Chaotic Forest of Ruben

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Chaotic Forest of Ruben

Chaotic Forest of Ruben. One the outskirts of the Ruben Forest where the sacred El Tree grows, chaos has slipped through the cracks of time and space and made the forest blue.
Recommended Level
Appropriate Item Level
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
RuchiAin.png Ruchi - A Ruchi that has been twisted in between Henir and the material world.
  • Rapid Kick: It will rapidly kicks you with its feet.
TreeKnightAin.PNG Tree Knight - A Tree Knight that has been twisted in between Henir and the material world.
  • Tree Slash: It will whack you with a stick.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
HenirCubeAinTutorial.PNG Time and Space Fragment - A mysterious prism from Henir which found its way to the crack between Henir and the material world.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
FairyGuardianAin.PNG Fairy Guardian - A large Fairy Guardian that has been twisted in between Henir and the material world.
  • Heavy Punch: The Guardian till perform a downward punch if you get close to it.


  • Can only be defeated once the player has awakened.


Your name is... "Ainchase Ishmael".
  • Ain: The place of Gods, which humans call heaven. In heaven, I was created by the calling of Goddess Ishmael.
  • Ishmael: It is time. As my emissary, restore the power of El.
  • Ain: The El is an essential source of life the Goddess gifted Elrios. When the Sun and Moon became one, and darkness fell upon Elrios, human civilization spread the released El energy. But the energy from the unstable El gradually faded away. Under the orders of Goddess, I came down to Elrios to restore the weakened El. This is my mission and the reason of my existence, as the Goddess's representative. When I arrived at the city of Elianode, the capital of Elrios, the El exploded into tiny shards and dispersed throughout the whole continent. I fell through a gap of Time and Space created by the explosion. Due to the explosion of the El, my mission had lost its meaning. Also, due to the damage of the explosion, I lacked the power to sustain my existence. I am faced with an uninviting chaos. While lost in the chaos, I felt a faint source of El energy and I instinctively chased after that El energy. I felt the energy of the El getting stronger as I approached it. It's not too late. If this energy is enough, I still might be able to accomplish my mission. Then I...
  • Ishmael: Ainchase. You are not to delve in too deep with their matter. Fulfill your mission as naturally as possible.
  • Ain: When I fulfill my mission, I will be forgotten by the humans. I'll play along for now, in order to complete my mission.




Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 혼돈에 물든 루벤 마을 숲 Chaotic Ruben Village Forest
French Flag.png France La forêt de Ruben qui a sombré dans le chaos. Ruben Forest that Sank into Chaos

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