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Jan 3rd Patch Notes

January 2nd, 2013 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)


Following details may change depending on maintenance status.

* Main update

1. New area “Sander” opened
-Specific details will be released separately.
2. Max level cap increased to 65

* New Event
Specific event details will be released separately.

1. Celebration of Sander’s opening event. (Jan.3rd ~ Jan.10th)

* New Cash Item

1. Mini Ice Burner limited Sale (Jan.3rd ~ Jan.31st)

* Changed Details

1. Cash shop Avatar’s socket revamp
-More socket options to choose from.
-Number of socket options to choose from changes from 5 to 10.
※ Changed socket options are applied to avatars that are taken out of cash shop inventory from Jan.3rd maintenance.


1. Fixed a bug that changed the camera angle with Ara and free training room.

1. Added town sign to Bethma, Feita and Altera

1. Changed bug that didn’t show player’s rank in result screen.

Elsword December 27 Patch notes

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Translation: 2nafish

“-_-; what happened to the guy that did maintenance translations?”

Contents below might change depending on maintenance status

* New Events

More exact details will be posted after the maintenance at Dec. 27th

1. Elsword 5th Year Event (Dec.27th ~ Jan. 3rd)
2. Sander pre-event (Dec.27th ~ Jan.3rd)

* New Cash items

1. 5th year package on sale (Dec. 27th ~ Jan.3rd)
2. Inventory expansion ticket batch sale.
: Buy 3 or 4 for sale price
: Only works once when you buy 3 or 4.
3. Pet Skill, “ED/Item pickup” item release
4. “Everyday is different” sale event (Dec. 27 ~ Jan. 3rd)
: More exact details will be posted after the maintenance at Dec. 27th

* Change Notice

1. Increased total inventory space that you can get with inventory expansion ticket
: check picture below
2. Compensation for people that had their gnosis’s blessing(10sp) 30days from ‘Secret of thousand year fox’ event that was reset immediately upon using it.

1. Increased size of Ara’s Archangel wing when awakened.
2. Fixed error where stats of Ara’s archangel set was different from the other character’s Archangel sets.
3. Fixed error with Ara’s face accessories that made them look strange.

1. Fixed error where 1st job equipments would be distributed instead when you advanced to 2nd jobs.

Ara Haan character change notice.

1. Appearance/Sound
– After 3-bead-awakening; changed so that your weapon/top/bottom/gloves/shoes won’t change appearance.
– One of the victory pose laughs changed to yell.

2. Stat Change
Changed error where base stats weren’t properly applied
-Physical damage/HP: stat distribution decreased
-Physical defense/ Magic defense: stat distribution increased

3. Skill Damage Change
– Falling Dragon’s damage per 1 spirit orb increased.
– Damage ratio of 1st:2nd action for every ‘Spirit conversion’ allowed skills will be changed from 2:1 to 4:1

4. Command/Skill buff and changes
– Awakening :Delay speed increased

– ZZZX : Similar to dash zx, goes into super armor when using maximum charged attack.

– XXXX~X : When using spinning attack, 1st hit damage ratio is larger than 2nd hit damage ratio now.

– ZZZX/DashZX : Base damage increased.( Charged damage proportionately increased)

– Fierce 2 Strikes: Tiger Claw
: Base hit box increased. Reaches to lower targets also now.
: Effect changed
: MP consumption decreased by 5
: Changed so super armor persists until the first strike is made.

– Longan 2 Strikes: Laundry Hanger
: Hit lower. Changed so it can also hit enemies that are close-up.

– Exorcism 3 Strikes: Shadow Knot
: Final attack’s hit area increased largely.
: Area of flying spear increased slightly.
: Hit stuns enemies nearby when spear is returned to the hand. (There is no damage)

– Force Spear
: Hits lower. Spear’s starting point moved slightly to the front.

– Nang-a 2 Strikes : Wind Wedge
: Front now hits better. Changed so you can hit enemies that are close up.
: Cooldown time changed from 7 to 5 seconds.

– Shadow Blossom
: Cooldown time changed from 7 to 5 seconds.

– Tempest Dance
: Hit area at the front increases and total hit count changed.
: Final attack’s hit area increases and 1 more strike added before the final attack.

– Absorb Sphere
: MP consumption decreased by 5.

– Power/Magic/Shield Accelerators
: Time Stop duration increased.

5. Error Fix
– Changed error where attribute activation chance decrease wasn’t applied to following attack commands.
: DashZX

– Following Errors fixed
: Wedge’s first attack failing
: Spirit Orb not being consumed when failing to use Falling Dragon
: Catching the spear even when spear hasn’t returned yet during Shadow Knot.
: Location of spear and the hitbox not being aligned during Shadow Knot.
: Spirit orbs not being replenished when using ‘Spirit Conversion’
: Error where orbs weren’t recharging in Fox-god mode(3rd awakening).

