Lord Aurora

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Dragonic Archer
"kukuku I go by many names... Refer to me as Deity, God, Perfectio- OW! Fine, you may call me Lord... Aurora or Eclipse is fine too."
Class FLInternal Fire.png Dragonic Archer
Age Unknown
Height 175 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Weight Unknown
Weapons Bow, Martial Arts, Wind bombs, Fire magic, Dark magic

Speed: Slow Average Fast UI - Magical Class.png
Attack Range: Short Medium Long
Difficulty: Easy Normal Hard Magical
You may have defeated me once, but you merely won the battle... To win the war, I shall take a new form; one familiar to you all kukuku...

PerkisasButton.png Return of the Red Dragon Lord

[Roaming the world of Elios once again, however this time, as a familiar face...]
The Legendary Dragon Perkisas rises once more...
With pride stolen he returns stronger, quieter and dangerously unrecognizable.
Returning with a bow in hand and El by his side, defeat is no longer an idea he will entertain.

AuroraSkill1.png[Spirit Arrows]
"It's almost as if these arrows have a mind of their own?! What is this power?!" - Elsword
AuroraHA.png[Aurorean Strike]
Sacrificing all the energy and spirits around me, I call forth the Aurorean Phoenix. Perish with the mighty winds.
AuroraPassive1.png[Resonance of Harmony]
With nature now on my side, I need not worry of your attacks as nature shall protect me.
AuroraPassive2.png[Instantaneous Movement]
I've was defeated before by your nimble ways. Now, let us see you try that again.


Main Article: Downfall

Over time, Perkisas had grown weary of the endless slaughter. He began to lure adventurers into his lair, with a promise to grant his power and treasure to the one who defeats him. It soon became a legend, "A human who passes his 3 trials will acquire tremendous power and fortune" it foretold.

No one had succeeded... Until they took the trial.

With humiliation, riches stolen and almost no power to call his own, Perkisas swallowed his pride and rested with Nature. Ashamed to be asking for healing from El and the spirits around him, he meditated and rejuvenated quietly. At first, his body didn't react too well to all the natural energy... but the more pride he sucked up, the more El would help him recover; until he amassed so much natural energy that his form changed.

Now, disguised as a small, red haired Elf, Perkisas demands to get back what was stolen from him. Nature may have humbled him, but his darkness remains and gradually spread throughout Nature unnoticed.

"That El Search Group may have been getting stronger whilst I was away, but this time, things will end differently kukuku..."

Special Ability: Dragon Divergence

Whilst Perkisas had most of his original powers restored by El; due to the new form he gained, certain powers... transfigured and altered to his new form.

Agility-Mastery.png Air Walk
Now without his wings, he no longer has the ability to fly... however that ability manifested into a newer, more compatible ability known as "Air Walk". With this ability, Perkisas is not only able to double jump like the highly trained Elves, but further triple jump as elves of legend and Seven Tower members were said to be able to do.

Jumping isn't the only way in which "Air Walk" enhances its user's abilities. It also allows extremely swift movement, almost as if you're walking on air. Usually, this would take an extreme toll on the user however, but due to Perkisas previously being a Dragon, the effects will not wither and wear away at the bone.

CAIcon1.png Aura of Animosity
Originally being filled with such greed and evil, El struggled to get rid of this persistent Aura Perkisas had, and while it was changed slightly through El's powers, it was never disappeared. Unfortunately these attempts came at a cost as it further backfired on El and slowly began to corrupt it, creating a vastly larger amount of Dark El than seen before and to make matters worse; his aura got much closer to nature as the El and Dark El continued to battle against, and alongside it.

With this strange "Aura of Animosity" he now had, Humans, Elves and most creatures alike gradually become enthralled by Perkisas' aura. At first, they feel nothing more than a natural attraction towards Perkisas... but the longer his aura surrounds them, the more hypnotized they became; until they almost seemed completely mesmeric and allured at Perkisas, incapacitated by the aura around them. However, Perkisas has no control over his aura and it is constantly active... thus this won't always bring the most useful attention to him.

Shadow of Death.png Dark Demeanor
Similarly to "Aura of Animosity", El with all it's healing could not vanquish Perkisas' new-found hatred and anger towards the El Search Party. Trying not to fully become Dark El, it also had to protect everything around it from the "Dark Demeanor" that was gradually erasing the life and replacing it with darkness within the surrounding springs, plants and trees. This does not however effect humans, elves and other beings in the same way. To them, at first they feel a large presence and a loss of trust in surrounding companions... often leading to the disbanding of groups. With prolonged over exposure to the demeanor however, it can often cause a more uncivilized and bloody end to a group have they not already disbanded.

The "Dark Demeanor" compared to the "Aura of Animosity", has a much larger area of effect however... often affecting everything within several miles around Perkisas.

