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Full Name
Henir's Order
The Order delves into its own Darkness. We find Truth that cannot be found under the gods of order.

~ Titania


Henir's Order is a cult of people devoted to Henir who aim to find the truth within the darkness that the Goddess's light does not shine upon.


Seven Tower

Henir's Order was originally part of the greater Elrian organization known as Seven Tower. Likely originating from those who were academics of the Tower of Mirage, members soon began to gain a fixation over the realms beyond the Goddess and were drawn to the concepts of Henir. The group developed into a bit of a new religious organization and began recruiting like minded scholars within Seven Tower. The group had enough influence to the point they lobbied for the inclusion of Debrians into Seven Tower.

Their efforts were successful and Seven Tower soon opened their doors to the Debrians. The ideals of the Elrian and the Debrian differed and soon it was made apparent that the organization was headed in two different directions and the two factions split. During the time of great tension between parts of Seven Tower, Henir's Order took the large scale animosity toward Debrians as an opportunity to gain recruits.

Glave, a member of Seven Tower at the time was conducting his own experiments, eventually creating a tool he called the "Seed of Life". Some time later, another of his endeavors resulted in him being sent and forced to protect a gateway to Henir.


Members of the Order had previously attempted to recruit Clamor to their cause to not success. However at a later point in time, the organization decided to use the Half-Elf's talents to aid them in creating a Incubator device. Their plan went smoothly till the final day where Clamor realized the potential of his creation an objected, though was quickly disposed of and implanted into a Sickle using the Incubators he had designed.

Forbidden Research

After Glave was banished to Henir, members of Henir's Order were able to rediscover his inventions and they found the Seed of Life. The group soon became fixated on the potential of the device's ability to use El Energy to amplify Henir energy.

A faction of the Debrians with the help of the Elrian royals themselves, began conducting forbidden research and experiments underneath the then palace. They were highly interested in taking the technology Glave pioneered with the Seed of Life and furthering its potential. If their research were successful, it could change the entire Elrios continent. During one of their experiments, the Debrians opened a passage from Elrios to the core of Henir itself by accident. With the gateway open, the researchers were granted an almost limitless supply of Henir energy. With the energy they were able to further pursue their experiments with Henir. Upon further research, the group learned that the unification of the Dark and Primal El could grant them unimaginable power. With the power of Henir's Passage and knowledge of unimaginable power.

Ties with the House of Rosso

Though unknown circumstances, Henir's Order became in possession of Stirbargen's Crimson Eye. A member of Henir's Order would come into contact with the Rosso family and would make a trade deal which resulted in the Rosso family coming into possession of the Incubators they had commissioned Clamor into make for them long ago and the Crimson Eye.

Assaults on the El Tower

Over the next several hundred years, Henir's Order would make their presence, especially in several attempted attacks on the El Tower in an attempt to get at the Large El and the El Lady. In one such attempt, they nearly succeeded in taking out the El Lady on Ishmael's Night, but were stopped and Elrios nearly avoided plunging into chaos.

The organization eventually managed to root a spies within the El Tower, the Moon Priestess, Misty, and an imposter Moon Master, Dantelion disguised as Ebalon. From within the order of El, Dantelion seeded Solace with the idea to create a machine to potentially replace the El Lady. During the Harmony Festival, Dantelion activated the device for himself in secret and caused the El to become unstable, resulting in the El Explosion.

The Light, Shadow and One Omnipotence

During the time between the El Explosion and the present, Henir's Order had set their sight on achieving the nearly unlimited power the original founders had hypothesized in their research. In order to obtain that power, the group set their sights on obtaining a Primal El from Elrianode and a pure Dark El from the demon world. Besides the two El, the Order had their sights on other powerful relics in Elrios such as the Ring of Mimir. Hennon, one of Henir's Order's generals, specifically had his sights on reaching for the Ring of Mimir. After trailing Aisha, Hennon was able to secure the Ring and later send it to the higher council for later use.

Reawakened Elrianode

Soon after Elrianode's reawakening at the hands of Elsword, Hennon's group was soon dispatched to the area in order to retrieve a fragment of the Primal El. While there, the Order was able to reopen Henir's Passage. With the power of Henir's Passage, Henir's Order was able to open up a gate to the Demon World which would be a great asset to their end goal.

Hennon was able to gain a small Dark El and with it planned to launch an assault on the El Tower. He was however foiled by the El Search Party who were able to defeat him even after he unleashed the power of the Primal and Dark El.

Twisted Time and Space

After the failed siege of Elrianode, other members of Henir's Order began to take action from behind the scenes. Experimenting with Henir, the group was able to open Gates of Time all across Elrios at a sporadic frequency.

Landar Traitor

Henir's Order member, Titania Landar, attempted to halt a Landar caravan headed to Elrianode and set off a plague which would mutate all living things within the general Lanox area using the Incubators within the Abandoned Rosso Manor. However her plans were foiled by Noah and her younger sister Yuria. Titania was defeated and attempted to bury herself and her enemies deep within the manor, though the opposing parties managed to escape.

Notable Members

Character Role Status
Dantelion Master Active
Hennon General Deceased
Red Henir's Order Member General Active
Titania Member Unknown
Misty Member Defected, Deceased
Friedrich Researcher Active
Society Member Member Unknown


  • Through Rose's Elrianode City story dialogue, it is revealed that a part of Seven Towers became Henir's Order.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 헤니르 교단 Henir Sect
China (Simplified Chinese) 赫尼尔教团 Henir Sect
France Ordre de Henir Henir's Order

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