him enough but understands his judgement and promises to earn his trust in the present. Denif applause Gaia's growth in the time they've been apart, noting that he and Ventus haven't been as affected due to their already inherent long lives, he thanks Gaia for returning. Gaia states his new resolves came from Laby, believing their meeting at his sister's grave was a sign.

When Laby returns from her venture into the Forgotten Elrian Sanctum, Gaia is glad to see she returned and she tells him her decision to accept Nisha. Laby's new goal is to find the voice that kept her in the forest and seek out answers from them and thanks Bellonde for everything he has taught her.



  • During Laby's story quests, he mentions having 3 older sisters.
    • One of his sister's names is Verdel. She was the Earth Priestess prior to the El Explosion.
    • Laby first meets him at his sister's grave in the Black Forest.
  • While not explicitly shown or stated, it appears that Gaia specializes in hand-to-hand combat, as he is often referenced in Eternity Winner's skills.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 벨론드 가이아 Bellonde Gaia
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 盖亚 Gaia
Flag-us.png North America Bellonde Gaia
German Flag.png Germany Gajar
French Flag.png France Bellond Gajar Bellonde Gaia

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