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Crow Mercenaries
Mercenary Group
As long as I am alive, the Crow Mercenaries will never die out; I am back and I will show you the Crow Mercenaries restored to its former glory.

~ Raven


The Crow Mercenaries, also known as the Crow Mercenary Knights were originally a mercenary company based in the Velder Kingdom, then have been reborn under the order of King Nasod under the name Black Crow. In both the first and last instance, the position of leader was filled by the same man - Raven.


War against Lizardmen

At some points in the past, Raven Cronwell and his original Crow Mercenary Knights fought and defeated a Lizardmen uprising in Bethma.


The nobles of Velder were envious of Raven Cronwell's accomplishments. They framed Raven for a crime he never committed, with the help of the turncoat Crow Mercenaries member Owen Felford. The Crow Mercenaries busted Raven out of prison on the day he was scheduled to be executed. They were later slaughtered by the pursuing Velder troops led by Owen Felford. Only Raven survived and was left for dead in the forests outside of Velder. He was rescued on the brink of death by a Nasod.

Second Founding

Raven was reborn as the human augmentation experiment by King Nasod. Then other Black Crow members were created as augmented humans as well. Raven and the Black Crow members were mind controlled by King Nasod and were made cyborg soldiers of the Nasod Army.

Black Crow Down

When Lord Wally was about to invade Altera island, Raven and Black Crow intercepted Wally's Cargo Airship. After getting the El stone from Wally's hands, Raven ordered The Black Crow airship to sink the Cargo Airship. Later on he was confronted by the El Search Party members on his airship The Black Crow. They fought and through that Raven was able to regain his consciousness and ceased King Nasod's mind control of him. Raven later joined force with El Search Party to take back the El stone from King Nasod.

Double Crow

Raven was transported back in time because of a device made by Add, in a parallel timeline and back in the period when Raven was still under Nasod's brainwashing and control. He encountered and was taken into custody by the Raven of that timeline and the Black Crow crews on The Black Crow airship. Before being incarcerated Raven tried to help his former self to shut down Nasod's influences on him, but he wasn't successful. Raven broke out of the airship's prison and found that the Raven of that timeline and his crews were about to intercept and loot a cargo airship.

Raven managed to stop his other self and the crews from doing so, but the ship's harpoons struck a nearby mountain instead and the entire ship was dragged towards the mountains. Realizing the whole airship was on a collision course with the mountains, Raven used Shockwave to demolish that obstacle and saves everyone. Raven then was transported back to his own timeline thanks to Add's device and notices that it had broken.

Notable Members

Character Role Status
Raven Leader Active
Seris Member Deceased


  • In dungeon clear quotes, Raven mentioned that he had known of Banthus in the past, implying that Banthus may had been working for, or a member, of the original Crow Mercenaries Knights.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 크로우 용병단 Crow Mercenaries
China (Simplified Chinese) 克劳尔佣兵团 Crow Mercenaries
France Korbaks
Phonetic transcription of Corbac, a colloquial word for Crow

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