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RumblePumnSkill2.png [Active] Laby uses her feet to stomp enemies.
Decrease the knockdown rate of attacked enemies. (Can be used in midair)
Final Enhanced Skill
  • MP Usage is decreased by 20%.


Class Level Required
Rumble Pumn 40

Skill Information


Level Required Combo Kicks (Physical) Max Hits KD Reduction Per Hit MP Usage Cooldown
40 268% 6 5 50 MP 7 Seconds
[Enhanced] 40 MP


Level Required Combo Kicks (Physical)
40 106%

Skill Traits

Powerful Dududu Enhanced Dududu
Attribute Effect Cooldown Attribute Effect
Super Armor added to the skill
Cooldown increased to 130%
9 Seconds Critical Hit Rate increased to 100%
Damage decreased to 80%

Total Damage

Mode Regular
Normal Enhanced
PvE 1,608% 1,286.4%
PvP 636% 508.8%

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 두두두 Dududu
Japanese Flag.png Japan ドドド Dododo
French Flag.png France Pif paf Bang Bang
Polish Flag.png Poland Łupi-łup! Bang bang!

Rumble Pumn Skills
Hyper Active
RumblePumnHyper.png Love and Peace
Special Active
RumblePumnSkill1.png Nisha is Pocket     RumblePumnSkill3.png Galaxy     RumblePumnSkill4.png Mixsys     RumblePumnSkill6.png Laby Thunder     RumblePumnSkill7.png Tropical Pop
RumblePumnSkill2.png Dududu     RumblePumnSkill5.png I am Stone
RumblePumnPassive1.png Lesson Learned     RumblePumnPassive2.png Homage     RumblePumnPassive3.png Be Healthy     RumblePumnPassive4.png Combat Sense