Status Effects/Bleed

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Debuff Name
Status Type
Max Stacks
10 for Bibi...! summon's "Bite" attack


Continously drop in HP.


Character Skills
Skill Duration
Sword Shield 4 Seconds
Rage Cutter 5 Seconds
Sharp Sword 4 Seconds
[Mod] Rage Cutter 5 Seconds
Briar Trap 7 Seconds
Fatal Wound 5 Seconds
Surface Cutting 5 Seconds
Wolf Stance 2: Wind Wedge 5 Seconds
Wolf Stance 4: Wolf Fang 3 Seconds
Heavenly Strike 2 Seconds
[Enhanced] Heavenly Strike 3 Seconds
Fox's Laugh 10 Seconds
Critical Dive 5 Seconds
Judgement 10 Seconds
Blood Sting 5 Seconds
Revolver Mastery 8 Seconds
Sabelhieb Sequenz 10 Seconds
Zweit · Sicheln 10 Seconds
Fantasiegebilde Speer 7 Seconds
Chaos Feld 8 Seconds
Windhose/ModA Within duration of the skill
Bibi...! summon's "Bite" attack. 10 Seconds

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 출혈 Bleed
China (Simplified Chinese) 出血 Bleed