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Town NPCs


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Npc lowe.jpg Lowe Ruben Village's Drillmaster Lowe has experience in all forms of physical combat and can improve the melee skills of any character. He may look innocent, but he's fearless in battle.

Lowe also appears in PvP as an "Epic" NPC and in Gate of Darkness as the first ally to replace a player. He fights using traditional Lord Knight attacks.

Npc hagus.jpg Hagus Ruben Village's Chief Hagus is not much to look at, but he's got the mind of a master strategist. He never shaves his beard because it represents his long-time experience as a battle tactician. As the Chief of the village, his duty is to give several quests to warriors and travelers to prove their strength.
Npc ann.jpg Ann Ruben Village's Item Shop Ann is a merchant in Ruben who cares greatly for the guardians of the El Tree, the Ancient Phorus. Ann is a purveyor of the basic equipment needed to explore a dungeon.
HotSpringSpirit.png Purified Spirit & Shy Spirit Spirit Falls‎ Manager A spirit hanging around the Spirit Falls‎.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
BanthusNPCHead.png Banthus Bandit Leader The leader of a notorious bandit group who stole the El Shard from Ruben Village.
WilliamNPCHead.png William Phoru Leader The leader of a mischievous band of thief Phorus in rural Ruben.
AncientPhoruNPCHead.png Ancient Phoru Holy Beast The Holy Beast of the White Mist Swamp.


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Npc hofmann.jpg Hoffman Elder Village's Merchant This refined fellow is the head of the Velder Commerce Association. His products are of quality, and so are the rewards and the authority one can gain from his requests. So work hard!
Npc luichel.jpg Luichel Elder Village's Accessory Shop An ex-thief, Luichel is Elder Village's jeweler. She sells bracelets, bonnets, and baubles of all sorts that aren't just for looks. Her goods are as enchanted as she is. She seems to have a lot of ancient artifacts in her disposal.
Npc echo.jpg Echo Elder Village's Alchemist Elder Village's lollipop-loving Echo was trained in the ways of the Alchemist by her parents. Her enchanting and crafting skills are without equal. Go to her if you need something special.
Npc lenpad.jpg Lenphad Elder Village's Blacksmith You can enhance your equipment items with Lenphad's help. People get easily intimidated by his grouchy appearance, but he really is a kind person who aims to please. Lenphad is the little brother of Hanna from Velder. He works in the same chain of equipment shops called "Swordsmith Cat" with his sister.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
BanthusNPCHead.png Banthus Bandit Leader The leader of a notorious bandit group who stole the El Shard from Ruben Village.
WilliamNPCHead.png William Phoru Leader The leader of a mischievous band of thief Phorus in rural Ruben.
WallyHead.png Wally Lord of Elder The tyrannical dictator of the Elder region. A powerful monarch with a fascination for Nasods.


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Npc stella.jpg Stella Bethma Village's Security Chief Stella is the type of woman who makes all the boys stop and stare. Don't stare too long, or you may be looking up at her from the flat of your back or through a pair of black eyes. Check her out, though (carefully), because she might have something for you to do.
Npc chackabuk.jpg Chacha Buch Bethma Village's Alchemist A Lizardman who resides in Bethma Village. This old Shaman's crafts have a tribal flavor to them, as do the potions he sells. Contrary to his looks, he doesn't bite (probably). He is also Vapor's colleague.
Npc richang.jpg Richian Bethma Village's Accessory Shop The misunderstood, purple-haired, Bethma accessory shop proprietor, Richian is one of Luichel's business rivals – mostly because he has great conversational skills and is a workaholic. He also owns Richie Mine, which his father passed down to him.
Npc toma.jpg Toma Bethma Village's Blacksmith This smiling youth may not look like it, but he is the best blacksmith in Bethma. He'll have your gear upgraded and repaired in a jiffy with the skills his parents passed on to him. His weapon shop is called Acetylene.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
BeraukNPCHead.png Berauk Bethma Lake Lizardman Chief The once peaceful chief of the Lizardman Tribe in Bethma Lake.
KayakHead.png Kayak Shadow Shaman A lizardman shaman filled with spite against humanity. His radical ideologies got himself banished from the Bethma Lake Lizardman Tribe.
WallyHead.png Wally Lord of Elder The tyrannical dictator of the Elder region. A powerful monarch with a fascination for Nasods.


