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Guardian of Time
Name ChibiValy
Class Guardian of Time
Age 27 years old
Lightness or Darkness? Only you can choose your own way.


More Infos about her

She's a 27 years old girl who love sleep, ate, and play videogames for hours. She like also draw fanarts and use her computer for useless things.
She's the admin (and creator) of the page Elsword KR - Italian. She translate everything from korean to italian for help the italian community with the korean updates.
Watch out with her emotions: She's very aggressive, paranoic and shy.

Country: Italian Flag.png Italy, Sardinia
Favourite Elsword Characters: Rena Grand Archer, Raven Blade Master, Add Lunatic Psyker, Ara Sakra Devanam, Chung Deadly Chaser, Rose Crimson Rose, Ain
Favourite IB: Salvatore Ebalon, Salvatore Denif, Glacial Prince/ess, Grace Fairy and Holy Unicorn (HU only for girls) and

Contacts: YouTube - Facebook, my page - Facebook, Profile 1 - Twitter - Tumblr - osu!Profile


  • Play videogames from Sony Playstation, Nintendo, and some pc games, like "osu!".
  • Her main is Rena Grand Archer.
  • She hate Rune Slayer and Reckless Fist cause of multiply spam in PvP.
    • In any case she win and laugh maniacaly against them, like a Psychopath (Add docet.)
      • Ironicaly she use RS tho.
  • She's a fan of Haegwon Je, Tiffany, Lachesiss and Zero (|Amazon|)
    • She appeared on two Haegwon's streamings.
  • Valy love lissen OST music from videogames and Anime. Also, love lissen K-pop and J-pop, rock and 90" music
  • She like to draw fanarts about her favourite characters.
  • For her, Elsword isn't only a game but a place for stand all close and play together like a family.
    • Infact, she want marry all her friends who have Add and Ciel (...)
  • She like to recolor Ice burner set avatar for all the characters, UI and other things.
    • Due the fact KOG put a block on the data of the avatars, now she can't edit anymore.


  • She's a fan of Tales of series. That's why she have some names from that videogame. Same about Fire Emblem Awakening.
    • She create the guild guild:TalesOfEls for all love Tales of series and Elsword like her.
      • Same about the BooMansion guild: she really love the Boos from Super Mario Series.
Class+ID Level Guild Mount Pet
LKTransNEW.pngJinKaien 99 TalesOfEls HQ Shop Item 550182.png HQ Shop Item 500868.png
WSTransNEW.pngMyuKrystal 99 TalesOfEls HQ Shop Item 550122.png Hatchling.png
VPTransNEW.pngBatox 99 TalesOfEls No Mount No Pet
DWTransNEW.png음력블루 99 TalesOfEls HQ Shop Item 550198.png HQ Shop Item 90002050.png
RFTransNEW.pngKiritaka 99 TalesOfEls No Mount No Pet
VCTransNEW.pngTheHook 90 TalesOfEls HQ Shop Item 550122.png HQ Shop Item 500876.png
CNTransNEW.pngCoruptedCode 71 TalesOfEls No Mount BarudIcon.png
CBSTransNEW.pngAkikoloid 91 TalesOfEls No Mount HQ Shop Item 500670.png
DCTransNEW.png청Lacher 91 엘수색대장교 APIcon.png HQ Shop Item 500020.png
Icon - Shakti.pngValy 99 엘수색대장교 APIcon.png HQ Shop Item 500020.png HQ Shop Item 550206.png
GrMTransNEW.pngTyamo 99 TalesOfEls HQ Shop Item 550182.png No Pet
LPTransNEW.pngKurokoTetsu 99 엘수색대장교 APIcon.png RedSpiritIcon.png StoneFox.png
DETransNEW.pngSilverVolkov 95 엘수색대장교 CCBIcon.png HQ Shop Item 550078.png HQ Shop Item 500868.png
ChATransNEW.pngAzureRuby 99 TalesOfEls HQ Shop Item 550122.png BarudIcon.png
OptTransNEW.png아라시후카다 99 TalesOfEls HQ Shop Item 550078.png HQ Shop Item 500610.png
FYTransNEW.pngValentyna 89 TalesOfEls - -
APTransNEW.pngAndros 99 TalesOfEls - -
Icon - Nisha Labyrinth.pngChibiValy 99 TalesOfEls - -