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Full Name
El Search Party
Those that went through the El Search Party program naturally learn how to face demonic monsters.

~ Elesis


A Ruben based organization which trains young warriors and protect the El.


The El Explosion Aftermath

After the El explosion delimited the Elrios continent and scattered the El all across the land. The remnants of the Velder Kingdom established the El Search Party as an group tasked with retrieving El which had been scattered all across the continent. However due to their inefficient results, the group was eventually downscaled to the Ruben based organization it is in the present, now acting as the protectors of the large El fragment located in region.


The El Search Party Program specializes in dealing with matters regarding the El. Part of their training includes dealing with monsters in the Dark Forests.

Chapter 1: Banthus, the one who is after El

The El Search Party scouted and noticed an increase in bandit activity around the Tree of El. When Banthus successfully stole and El from the Tree of El, the El Search Party immediately began scouting the area for his whereabouts. The tracked him down to the White Mist Swamp but the group was stopped by the Ancient Phoru who had gone mad due to the El being taken from its land. The El Search Party was able to subdue to the Holy Beast and kept it under control till the El was returned to Ruben.

Elsword's Group

Elsword, an official member of the El Search Party, alongside Aisha and Rena go searching for Ruben's El as a group unofficially called the El Search Party.


Character Role Status
Lowe Drillmaster Active
Elesis Member Former
Elsword Member Active
Banthus Member Defected
Camilla Member Active
Cindy Member Active


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 엘 수색대 El Search Party
China (Simplified Chinese) 艾尔搜查队 El Search Party
France Chercheurs d'Eldrit El Seekers

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