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Npc aina.jpg Aida Altera Village's Accessory Shop For a kid who owns an accessory shop, Aida is timid and weak. Amidst the battle between Nasod and Ponggo, she is found in her shop poring over pretty and shiny ornaments. She believes that life is too short for fighting, and that it is better spent seeking and enjoying beauty.
Npc aron.jpg Adel Altera Village's Chief Chief Adel is the wise man of Altera Village. He oversees the welfare of his villagers while also teaching young Ponggo about literature and writing. The Chief is over 100 years old – quite unusual for a Ponggo whose average life span is much shorter than humans.
Npc amon.jpg Amos Altera Village's Alchemist Amos is well-versed in alchemy, chemistry and science. Thoughtful despite his age, he is good at making plans though a bit too shy to carry them out. The Ponggo Alchemist hopes to help others with his knowledge. Amos usually get hooked up in his books.
Npc agda.jpg Agatha Altera Village's Blacksmith An aggressive and hearty weapons dealer, Agatha is boastful and cunning. Her figure may be the envy of health buffs everywhere, but she often gets sick. She speaks her mind even though the timid nature of Ponggo runs in her blood.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
KingNasodNPCHead.png King Nasod Nasod King The Leader of the Nasods in Altera. Having ceased to function after the Nasod War, Eve brought him back to life in hope he would rebuild the Nasod race.


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Npc alvar.jpg Allegro Feita's Secretary A typical bookworm, Allegro is timid and often terrified of talking to other people. Workwise, he does his job really well, and this has earned him the trust of the Lord of Feita. He and Lento are old friends.
Npc lento.jpg Lento The Knight of Feita A knight designated to the Feita Region, Lento used to be a field general of the Suburbs of Feita. He has been sent to guard Allegro, who was assigned some tasks to perform in Feita. Like most other soldiers, he is tough and rarely shows emotion, but he does his best to accomplish his duties. He is trying his hardest to keep Allegro safe.
PaneNPCHead.png Pane Feita Village's Accessory Shop An Elf conducting research in the abandoned Feita region. She appears to have gained in interest in a shut off portion of Feita called the Dimension of Sinister Intent. She requires help gathering relics and tomes from the sealed off region.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
BertheNPCHead.png Berthe Demon Commander of White-ghost Army The fierce 1st Squad Commander of the White-Ghost Army who invaded Elrios through the portal in the Feita Shrine.


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Npc maus.jpg Praus Velder Village's Accessory Shop Praus began making necklaces for Hanna, to express his love that remains unrequited. He enjoyed it so much that he became a jeweler. That's just as well, because his proposal was rejected. He is passionate, sensitive, considerate, but also blinded and bubbly.
Npc hanna.jpg Hanna Velder Village's Blacksmith Hanna is Lenphad's big sister who runs Swordsmith Cats, the biggest equipment shop in Velder. She looks so much younger than her age, that others think she is the same age as Ann or Stella. She has a small figure, a youthful face, and a beautiful smile, but her muscles have been toned by welding so many weapons. She's strong enough to win an arm wrestling match with a Velder Guard.
Npc gral.jpg Grail Velder Village's Alchemist At first glance, Grail looks like a dog with a cup in his paw. But at second glance, this dog is actually the most famous alchemist

in Velder. The reason Grail is a dog is due to an accident after he tried to conduct an experiment. But one should not be fooled by his exterior: Behind the puppy dog ​​eyes lies a alert and razor-sharp mind. But Grail still sometimes has the urge to chase bouncing balls.

Npc noel.jpg Noel Velder's Wandering Poet A Wandering Bard named Noel happened to settle in Velder. He now calls himself a bard, but he used to serve as mercenary, armed with double blades. He lost many comrades, even more than the enemies he slayed. When his last friend fell, he picked up his lute and started to travel with a skeptical mind. He cannot sing, but he knows how to play the lute. He acted as a tactician to help Vanessa and the El Search Party during the Velder Invasion.
Npc vanessa.jpg Vanessa Leader of Velder's Centurion Guard A leader of the Velder troops, Vanessa is known for her intellectual manners and exceptional beauty. Her fearsome eyes and full lips are the obsession of many soldiers, but she is not into dating at all. Responsible and stern, she always thinks about protecting Velder civilians and how to solve issues fairly. She guided the refugees to the suburb of Velder and built a camp, with plans of rescuing the captured king.

