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Mercenary Group
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Red Knights
Mercenary Group
In order to get our Castle back we need the strongest Knights in our Kingdom, the Red Knights

~ Vanessa


The Red Knights, originally called the Red Mercenary Knights is a group of elite mercenaries based in the Velder Kingdom.


Velder Civil War

The Red Knights were one of Velder's stronger militia groups during the Velder Civil War. Commanded by Elkashu, the group participated in attempting to stop a rising rebellion lead by Sir Branderk. After several years of war between the Kingdom and rebels, the Red Knights were left as a standstill on the only pass to the Glornir Plains where Sir Branderk was stationed. With supplies beginning to decline, Elkashu invited his daughter Elesis to aid in planning a strategical effort to break through the barrier.

With Elesis's El Search Party experience dealing with Dark Forests, she, Penensio, and a band of Red Knights soldiers sneaked through the Dark Forest Marden surrounding the pass and launched a surprise attack from behind enemy lines. This surprise attack allowed the Red Knights to break through the barrier and attack the commanding military officer in the area, General Corkus. The success of the Red Knights during this battle marked a huge turning point in the war and ensured the elimination of the rebel forces.

The Demon Invasions

Several years later when the demon invasion began, Hamel was among the first regions to be affected. Having close ties with Velder, many of the Red Knights were dispatched to help deal with the demon invasion. After most of the Red Knights had left to Hamel, another demon invasion occurred at the heart of the Velder Capital, with the attack coming as a surprise and most of their elite military overseas with little contact, the remaining Red Knights, including Elesis were unable to fend off the invading demons.

Chapter 12: Hamel Fell into Darkness

After the El Search Party were able to escape the demon occupied Velder, Vanessa acting as chief military guard called for the Red Knights in Hamel to return and help in an effort to reclaim the city. However, all messages sent to Hamel never got a reply, in an attempt to get a message through, she tasked the El Search Party with contacting the current Red Knight Leader in Hamel, Penensio.

Upon reaching Hamel, the El Search Party task to Penensio an inform him on the condition of Velder. However both the situation in Velder and Hamel were equally dire and the current group stationed in Hamel could not simply leave. The Red Knights were split in half, one half would go back to Velder and the other would stay in Hamel till their mission was complete before returning.

Chapter 13: Secrets of the Temple

While the El Search Party investigated the Waterways, the Red Knights were performing their own investigation to find a way to the Temple of Frozen Water. Their investigation led them to Magmanta's Cave, while searching the cave, many Red Knights had gone missing. They had fallen prey to the cave's large arachnid inhabitants. With aid from the El Search Party, the Red Knights were able to recover many of their missing comrades and pushed forwards to the Water Temple.

More Red Knights were sent to scout ahead inside the temple, but many once again did not return. Going into the temple's deepest sanctums, they discover that some Red Knights had been corrupted through a similar process the demons had used against Helputt. The former Red Knights acted as soldier for the demon army and upon further investigation could not be saved. Slaying their corrupted comrades, the Red Knights and El Search Party were able to rescue the Water Priestess Sasha and push Ran out of Hamel.

With the Water Priestess saved and the Waterways fixed, the condition of Hamel began to rapidly normalize. Having now completed their mission in Hamel, the remaining Red Knights would travel the seas back to Velder in order to aid with the reclaiming of the capital. Elesis left command of the Red Knights in the hands of Penensio, as she continues to travel with the El Search Party.

Reclaiming Velder

The demon portal in Velder was shut down thanks to Ain and the remaining demons no longer had access to a steady stream of supplies and reinforcements. When the Red Knights arrived back in Velder, the group were successfully able to push the demon back and eventually reclaim the palace, putting an end to the demon thread in Velder once and for all.

Ereda's Magic Source

After the discovery of Ereda Island, a mysterious island containing a mysterious artifact. After Velder's King learned about the artifact, he sent out the Red Knights led by Vanessa and asked them to occupy and drain its power. The power was used to aid in Velder's restoration. But the knowledge of the island soon spread, Hamel's Guardians Knights soon appeared to gain the artifact. In order to restore Velder. The two kingdom have stationed themselves and battle for the island's resources under the facade of a competition to strengthen the kingdoms' bond.

Chapter 43: Preperations

The Red Knights stationed in Velder received word from Elesis to prepare for a potential demon invasion, as Berthe having access to portal technology makes such an event very likely to occur. In return, they asked of Elesis to look for any people that went missing during the first invasion of Velder as they may have been taken to the Demon Realm. While aware that normal people likely can't survive the realm, the Red Knights at least want to feign a search operation as most of the people missing are velder nobles, who hold a lot of influence over the capital.

Notable Members

Character Role Status
Elkashu Leader Retired
Elesis Captain Active
Penensio Acting Captain Active
Vanessa Commander Active
Vern Commander Active
Cain Commander Active
Rod Commander Active


  • The official captain of the Red Knights is Elesis, though she often wanders around and leaves the actual commanding role to Penensio.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 붉은 기사단 Red Knights
China (Simplified Chinese) 红色骑士团 Red Knights
France Chevaliers poupres Crimson Knights

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