FLInferno.png Crest of the Phoenix
During Perkisas' journey to reclaim his powers, he had found a scroll encripted with ancient information in a Lanox Expedition. Luckily, due to his background and era in which he lived, he was able to decrypt it and was shocked with what he had found. A scroll detailing the location of the Floating Islands of Babylon. Legends foretold of it being the homeland of the Phoenix Clan and it was generally believed to be a myth outside of a few Theorist and Sages who had pasted away many years ago. Now determined to find the truth, he spent the next 2 months gradually making his way there. Luckily, due to his "Air Walk" ability, this journey was much shorter than it should've been; taking the average person 15 months to travel it based on it's distance from Lanox.

Once he reached, he was amazed at the Majesty it commanded. The gardens were luscious and full of life, the fountains would defy gravity and fall in such elegant paths, the fires from all the phoenixes seemed to gracefully weave between everything making such an elegant pattern, all while not forgetting these Islands were way above the clouds. As prideful as Perkisas was, he couldn't believe such beauty existed... though his appreciation for the islands would be put on hold as he was shot with a flurry of fiery spears. After everything he had gone through however, this attack was nothing to him, further reminding him of his past as their attack styles were that of previous eras. The phoenixes unable to land a single hit in their flurry saw clearly that they're outmatched, but just as they were about to retreat and call for backup, they noticed the delicacy Perkisas had, kicking and redirecting the spears into the air to then catch them... almost as if he did not want them to burn their own gardens. Intrigued, they decided to fly down to interrigate Perkisas, but quickly started to become enthralled by his "Aura of Animosity" due to being so close. While Perkisas expressed his amazement at their home, the Phoenixes very quickly started to trust Perkisas and very soon took him around the Islands, eventually almost treating him like Royalty due to his aura, which Perkisas is still unaware of. This eventually lead to him being brought to their Ruler Amaterasu and being granted Phoenix Glyphs along with a Crest as acknowledgement of an alliance.

These "Phoenix Glyphs" further enhanced Perkisas Air Walk and allowed him to truly fly. Perkisas had already found ways to fly using his Air Walk, but now with the glyphs, there are no limitations to his aireal movement. These glyphs further made him even faster than he previously was, granting him incredible speeds, often causing objects surrounding him to spark or catch fire incidentally. The final ability granted by the Glyphs was the phoenixes signature ability of ressurection. Too deeply enthralled by his aura, the Phoenixes even told Perkisas the weaknesses within their ressurection and further requested that, if he was ever nearing that point, he would call upon them to bring armageddon down onto his opponent with flames that were said to burn eternally.

Signature Combos

Difficulty Combo Description
RankSSS2.png DR.pngZ.pngZ.pngDRU.pngD.pngU.pngL.pngZ.png Undercross Stomp

Now you see me, now you don't.

RankA2.png X.pngZ.pngR.pngX.pngZ.pngR.pngGATrans2.pngL.pngZ.pngX.pngX.pngU.png(DL.pngHold)R.pngZ.png Phoenix Express

Thought you almost got away huh? Kuku sorry but the alliance I've made with the Phoenix clan always has me covered. You're not going anywhere...

(On Platform)
DR.png+D.pngZ.pngX.png,DL.png... D.pngU.pngZ.png
Stomping Bombs / Sudden Circles

Oh you were so fast against my back in my Lair... How does it feel to have the tables turned? Kukuku...

RankS2.png DR.pngZ.pngZ.pngDL.pngU.pngD.pngDR.pngZ.pngDR.pngX.png+Siege.PNG Slip and Slide

Sigh, you could at least entertain me and keep up... What happened to you El Search Party? Losing your touch, or can't keep up?

RankSSS2.png X.pngZ.pngGATrans2.pngDR.pngU.pngZ.pngX.png,DR.pngX.pngAssault Kick.PNGDL.pngU.png(DR.pngHold)D.pngL.pngZ.png Demon Dance

Oh the dance between a Phoenix and a Dragon kukuku... never thought it would be possible as an elf.

RankStar2.png X.pngZ.pngR.pngX.pngZ.pngL.pngGATrans2.pngR.pngAssault Kick.PNGDR.pngU.pngL.pngSI Aero-Strafe.png CAs2.png Ascension

"While not the greatest in battle, only those who've ascended have been able to pull this off and my oh my a terrifying sight it is to behold...
This elf shall be quite impressive once she ages nyehyehy..." - Luto

"I'm still not completely used to this body so this is only the beginning kuku... although speaking of which, I don't understand why I always get these rather peculiar stares from humans... Humans should not be able to see through my disguise right?" - Perkisas (Elf form)

Title Collection

Back when you all first entered my lair, I remember all of you were branded in these, so called Titles. Well upon venturing throughout Eliros, I've realized gold and treasure aren't the only things worth collecting... and with this new Elf form of mine, it seems titles are compatible with me too kukuku...