Vanessa also appears in Ereda Island as one of Velder's Spearman Chief Gatekeepers.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
ChloeNPCHead.png Chloe Dark Elf Commander of White-ghost Army The Leader of the Dark Elves. A master strategist who defected to help the demons in their conquest of Velder.
JoaquinHead.png Joaquin Glitter Commander of White-ghost Army The Glitter Army's head alchemist.


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Npc penensio.jpg Penensio Red Knights Squard Leader Penensio is very diligent and dedicated in safeguarding Hamel. He was promoted as the chief after his work ethic caught the attention of the high official Talon. He likes to approach matters in a rational and logical way. He is currently working with Hamel's damage control center to restore the city.

Penensio also appears in PvP as an "Epic" NPC and in Gate of Darkness as the third ally to replace a player. He fights using traditional Rune Slayer attacks.

Npc horatio.jpg Horatio Hamel Capital's Blacksmith Horatio's constant smithing is the reason why he's always soaked in sweat. He aspires to become the best blacksmith in all of Elrios and devotes himself to creating the best equipment. He has a quiet but cool vibe about him, and his seemingly ageless muscular body is admired by all the citizens. In Hamel, he is known as the "Flaming Horatio".
Npc lucy.jpg Lucy Hamel Capital's Accessory Shop Lucy has been all over the world collecting rare accessories. Her knowledge is second to none when it comes to her trade. With all the commotion going on in Hamel, she thought it would be a good opportunity to collect some rare ancient pieces from the town. She likes to collect anything related to accessories, from the rarest to the most beautiful kinds. She will even use her cute looks to her advantage in order to get the items she wants or to make a sale. She is also friends with the two water spirits, Iz and Laguz.
Npc denka.jpg Denka Hamel Capital's Alchemist An otter alchemist who possesses the knowledge and alchemy insights beyond human limitation. His curiosity often causes big and small accidents, yet he's always very calm about it. He is very reserved, with a very gentle personality. He uses all kinds of slang when he talks.
Npc daisy.jpg Daisy Rod Ross' Secretary The secretary of Duke Rod Ross is also, quite arguably, his biggest follower. Daisy is very proud of her role. She likes to be trusted by others and be recognized for her work. She will do anything and everything in order to gain Rod Ross's trust. She likes expensive bags and jewelry. She also seems to hate the water spirits Iz and Laguz because they take away Rod Ross's attention toward her.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
RodRoss2.png Rod Ross Lord of Hamel Lord of Hamel and successor to Hamel's previous ruler Lord Rod Gess. He appears to show great interest in retrieving an object known as the Water Seal.
AvalancheNPCHead.png Avalanche Water Priest The Water Priest, when the demon attacked he swore to protect the Water Seal at all cost. Corrupted by the demon influence his soul was trapped in the abyss.
HelputtHeadNPC.png Helputt Commander of Hamel's Defenses Chung's father and Hamel's White Colossus. One of Hamel's most respected warriors. During the invasion of the demons he was corrupted and his armor turned black. His conversion meant a great loss for the Hamel forces.
RanNPCHead.png Ran Demon Commander Ara's brother and the leader of the demons invading Hamel. He has captured the Water Priestess and has obtained the Water Seal from Avalanche.
Sasha2.png Sasha Water Priestess Sasha was rescued after the fight against Ran. Sasha also appear as a support NPC in Temple of Trials where she will aid and recover players occasionally.


