White-Ghost Army

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Name White-Ghost Army
Role Army

White-Ghost Army


One of the Demon Realm's four powerful military factions. Lead by White-Ghost King Aegirp.


Demon King's Rule

In the Demon World, the White-Ghost Army under the command of Aegirp was one of the Demon World's most powerful factions. However under the might of the Demon King, Aegirp and his army were one of the four factions deemed worthy to work under the new king.

Collapse of Power

After the Demon King fell from his throne, a power vacuum soon consumed the demon world. The four major factions who once ruled under the Demon King now turned on each other in a desperate attempted to claim the throne for themselves. The White-Ghost Army being one of the factions.

Forming Alliances

Before they launched their invasion of Elrios, the White-Ghost Army made allegiance with the Dark Elves.

First Assault on Elrios

The White-Ghost Army launched the first major attack on Elrios as of recent history. They were able to pry a portal open at the very top of the Altar of Dedication in Feita. Hordes of Glitter soldiers began their occupation of the Feita region under the command of Berthe. The groups were able to push out the Feita Knights currently occupying the area under the command of the Velder Kingdom.

The occupation however was uprooted due to the El Search Party. After defeating Berthe at the top of the tower, the group were able to destroy the rune which held open the portal, officially stopping the demons from entering the area.

Invasion of Velder

After a successful entry in Feita, the White-Ghost Army soon launched a surprise attack in Velder. Using the power of the Earth El, the White-Ghost Army under the command of multiple generals including the Dark Elf Chloe, attacked the capital from the inside. Catching the city off guard, the army was soon able to conquer the city and surrounding area swiftly.

Planning to burn the capital to the group, they demons created Crazy Puppet who manifests the fire spirits Kenaz. Setting fire to the palace and to Hope Bridge.

The El Search Party came to drive the demons out and were lead up to the Palace Entrance where they were ambushed by a trap of explosives. The Velder militia facing many casualties from the surprise trap were forced to make a retreat. Soon after this event, the demon portal located in the palace closed due to Ain's intervention.

The White-Ghost army flanked the Velder forces at Burning Hope Bridge, Commercial Area 1, and with an all out attack at Southern Gate. Chloe at Southern Gate summoned the Dark God Nephilim to finish of the El Search Party but failed when the group destroyed the rune she was using to summon the beast. The White-Ghost Army were forced to let the remaining Velder militia out of the city. Soon the Velder army would launch another attempt to reclaim the city, this time with the aid of the Red Knights. With the demon portal gone, the demon occupation of Velder soon deteriorated under the oncoming opposition.

Notable Members

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 백귀군단 White-Ghost Army
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 白鬼军团 White-Ghost Army
French Flag.png France Armée des esprits Spirit Army

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