Dark-Eyed Army

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Name Dark-Eyed Army
Role Army

Dark-Eyed Army


One of the Demon Realm's four powerful military factions. Lead by Dark-Eye King Berngart.


Demon King's Rule

In the Demon World, the Dark-Eyed Army under the command of Berngart was one of the Demon World's most powerful factions. However under the might of the Demon King, Berngart and his army were one of the four factions deemed worthy to work under the new king.

Collapse of Power

After the Demon King fell from his throne, a power vacuum soon consumed the demon world. The four major factions who once ruled under the Demon King now turned on each other in a desperate attempted to claim the throne for themselves. The Dark-Eye Army being one of the factions.

Targeting the Earth Priestess

Jin & In, infiltrated Velder during the the attack on Velder's attack and were able to kidnap and flee with with the Earth Priestess Artea.

Targeting the Elemental El

Ran was sent off with the earliest attack on the Fahrmann region. There he destroyed and took over his former home village which housed a powerful Moon El.

After the attack on Fahrmann, Ran was sent to Hamel. In Hamel after apprehending the Water Priestess Sasha, Ran flooded the Resiam area and blackmailed the city's honored Guardian Helputt to join the demons. He used his actions as tools to try and learn of the Water Seal's whereabouts. Ran would later strike a deal with the city's leader Rod Ross to aid in his search but proved futile until the former Water Priest Avalanche revealed that he was in possession of the seal. After being confronted by the El Search Party and Ara in the Hall of Water, Ran fled with the knowledge he had aimed to obtain.

Karis was soon notified to enact her plans on Sander. Escalating tensions between humans and harpies, Karis swayed the harpies on her side and kidnapped the Wind Priestess Anduran. She was soon able to hypnotize both the Trock and Caluso into aiding her open of Parugo Mountain. Using the Wind Priestess, Karis was able to reawaken the Behemoth which she planned to use to destroy Sander. Her plans were foiled by the El Search Party and she was defeated in her attempt to control Behemoth.

Resurrection of the Demon God

Scar met back up with Jin & In with Artea. They group soon attacked the Fire Temple, taking control of its Holy Beast Ifritan and capturing the Fire Priestess Ignia. In order to protect themselves, they used their magic on the waters of Phantasmal Geyser to hypnotize the mermaids and blacksmiths. Luring the Sun and Moon Priestesses Gloria and Darkmoon, Scar blackmailed Ignia into keeping out travelers from interfering with their plans. Using the Earth Priestess Artea, Scar created a massive chasm deep inside the Fire Temple which would be used to resurrect the Demon God Sult.

The El Search Party discovered what was going on and were able to confront the demon duo Jin & In as well as Scar. They were able to defeat them all and killed Scar. However they were too late and the Demon God was ready to be summoned. Unable to stop him, the group were saved by the intervention of the El Lady in possession of Elesis. She was able to seal Sult away, but not before Sult was able to spread some of his dark influence, making monsters all around the world stronger.

Jin & In were able to escape and returned to the site of the Demon God's resurrection to discover a lingering darkness. Using their powers they were able to give the dark energy a physical form but the results of their work created and incomplete beast. Unsatisfied with the results, the two fled the scene.

Notable Members

Character Status
Berngart Unknown
Scar Defected, Deceased
Jin Defected
In Defected

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 흑안군단 Dark-Eyed Army
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 黑眼军团 Dark-Eyed Army
French Flag.png France Armée aux yeux noirs Dark-Eyed Army

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