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Npc rosean.jpg Rosean Sander Village's Accessory Shop Rosean is sister to Richian, an accessory merchant in Bethma Village. Beautiful, strong, and confident, Rosean tends to look down on others due to her privileged upbringing—she even embarrasses her own customers by asking a high price for her goods. She and Vapor don't get along, although she wants to find out the secret to endless youth from Sander's alchemist.
Npc emirate.jpg Emirate Sander Village's Chief When Sander faced desertification, Emirate led the efforts to build a new village and soon became the chief. Fondly known as Red Beard, he is an excellent leader and an experienced former mercenary, virtuous and considerate, though meddlesome at times. He still thinks of Barren Sanders future, and aims to maintain good relations with the Caluso Tribe.
Npc vapor.jpg Vapor Sander Village's Alchemist A colleague of Chacha Buch, Vapor is proud of her achievements. She believes Sander Village would have already fallen if not for her efforts. She keeps studying ways to fulfill the villagers needs even if they think she is too strange and moody. Her studies are on the alchemy of water extraction, wind and steam amplification, and immortality, which is proven successful by her youthful looks. Her immortality was said to be a reverse effect from time and space, causing her body to return to a young age, like she said when players finish the quest "Potion of Youth".
Npc dafarr.jpg Dafarr Sander Village's Weapon Shop It is disappointing for many to find out Dafarr can be such a huge bluff, but this trait of his leads to an unbelievable 90% success rate in sales. He acquires items from unknown weapon makers and boasts as if he makes them himself. Despise him all you want, but with his discerning eyes, he still deserves the recognition of weapons expert.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Anudran2.png Anduran Wind Priestess Anudran was captured by Karis and her underlings when the El Search Party arrived in Barren Sander but was later rescued after the fight against Karis when the El Search Party infiltrated Behemoth.

She is greatly adored and respected by the Caluso Tribe.

KelainoNPCHead.png Kelaino Harpy Leader The leader of the harpies which reside on Garpai Rock. An arrogant leader, she thinks highly of her kind and has her prejudices against the Trocks thinking of them as lowly. Originally a very aggressively defensive leader as harpy feather trade ran rampant in Sander's market, after regulations halted harpy feather trade, Kelaino tolerated humans with tense relations. However her animosity towards humans is easily reawakens when harpies begin to appear dead and stripped of their fur and feathers.
TrocktaHead.png Trockta Chieftain of the Trocks The leader of the Torck species in Sander. Born of the Behemoth they once lived on the Parugo Mountain where the Behemoth was sealed. However after the war, the Caluso drove the Trocks out and guarded the mountain. Trockta wishes for his tribe to once again live by their place of birth on the Parugo Mountain.
KaruHeadNPC.png Karu Great Chieftain of the Caluso Tribe The Great Battle Chief of the Caluso Tribe. Protector of the Wind El and his tribe. The strongest of the Caluso Tribe, and a well respected leader in the Sander region. He rose the ranks to be their most powerful warrior. He lead his men to defend Sander during the great battle of the Behemoth.
VegarHeadNPC.png Vegar Chief of the Caluso Assassin Warriors One of the Caluso Tribe's highest ranking warriors and the right hand man to Karu. He is always at the forefront of his tribe's battles.
KarisNPCHead.png Karis Demon Commander The Demon commander in charge of causing the civil outbreak in Sander. A former associate of Luciela she is a high ranking demon working alongside Ran.
Behemoth2.png Behemoth Holy Beast The Ancient Holy Beast of Sander and the origin of the Trock species. In the past, the enraged Behemoth almost wiped out all of Sander but was sealed away by the then Wind Priestess.