<Inventory Expansion>

Maximum inventory possible using expansion ticket increased
Target: Equip/accessory/consume/material/quest/special
extra: avatar tab also shows 3 more lanes in one page.


Rough draft for now… I’ll fix errors as I read through.

Article and photos: []

Translation: 2nafish

^ ‘Elsword’ 5th anniversary party was held at Seoul Chung-dam-dong in Song-Un art space

‘Elsword’, a game Developed by KOG and produced by Nexon, held a user event in anniversary of its 5th year service today (December 8).  Many different Elsword related events caught the attention of around 200 ‘VIP attendees’ and hot-blooded users that attended the party.

KOG’s development team Gun-Ho-Juung that was present at the party expressed his thoughts by saying “Although Elsword wasn’t a very popular game from the launch.  We were able to continue our services for 5 years so far by providing materials to be enjoyed by users constantly and also with lots of love and support from the users. Although there are parts in the game that aren’t satisfactory yet, I want to work hard so the game users wouldn’t feel lonely.”

‘Elsword’ isn’t a well known game and if you had to describe the game with just one word, you could say that it is a ‘Bizarre’ game. Bizarrely there are large amount of female users despite the key characteristics of this game being a zesty ‘Action’ that is filled with KOG’s unique sense and know-how.  Even today’s birthday party felt diverse from other game events due to the fact that male and female user ratios attending the party were roughly 50%.

On this topic dev. team Gun-Ho-Daang explained it like this. First of all, Elsword is a game mainly targeted towards users that are minors(less than 18 year old). Our action sequences are focus on flashy visual effects and are great at catching the interest of many male users.  ‘fast paced competition that is centered on quick reaction speed is really fun’  ‘Hero’s Tournament’ today receiving enormous audience response stands true to this statement.

< KOG ‘Elsword’ Development Team Gun-Ho-Daang

Opposite from this, the ‘Pretty Characters’ of ‘Elsword’ became the driving force for the female user populations. This is not just a result of ‘Pretty Characters’ but the result of heartwarming artwork that leaves an impression on the female users. Adding to this popularity, there are abundant aesthetic contents like clothes and accessories that are available in-game which users can decorate their characters with.  Fact that there were female users cosplaying in today’s  event and the fact that the fanart gallery being catching lots of attention supports this.



For ‘Elsword’ that’s been bizarrely gaining popularity, today’s event was a very loud one. Because there were lots of female users even a simple quiz events had many explosive responses and the heated ‘Hero’s Tournament’ competition held by the male users were so filled with reactions and cheers that it resembled the past ‘Starcraft’ tournament finals. In addition, promotion models APink attended the event site for the finale creating a thrilling atmosphere as the event ended.

Today’s event revealed for the first time Elsword’s 7th character ‘Ara Han’, which is planned for implementation in December 20th followed by stages of ‘Winter updates’.


Hero’s Tournament Season 11

November 14th, 2012 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (0 Comments)

Return of the Heroes!

Who will become the new Hero?

Thursday, November 22nd!

Starting with 7 days of preliminaries

Curtains open for 2012 Winter Hero’s Tournament.

Chance that you can’t miss!

Elios continent is ready to accept you as its new Hero.

Elsword 5th Year Anniversary Birthday Party

November 14th, 2012 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Event Notices - (0 Comments)

I know most of us won’t be able to make it. But for those of you that are visiting South Korea during this event might want to check it out. Otherwise we can dream and speculate on what new video and contents they will be showing.

Main Event page link(post the registration comments comments here) :

I did a sloppy translation job on the images thanks to my time constraints. I’ll summarize some of the registration details below

-You can only register if you have a legit Nexon account with KSSN.

-You can register during this period: Nov.15th~Nov.25th

-Winners of the party invitations will be announced at: Nov.28th

-Birthday invitation will be sent to you by Email that you entered in your account’s personal information.

-Birthday party will be held at Song Eun Art Space(송은 아트스페이스) at Seoul, Chungdamdong (서울, 청담동). Date/Time: Dec.8th at 14:00.

-To register, go to the official party announcement post link I provided above and leave a comment with a header. [파티 신청] (you have to be logged in to comment in the post)

-In the body of the comment please leave a congratulations message for Elsword’s 5th year anniversary and the reason why you want to attend the birthday party.

October 18th Field test server open notice

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 Hello. This is GM Riel


We are bringing this surprise announcement in this October 18th.


Right before the Elsword’s new content, the Field update,

We have prepared a test server for all of you adventurers


Experience our new content in our field test server,

and leave comments on the things that could be improved in the questionnaire page!


We will do our best to check up on every little details to bring you the most fun content yet.


