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Name Keypera
Race Human
Role Researcher



A researcher seeking to take advantage of demonic energy.


Dimension of Sinister Intent[edit]

After the events of Feita, residual demonic energy remained in the old temple. Keypera looked at the remaining demonic energy and believed he could take advantage of the energy in order to obtain power. He and his followers took wandering adventurers and used them for their experiments. The demonic energy did give the adventurers great power, however the demonic energy soon consumed them and they eventually lose their sense of self and became mindless rogue soldiers with a thirst for power. With his experiments getting out of hand, Keypera sealed off his lab with the adventurers locked inside.

After locking his lab, he told others he had done so to control the adventurers inside. However soon after this, he mysteriously vanished.

Alternative Names[edit]

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea ??? Keypera

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