Dark-Eyed Army

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Full Name
Dark-Eyed Army


One of the Demon Realm's four most powerful military factions before the disappearance of the Demon King. Lead by Dark-Eyed King Berngart.


Demon King's Rule

In the Demon Realm, the Dark-Eyed Army under the command of Berngart was one of the Demon World's most powerful factions. Berngart and his army were one of the four factions deemed worthy to work under the new Demon King.

Collapse of Power

After the Demon King disappeared, a power vacuum soon consumed the demon world. The four major factions who once ruled under the Demon King now turned on each other and a lot of infighting began within the factions in a desperate attempted to claim the throne for themselves, the Dark-Eyed Army being one of those factions.

Joining the Legion

At an unknown point in time, Scar and his two subordinates Jin & In defected from the army to join forces with the most powerful faction that came into existence after the power struggle, the Demon Army.

Notable Members

Character Role Status
Berngart Leader Unknown
Scar General Deceased
Jin Commander Active
In Commander Active

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 흑안군단 Dark-Eyed Army
China (Simplified Chinese) 黑眼军团 Dark-Eyed Army
France Armée aux yeux noirs Dark-Eyed Army

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