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8/19 Patch Notes

August 18th, 2021 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates | Patch Notes

Maintenance: 6AM ~ 10:30AM(4hrs 30min)

# Content

New Giant Boss Update – Plegas’ Labyrinth


– Plegas’ Labyrinth opens on Drabaki’s opening times now.

(Drabaki is now a regular dungeon without entry time limit and players can enter for free 5 times per day)

– Matchmaking buff is not applied. Mounts cannot be used.

– Not affected by drop rate stats from resonance, medals and titles. (Aside from PC cafe and event drop rate increases)

– Enter using ‘플레가스의 미궁 열쇠(Plegas’ Labyrinth key)



Entry Condition

Demon Realm Debuff

Player limit

Entry Times

Plegas’ Labyrinth











★ Balance Patch


# Event

★ Elsword New Dungeon Update

EVENT 01. New Dungeon!

[Event Time]2021 8/19 After Maint ~
2021 9/2 Before Maintenance

[Event Target] level 99+ (Per account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Get Plegas’ Labyrinth trial cube every week for loggin in 20 minutes


EVENT 02. Job Change Chance!

[Event Time] 2021 8 19 ~ 2021 8 26 9:59AM

[Event Target] character level 10+ (Per account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Log in for 30 minutes for job change ticket cube or physical <-> magical mystic stone option change cube

★ Attendance Event

[Event Time] 2021 8 19 ~ 2021 9 2

[Event Target] level 10+ (Per account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail] Log in 20 minutes daily for rewards

★ Win Maximum 30,000 NX Cash

[Event Time] 2021 8 21 5PM ~ 2021 8 21 7PM

[Event Target] lvl 10+ (Per account/Both Servers)

[Event Detail]

Event Condition


Reward Content

(Obtain 1 of 5 items below)

2021 8 21 5PM ~ 2021 8 21 7PM

Stay logged in for 30 minutes

[Cobo] NX cash chance cube

[Luriel] Sage Magic Stone x100

[Cobo] Spectral Amethyst Cube

[CoboNexon Cash 5,000 won ticket

[CoboNexon Cash 10,000 won ticket

[CoboNexon Cash 30,000 won ticket


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33 Responses

  • Flower says:

    Oh hey look, its rune master and dominator. Which means dominator is actually in rune master’s timeline. Woo that’s now confirmed. Which means mad paradox is in immortal’s timeline..though how the heck does immortal deal with mad paradox…hmmmmmmmmm
    Also i guess nice cool raid. 3.25mil, eh, not like ill join. So i uhh, good luck everyone else that can join it, hope you great luck.

    • kek says:

      I coulda told you that…all 3rd job paths are in IM’s line. That much is just an indisputable fact since they came out later and 3rd path were always called “transform”

      • Flower says:

        The thing is, i already knew this. Im just glad its confirmed, but even then, not all 3rd paths are in IM’s line. (example minerva), same for as how Not all 2nd paths are in RM’s line (example bluhen or RaS)
        Again, i already knew this. Cause some characters are obvious than others, but for others its not that clear.

        • Anon says:

          Canonically there’s infinite timelines. Any job path can be in the same time as any other job path, or even multiples of the same character, or transition into a different job line, etc. Mad Paradox’s line in particular is known for traveling between these infinite worlds and destroying them one by one. This effectively makes the gameplay itself in-game canon.

          The main story simply takes place in a particular timeline featuring a specific selection of job paths, which makes those paths “canon” to that main timeline. All events that don’t line up with this story take place in alternate timelines. The events of spinoffs such as the Time Trouble light novel series count among these alternate timelines.

          • Flower says:

            I have a feeling, if I continue here..we are gonna go somewhere that moves away from the original statement (which just simply me expressing joy of seeing rm and Dom). So, I’ll just say. I’m aware of this. I already knew that technically all paths are canon. I even named it out

            Kog’s marketing advertising timeline: all 1st paths are in the same group, all 2nd paths are in the same group, all 3rd paths are in the same group, all 4th path are in the same group

            And then there is the lore story timeline, where it can be any timeline imaginable, it’s just not the ones that are main focused.

            I know this very well..I just wanted to express joy over seeing rm and Dom together, not question what’s canon or not canon. It just goes to a different topic that I wasn’t even ready for lmao.

          • Flower says:

            This is more of comment to me. I forgot to add something to my statement

            *However alternate timelines and alternate universes are not the same thing

    • MarieWolf_94 says:

      ive always assumed specific 3rd classes wouldve struck out on their own and wouldnt even be w/ Elsword and company, those being Mad Paradox, Diangelion, Black Massacre and Herrscher. pretty sure, in the backstory page, it’s confirmed Ain leaves Elsword and turns his back on humans in his 3rd path. plus, at some point, both MP and Herrs lose their physical bodies and fade into the continuum. either way, like Anon said, theres likely infinite timeline, so every class worked w/ the other classes at least once…or, hell, maybe they never met at all. for example, in one timeline, Elsword and the girls probably never got through to Raven and he continued to work under King Adam as his mind puppet, or even died. if Raven never joined Elsword then they never wouldve met Eve and w/ that never met Add personally since he wouldve continued observing Eve. theres endless possibilities

      • Flower says:

        Just a correction on your part, but there is nothing that states Herrscher leaves Elsword (or the el search party) and turns his back on humans. It’s stated in the backstory that he leaves the things that have to deal with ishmael having relations with him, he specifically “betrays”(this is an iffy since technically ishmael betrayed him first but whatever) ishmael and abandon anything ishmael has over him or has with him. If anything, the only ain that’s confirmed to leave the el search party and turn his back on humans, is richter. It’s stated in richter backstory that he felt obligated to stay with the el and chooses to do so just so that the el will never explode again. So yea, technically herrscher is still with elsword, he just has no real reason to be in the party other than “he’s just there.”

  • Meclee says:

    Whats the drops tho :thinking:

  • NomNom says:

    “job change ticket cube or physical magical mystic stone option change cube”
    wait, “or”?
    please be a translation error

  • salty says:

    Look at that ~ Exclusive events that give KR people alone some a c t u a l l y useful things. What a surprise…
    No wonder 3m CP is a peasant number to them

    • lolme says:

      dont forget bankshare invent slot is giftable and can be buyed with ed through system but yeah most kr only event are necessary thing i mean we didnt get free rof

  • Dan Yami says:

    Rune Master what are you doing you’re gonna die

  • SadPepe says:

    Yo where the fuck is the Toaster Eve class bruh

  • Tumbleweed tumble says:

    Gonna need more CP in the future…

  • Lucy says:

    why does it look like that one pso2 boss

  • He Lan says:

    With each new dungeon less people can play the game

  • TheLuiz says:

    did they just forgot about Eve’s 4th path?

  • Xamy says:

    I want artifacts and hidden power scrolls drops in Drabaki !!

  • MagicSpice says:

    Just waiting to see if the next raid forces 7mil CP or more to enter. It’s doubling every time lol.

    Also, inb4 they eventually make a 99% demon realm debuff.

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