Title Description Effect
SecretBarrierGuardian.png Guardian of Secret Closed Space

A title that allows you to get more titles?! You must be out of your mind not to get this! The moment I had the chance, it was mine! If only I was luckier dammit!

Experience points received increases by 20% (Dungeon)
Damage dealt to Boss Monsters +10% (Dungeon)
Activate Fever when awakening (Cooldown of 180 seconds) cannot be overlapped (Dungeon)
2% chance of getting 1 additional count towards title cannot be overlapped
Title 690.png Reaper

This title is known by many names, however my favourite must be God of Death. Upon using this title, swords of the underworld will come to my aid and further dismember everyone last one of you. Are you afraid of the Reaper?

While attacking:
5% chance of summoning Sword of the Evil Spirit
5% chance of summoning Sword of the Dead Soul
5% chance of summoning Sword of the Dead Spirit
Title 290.png Dragon Slayer

So I paid my rival dragons a visit and honestly, was disgusted by such weakness. Such weakness should not bear any treasure to begin with, thus everytime I find out they have more, I shall claim it as my own!

Critical +2%
Action Speed +5%
Deal 20% more damage to Ancient Bone Dragon (Dungeon)
100% chance to evade Ancient Bone Dragon's attack
Flame Resistance +50%
Title 20240.png Souless Ego

After my defeat, I went mental... Could not believe I was defeated by mere humans! On the brink of instability, came an incredible power however...

Physical Defense -2000
Magical Defense -2000
Awakening Charge Speed +20%
Max HP -50%
Max MP -33%
Active Skill Damage +50%
Special Active Skill Damage +50%
TITLE 11300.png Curse of Chaos

Seems like I finally had a lucky catch and found a contract of luck. Curses to those who wish to immobilize me as their weapons phase out of existence inconsistently... and occasionally their armor too kukuku...

5% chance of decreasing target's attack by 90% for 3 seconds when hit
5% chance of decreasing target's defense by 90% for 3 seconds when attacking
Critical +1%
Additional Damage +1%
Action Speed +1%
MP Gain when attacked by cursed player +100%
IsThisMe.png Is This Me?

Turns out the Hall of El is a lot bigger than I thought... after countless searches I never managed to find the Remaining Aspiriation and furthermore almost lost myself. Every now and again I still see doubles of myself attacking my opponent alongside me...

15% chance of casting double attack when attacking (not including special actives)
Action Speed +6%
10-6Title3.png Shadows Descent

You may think you're stronger than me, but with each time I strike you with my arrows you are weakened... Lets see how many hits you can take...

Critical +6%
Maximize +6%
Decrease target's Element Resistance by 20 for 7 seconds when attacking (Max: 15 stacks)
Increase physical and magical attack by 1% for 20 seconds when attacking (Max: 10 stacks)
Title 640.png Stand Alone

They say strength comes in numbers, but for me, I don't have to worry about wiping out my so called "friends" this way kukuku...

When without a group, All stats +20%
10-6Title2.png Man Against The Sun

You dare challenge me in a battle of speed?! You'll regret that. Since I've returned, aside from Glave himself, I am second to none in terms of speed! Don't believe me? Fine. Catch me if you can.

Action Speed +15%
Movement Speed +15%
Jump Speed +15%
7% chance to Inflict Panic on target when attacking.
7% chance to inflict Confusion on target when attacking.
TITLE 960.png Grim Gaze

Do not make me angry... I swear will slaughter you, everything you protect and destroy everything around it. I'm warning you.

17% chance to inflict Fear when attacked.
1% chance to inflict Faint for 4 seconds and be knocked down when hit
VarnimyrTitle14.png Rekindled fire

El Master Rosso... the man who ventured into the demon realm and dominated it up till his corruption kukuku... type of person I could've got along with. Upon battling with him however, I learnt a valuable lesson. The hardest of fights tend to not be that complicated... but what makes them hard is the consistency.
You may have the edge whilst we fight at first, but the moment you slip, it's over.

Max HP -10%
Action Speed +10%
When Attacking, 5% chance to summon Blazing Scythe, and gain the buff White Flash (Critical Damage +10%) (Cooldown: 10 seconds)
When Attacked, 7% chance to summon Blazing Armor, and gain the buff Crimson Armor (Damage Reduction +20%) (Cooldown: 10 seconds)
When using Special Active Skills, 3% chance to summon Meteor, and gain the buff Crimson Orb (All Skill Damage +10%) (Cooldown: 10 seconds)
When all 3 buffs are active at the same time, gain the buff Primordial Flame

Primordial Flame:
All Skill Damage +20%, Damage Reduction +40%, Critical Damage +20%, Action Speed +20%
When Attacking, absorb 33% of damage dealt to recover HP


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