The Tongue of Elrios

10/11 Patch Notes


10/11 Balance Patch Notice


Maintenance Time: 7AM ~ 11AM(4 hrs)


9/20 Balance Patch Notice Ara~Ain


9/20 Balance Patch Notice Elsword~Chung


9/06 Patch Notes

September 5th, 2018 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (14 Comments)

Maintenance Time: 4AM ~ 10AM (6 hrs)


2018 Harmony Festival: Velder Academy Concert Hall

* This event dungeon stays after Harmony Festival Event is over


Raid Repeatable Rewards

– When partying with players that haven’t cleared raid, ‘Flame Insignia’ is given as additional reward.


(But you cannot obtain Flame Insignia if you are clearing it for the first time)

– Amount of Flame Insignia given varies per stage, and is dependent on amount of players that haven’t cleared.

* You can see player’s raid progress in the Camp: Crimson Edge

* Flame Insignia:  Can exchange from Elrianode Alchemist for each raid dungeon cubes, or raid reset ticket

* You can still get Flame Insignia even if you cleared your raid by raid reset ticket. (Long as players who haven’t cleared it already are in your party)


8/23 Patch Notes

August 22nd, 2018 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (51 Comments)

Maintenance: 06:30 ~ 11:00 AM(4hrs 30 minutes)


New Dungeon : Shadow Vein

– Tiny Spirit leads the El Search Party to a Mystic Stone mine…. What is the purpose of Demon Soliders they met there?


8/23 Balance Patch


Date: 8/15/2018 00:00~23:59 KST

(8/14/2018 in NA)

2x EXP

2x Drop Rate

2x Heroic Drop Rate

2x Add Dungeon Drop Rate


Maintenance: 06AM ~ 10AM(4 hrs)