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Syota2.png Ryota Lanox Village Accessory Merchant The fifteen-year old accessory trader hates junk and starving, and only has eyes for shiny and expensive-looking things. A self-proclaimed "Famous Thief", this treasure hunter from Sander seems to be selling valuables from out of nowhere. Is Ryota a he or a she? No one really knows.
Edel2.png Edel Lanox Village Chief A successor of the family who rules Lanox using the Fire El, 17 year old Edel likes books, but doesn't really like government affairs. When the Fire El burst out of control, she lost her father and hurt her legs. She had been burdened with a lot of stress since. Good thing Sebastian doesn't mind being at her service.
Sebastian2.png Sebastian Butler Lanox Chief's butler.
Faceoff2.png Pesop Lanox Village Alchemist He may look zany wearing a paper bag with his daughter's drawing over his head and laughing all the time, but Pesop had met many adversities in his life. A failed attempt to save his wife using forbidden alchemy resulted in the loss of his daughter, along with his face.
Steel2.png Steel Lanox Village Blacksmith Steel is a Dwarf and the daughter of a blacksmith. Small at age 13 but surprisingly strong, this talented weapons maker is fascinated by steel, iron, and ore, and couldn't care less about gentle things like paper or cloth. Must be why her clothes are all worn out.
IronAnvilSdeingNPC2.png Sdeing Steel Blacksmith Leader The leader of the Blacksmiths and boss of Ash Covered Village and father of Lanox's blacksmith Steel. After completing the story quest [Dungeon] The Blacksmiths are Becoming Worse, he will appear besides his daughter Steel in town.
Ignia2.png Ignia Fire Priestess Ignia is exceptionally bright, unlike other priestesses. It's no wonder this affable tomboy can be hot-tempered at times. A fan of spicy food, salty crisps, and hot springs, Ignia is in charge of the Fire El. She doesn't mind using fire powers in battle. She will disappear from Lanox after completing the story quest [Dungeon] Work for the Villagers.
MeiMeiseuHead.png Mei & Meiseu Charming Geyser‎ Manager Two mermaid twins who are advertising Sirena's Charming Geyser.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Glolya2.png Gloria Sun Priestess Gloria is rescued along with Darkmoon after the party defeats Sdeing in the Ash Covered Village.
Darkmoon2.png Darkmoon Moon Priestess Darkmoon is rescued along with Gloria after the party defeats Sdeing in the Ash Covered Village.
SirenaNPCHead.png Sirena Mermaid Queen The guardian queen of the mermaids in the Phantasmal Geyser. She was hypnotized by the demon duo Jin and In.
JinHead.png Jin Demon Commander One of the demon duo that serve as commanders of the Dark-eyed Army directly under Scar.
InHead.png In Demon Commander One of the demon duo that serve as commanders of the Dark-eyed Army directly under Scar.
IfritanHead.png Ifritan Holy Beast The Holy Beast of Lanox. Unlike many other Holy Beasts like Ancient Phoru, Ifritan stayed close to humans and kept in touch with the Fire Priestess Ignia. However he became controlled by the demons as they traveled deeper into the Temple of Fire.
Artea2.png Artea Earth Priestess Artea is rescued after the fight against Traitor Ignia in Grand Cavern: Chasm of the Divided Land.
ScarHead.png Scar Demon General of Dark-eyed Army The Demon General of the Dark-eyed Army and the one who try to revive the Demon God Sult.
Sasha2.png Sasha Water Priestess The Water Priestess from Hamel.
Anudran2.png Anduran Wind Priestess The Wind Priestess from the Caluso Village.


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Npc yuno.jpg Yuno Station Administrator Yuno is a third generation Nasod and manager of the Atlas Station. He and Nono seem to be the only ones around the station, apart from Glave. Yuno is friendly, active, and curious. He longs for Elysion that stands above the great pillar of light.

He will change appearance after the story quest What happened?!. He is later replaced by Nono after he decides to go with the El Search Party to Elysion Tower after the story quest [Dungeon] Entrance Core. He sacrifices himself to deliver the El Search Party to Elysion.

Npc nono.jpg Nono Station Administrator Yuno's faithful robot companion. Nono will take over Yuno's role as manager of Atlas Station after the story quest [Dungeon] Entrance Core.
Elysion NPC1 Face.png Durenda Elysion Village Blacksmith The leader of Elysion's defenses. A head strong warrior. She appears to show disgust towards Nasods in Atlas. Her pride manifests as strength and arrogance.
Elysion NPC3 Face.png Hugo Elysion Village Alchemist One of the most knowledgeable Nasods in all of Elysion. He has records of all kinds of information regarding anything in Elysion. However his speech patterns have been known to confuse listeners as well as his tendency to ramble on and on.
Elysion NPC4 Face.png Bernard Elysion Village Chief The concerned leader of the Nasods in the City of Elysion. After communication was lost between the city and Adrian's Palace, Bernard has been filled with worries.
Elysion NPC2 Face.png Theodore Elysion Village Accessory Merchant A calm citizen of Elysion, warm and welcoming, he is the controller of all the Nasod Birds around Elysion. Able to control the birds and see whatever they see.
NasodBirdHead.png Nasod Bird Nasod Bird One of Theodore's Nasod Birds.
ElysionTreePinkHead.png Elysion Tree Elysion Tree El filled Tree in Elysion.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
ScienceDekalHead.png Dekal Solace's Assistant Chief of the Diceon Research Lab in Diceon Mines. Dekal was ordered by Solace to descend down to Atlas to pretend to research the Diceon ores but all he was doing was sending secret supplies of high-quality Diceon to Solace.

