Final Strike

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[Special Active: Bravery]
Create a force which pulls in enemies. Slash enemies for the final blow.
Destruction Skill
  • Consumes Destruction gauge and acquire Vitality gauge
  • Attack Power ↑ when Destruction is activated
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Casting speed increase and final hit provides large hitstun.


Class Level Required
Sheath Knight 35

Skill Information

Mode Damage (Physical) Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Black Hole Final Hit Black Hole Final Hit
PvE 702% 2688% 9 1 300 MP 22 Seconds
PvP 150% 572%

Skill Traits

Useful Final StrikeHeavy Final Strike
Attribute EffectMax HitsAttribute EffectCooldown
Max Hits increased
Damage decreased to 80%
Black Hole: 18
Final Hit: 1
Damage increased to 144%
Cooldown increased to 120%
26.4 Seconds

Total Damage

ModeBaseMaster of Combat

Related Skills

Tips and Details

  • If used against a steep upward incline, the black hole will appear above it.
  • You can move 1 second after the Final Hit is done.
  • The black hole used by this skill will 'grab' enemies (like Crazy Worm) rather than suck them in (like Neutron Bomb). As such, it is perfectly capable of pulling in Super Armored enemies.
    • For the same reason, it is ineffective against shielded enemies, as the 'grab' hit will cause them to put up their shield preventing them from being pulled in, as well as certain bosses (such as Dekal), who will simply bounce off of the black hole.
    • Heavy enemies that are not immune to being launched may end up knocked down by the skill instead, especially if it is used over a platform and they are pulled in from underneath.
    • Also, enemies will not go through platforms when attracted.
  • Due to both trait options dealing nearly the same damage, it depends on if you want the extra awakening charge and MP gain from Useful or the slightly higher raw damage from Heavy.

Old Version

Video Description
Between its initial release and the 11/06/2014 KR Patch. The skill used to only have two hits, an initial slash which generated the black hole and the black hole explosion.


Date Changes
12/08/2011 12/18/2012
  • Final Strike added.
11/07/2013 02/12/2014
  • Damage increased.
11/06/2014 04/29/2015
  • Added hit damage to the black hole.
  • Faster execution speed.
05/28/2015 -
  • Infinite hit bug fixed.
07/23/2015 12/16/2015
  • Range increased.
  • Max Hits increased.
  • Can no longer be mana broken.
07/30/2015 -
  • Damage increased.
  • Evil's effect changed to -3MP pet hit.
04/21/2016 05/18/2016
  • Useful effect increased.
  • Cast Speed increased.
  • Max Hits lowered
  • Evil trait changed to Heavy.
  • Change location of "Heavy" and "Useful".
12/01/2016 01/11/2017
  • Fixed issue where don't show the skill cut-in.
01/12/2017 01/24/2017
  • Damage increased.
04/27/2017 05/10/2017
  • Damage increased.
  • None
07/27/2017 08/09/2017
  • Black Hole damage increased.
02/22/2018 04/18/2018
  • Damage increased.
  • Black Hole damage increased.
  • Final Hit damage decreased.
  • None
  • Damage increased.
06/28/2018 07/11/2018
  • Invincibility frames increased.
08/18/2022 09/14/2022
  • Invincibility activates immediately on skill use.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 파이널 스트라이크 Final Strike
Japan ファイナルストライク Final Strike
China (Simplified Chinese) 最终一击 Final Strike
Germany Todesstoß Deathblow
Spain Golpe de gracia Coup de Grâce
France Coup mortel Deathblow
Italy Colpo di Grazia Coup de Grâce
Poland Śmiertelny Cios Deathblow
United Kingdom Deadly Impact
Brazil Obliterar Obliterate