[Field Test Server Notice]


*Open during

1st. 2012 October 18th(Thurs) ~ October 21st(Sun)

2nd. 2012 October 22nd(Thurs)~October 31st(Wed)


*Open time: Everyday 4PM ~ Next day’s 9AM


*Field test server’s new content

 -New hunting field added between every village

-UI revamp for more easy gameplay

 -Added tutorial animation


*How to join testing

1) Click on new yellow button that says [Connect to new field test server]

2) After the Test server client is downloaded, install it

3) After installation, click button described in step 1) again and connect to the server (only available during open time)


*Notice information

1)Only Nexon member IDs can use the Test server (Tooniland ID cant use)

2) During 1st open test duration, you can only play as newly created characters.

3) All data on Testing server could be reset.



Elsword KR is looking for new update testers

September 15th, 2012 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Korean Elsword Updates - (0 Comments)

Meeting Details:
– Meeting to test the new Elsword contents
– A simple questionnaire after the test.

– 1st: 2012 Sept 22 2:oo PM
– 2nd: 2012 Sept 22 3:00 PM

– 대구 광역시 중구 동성로 KOG Main office 14th floor

– 1st: 10 Elementary School students that play Elsword frequently
– 2nd: 10 Middle School students that play Elsword frequently

Tester choosing method:
2012 Sept 19 (wed) Till 2:00 PM (14:oo)
– Register under the main announcement post by commenting in our free board. [Area/age/reason for registering]
– Testers will be selected based on their character level and their understanding of the game. Testers that are chosen will be announced with Sept 20 official announcement.

– Free board main announcement [바로가기]

Tester Benefits:
– Experience our October update contents early!
– Transportation fee provided
– Free snacks and small gifts provided.

Translator note: Omg I wanna go so bad. Anyone with Korean connections send your friends that live in Korea. I’m kind of concerned that KOG is targeting more younger user base while leaving older users in the dust. It is very unlikely that we will find out what these testers will see… However we can make some speculations on upcoming updates by the fact that KOG actually collecting testers for their new contents.

Patch Notes – August 2nd

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New Events

Further information will be released on Thursday, August 2nd.

  1. Angel’s Feather: Just for You!
    Trapping Ranger is now eligible to receive feathers upon clearing level-appropriate dungeons. Dimension Witch and Battle Magician will be removed from the list of characters eligible to receive feathers.
    (August 2nd to August 8th Maintenance)
  2. With Guardian Angels
    Upon first logging onto the game, you will receive a “Uyn Ji Angell” accessory for the first character you log onto.
    (Uyn Ji is a member of the Girl Band “A Pink” – All of the angel accessories are named after members.)
    (August 2nd to August 8th Maintenance)
  3. Night Watcher Pre-Event
    Guardian of Eldrasil Quest added – permits you to obtain the timed accessory and Appointment Cube for Rena’s promotional accessory.
    (August 2nd to August 8th Maintenance)


New Cash Items

  1. New Limited Edition “Sports Day” Avatar Added.
    (August 2nd to August 30th Maintenance)
  2. Dark Shadow Ice Burner Weapon can now be received from Ice Burners!
    (August 2nd to September 27th Maintenance)

Bug Fixes
[System Fixes]

  1. Added a feature where upon obtaining a consumable item, it will be added automatically to the quickslot.

[Character Fixes]

  1. Some counter-able Special Active skill can no longer be countered by the effects of Distortion and Counter.
  2. Fixed a bug where Code Electra’s Amplify mode effects would not take into effect after using Cloaking (with skill note)

[Dungeon Fixes]

  1. Fixed a bug where Gates of Darkness Clear buff would remain till the next Gates of Darkness Opening Time.

[Pet Fixes]

  1. Fixed a bug where pet hunger would decrease unnaturally during Velder secret dungeon Hell Mode.
  2. Pet Hunger will no longer drop during dungeons that do not give experience points.

Pet Personality Guide

July 31st, 2012 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Guides - (0 Comments)

Babel has begun its ambitious translation project of the guides from some of the top pros in Korea.  We begin by introducing a Pet Personality Guide from 행운의2달러, the top Void Princess in Korea. We specifically begun with this guide as it is quite appealing to all audiences, and as it is information that has never been introduced in North America before. One of the strengths that Korea has over North America is that its players really understand how to test in-game ideas and develop new techniques: we will endeavor to bring these techniques to NA through their guides.

These guides can also be found in the new “Guides” section. Keep your eyes peeled for more!


Fluorite Ores Sale Notice

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Along with the “Please Save My Equipment” event,  they are having a sale on fluorite ores.

Basically for level 5 fluorite ores they are giving you 1,500nx cash off. So…

Original Price: 30, 000 for 20 fluorite

Sale Price: 28,500 for 20 fluorite

-_-; not by much but hey it’s a sale. The sale ends at the same time as the enhancement event.