White-Ghost Army

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Name White-Ghost Army
Role Army

White-Ghost Army


One of the Demon Realm's four powerful military factions. Lead by White-Ghost King Aegirp.


Demon King's Rule

In the Demon World, the White-Ghost Army under the command of Aegirp was one of the Demon World's most powerful factions. However under the might of the Demon King, Aegirp and his army were one of the four factions deemed worthy to work under the new king.

Peace Between Humans and Demons

Aegirp stood out among his comrades as he believed that humans and demons had the capacity to live in harmony. During his reign, he led campaigns to try and form villages where both humans and demons could live in harmony in North Fluone. Calonne, Deborah, and Gunther were among the demons who were sent to lead this campaign of peace.

Collapse of Power

After the Demon King fell from his throne, a power vacuum soon consumed the demon world. The four major factions who once ruled under the Demon King now turned on each other in a desperate attempted to claim the throne for themselves. Aegirp and his White-Ghost Army being one of the factions. Aegirp was betrayed his his subordinate Berthe who rebelled with the help of Barkat.

Aegirp's Disappearance

After Aegirp's disappearance, organization within the White-Ghost Army faltered. Members such as Berthe defected and joined the Demon Legion under Barkat, who aimed to invade Elrios. Those remaining in North Fluone were completely unaware of the situation in the demon realm till the invasions of Elrios began. During the long span of time without any word from their lord, many members began to lose faith and abandoned their mission. When Nenya arrived after Ran successful invasion of Northern Empire, he sought the straggling demons and gave them a new purpose under his own rule.

Notable Members

Character Status
Aegirp Unknown
Nenya Defected, Deceased
Calonne Active
Gunther Active
Deborah Active
Berthe Defected


  • The majority demon species of the White-Ghost Army tend to be of the beast variety, including Aegirp himself.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 백귀군단 White-Ghost Army
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 白鬼军团 White-Ghost Army
French Flag.png France Armée des esprits Spirit Army

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