Dekal was originally born in Elysion and because of this, even after he has been in Atlas for so long, he prefers to keep his in an Elysion build type.

Code-MayaHead.png Maya Commander of Atlas A relentless commander of Atlas.

A female type Nasod the protects the top floor of the Elysion Tower, which connects Atlas to Elysion. Maya is the one in charge of Atlas and she had placed her troops inside the Tower. She is originally from Elysion just like Dekal and seems to be related to Yuno in some way.

HerbaonHead.png Herbaon Ruler of Elysion The personal guard to Adrian Nasod and ruler of Elysion. He was created to replace Herjuno who had been abandoned on Atlas. He values his father highly.
AdrianNasodHead.png Adrian Father of Nasods A genius Debrian who managed to give sentience to machines. The machines that he created were named after him, "Nasods". His quest to achieve greatness beyond god lead him to create Elysion and he has been working in and out of sleep for generations afterwards. He tried to take the El Lady's power for himself, enraging Solace, causing him to erect a barrier around Adrian's palace.
SolaceHead.png Solace Sun Master One of the six El Masters, and the one who abducted the El Lady on the day of the Harmony Festival. Born of Rubenian decent, Solace is a gifted user of El energy. A man with an ambitious view of what can be done for the future of Elrios. He longs for the days before his adopted sister was chosen to become the El Lady.
HarnierHead.png Hernia El Lady The human vessel under control of the goddess Ishmael. After the first El Lady had passed away, the El Masters, powerful Ellians, chosen by the people to govern the El scoured to find the next El Lady. Their search was successful and they found the new and current El Lady, Hernia.
SiegmundHead.png Sigmund Fenriart's Brother The eldest sibling of the Solace Clan. He is filled with a lust to be the the most powerful El wielder in the Kingdom. He is envious of his younger half-brother's El ability and believes he was cheated out of the chance to be the El Master of the Sun.
EbalonHead.png Ebalon Moon Master The El Master of Moon. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. The power of the moon gives the people of Elrios comfort and security.
DenifHead.png Denif Water Master The El Master of Water. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. A combination of coolness and intelligence controls the sea so that it does not overflow onto the land.


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
ARefinerHead.png Alchemy Refiner Elrianode Alchemist An El powered machine which performs the functions of an alchemist.
ERefinerHead.png Equipment Refiner Elrianode Blacksmith An El powered machine which performs the functions of a blacksmith.
AccRefinerHead.png Accessory Refiner Elrianode Accessory Shop An El powered machine which performs the functions of an accessory shop.
EIgniaHead.png Ignia Fire Priestess The Fire Priestess from Lanox.
EArteaHead.png Artea Earth Priestess The Earth Priestess from Velder.
EAnduranHead.png Anduran Wind Priestess The Wind Priestess from the Caluso Village.
DenifHead.png Denif Water Master The El Master of Water. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. A combination of coolness and intelligence controls the sea so that it does not overflow onto the land.
VentusHead.png Ventus Wind Master The El Master of Wind. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. The power of the wind energy keeps the universe in motion.
LincyHead.png Lincy Wind Spirit A wind spirit which accompanies Master Ventus.
ESashaHead.png Sasha Water Priestess The Water Priestess from Hamel.
EGloriaHead.png Gloria Sun Priestess The Sun Priestess.
EDarkmoonHead.png Darkmoon Moon Priestess The Moon Priestess.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
HennonHead.png Hennon Henir General A mysterious hooded figure drenched in the chaos of Henir.
ESolaceHead.png Solace Sun Master The El Master of Sun. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. Elrios was revived due to the power of life and the birth of the sun's power.
HarnierHead.png Hernia El Lady The human vessel under control of the goddess Ishmael.


Main NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
SmallSpiritHead.png Tiny Spirit Spirit A small spirit from the Spirit Asylum, it acts as a guide for the El Search Party's exhibitions into the Tower of Howling Crimson Flames.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
VChloeHead.png Chloe Dark Elf A former commander for the White-Ghost Army, she has since defected and is residing with her kind in the Demon Realm.
SentinelCommanderHead.png Sentinel Commander Dark Elf Commander A commanding officer of the Dark Elves which dwell within the Varnimyr regions in the Demon Realm. Strict about protecting her village, she upholds the village's policy of prohibiting any outsiders from entering.
EdithHead.png Edith Dark Elf Elder The elder of the Dark Elves dwelling in the Varnimyr regions. She is an old but extremely powerful elf with tremendous power and knowledge.
NephilimLordHead.png Nephilim Lord Lord of Spirit Asylum The most powerful of all the Nephilim as well as the very first Nephilim which all others originate from. The demon beast is the ruler and guardian of the spirits of Varnimyr and a worshiped god by the Dark Elves.
RossoHead.png Rosso Fire Master The El Master of Fire. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. The power of fire is the power of passion, and there is joy to prevent the strength of the fire from overflowing.
NeroHead.png Nero Demon Commander A Demon Commander working under Ran, he was stationed in the mines of Varnimyr to gather mystic stones.
StirbargenHead.png Stirbargen Red-Demon King One of the Demon Realm's four most powerful lords and leader of the Red-Demon Army and a shapeshifter. Known among the other Demon Lords for his intelligence and whit as opposed to raw strength. He was betrayed and sealed in the Demon World subspace, but managed to escape to Elrios but had his powers scattered in the process. No longer picking sides, Stirbargen only lives for his own enjoyment. He currently primarily takes on the form of a child.


Image Name Role Locations Description
Npc cobo ariel.jpg Ariel COBO Service Representative All Villages except Ruben Ariel has superb multitasking, negotiation and social skills that make her the perfect woman to handle the El Search Party's Travel Documents and Guild Registration as well as guide travelers to events which will let them hone their skills.
Npc camilla.jpg Camilla Sparring Area Administrator All Villages except Ruben The charming but feisty Camilla is a weapon enthusiast, and perhaps the ideal person to lecture wannabe heroes who want to acquire additional survival skills. Apply or die!
Npc luriel.jpg Luriel COBO Bank Service Attendant All Villages except Ruben Luriel is our most trustworthy citizen. Entrust her with your gear and gold at Cobo Bank Service. You can deposit and withdraw your items through her anytime. Luriel has quite a withdrawal personality unlike her sister, this must be because she's still an apprentice as stated on her armband.
NPC Adams.jpg Adams Cobo Entertainment Bonus All Villages Adams finally comes back. Despite the removal of the Ruben's revamp, Adams finally comes back to be both Net Cafe Waiter and Elrios Studio Administrator within the Ruben Village. Adams sells Net Cafe Service Equipment for 0 ED and provides Elrios Studio Service.
Myu.png Myu COBO Waiter in the Guild House All Villages except Ruben, Guild House Despite the removal of the old Selling Service with the Market Revamp, Myu finally comes back to be a Cobo waiter within the Guild House. Myu is said to be modeled a bit too much for a Nasod.
Npc helen.jpg Helen Peddler All Resting Areas except Atlas Station Helen is the legendary merchant who sells essentials for adventurers, mainly potions that can be used during battle. A frequent visitor of scenic destinations, she has become an expert in avoiding roaming baddies. She said that she has a daughter in some of her event dialogue.
Npc-glave.jpg Glave Administrator of Henir's Time and Space All Resting Areas, Feita, and Elrianode Glave was once a human who went searching for the absolute truth. The greater being punished him, and in his transformation, he lost all human emotion. He now deals with his boredom by opening the challenge of Henir's Time and Space to young adventurers.

Other NPCs

Image Name Role Locations Description
Luto.png Luto Fired Administrator of Henir's Time and Space Secret Dungeons Luto is an old man with a peculiar mask and a mysterious key capable of opening the gates of the highest difficulty in Secret Dungeons.

Miscellaneous NPCs

Main Article: Miscellaneous NPCs

There are a variety of characters that exist in the Elsword universe with varying importance. Some of these miscellaneous characters do not appear physically in the game but are either mentioned or seen in other parts of the lore.

Region Town NPCs Supporting NPCs
Ruben LoweHagusAnnPurified Spirit & Shy Spirit BanthusWilliamAncient Phoru
Elder HoffmanLuichelEchoLenphad BanthusWilliamWally
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Miscellaneous NPCs
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