The Tongue of Elrios

8/24 Balance Patch Notes


– Korean Time: 2017 08/12 02PM ~ 03:59PM, 08PM ~ 09:59PM

-For all characters

1) Clear repeatable event quest during the event to get Sage Magic Stones

* Repeatable Quest: clear 1 dungeon within level range

(Excluded: Henir, Dimension of Sinister Intent, Event dungeons)

– Lv.31 ~ Lv.70 : Latent Sage Stone(Only usable on gears lvl 89 or lower)

– Lv.71 ~ Lv.99 : Sage Stone



Press Blue Button to Confirm

Check the Checkbox and Press Blue button to confrim

Then Press Grey Button to Agree and finish.

Maintenance Time: 07AM ~ 11AM (4 hrs)

# Content

1. New Dungeon, ‘Defense of El Tower’


Event Time: 8/05 (NA 8/04). 2:00~3:00 PM KST

<-Buy free NX Cash Cube from 0-won shop that opens at 2:00PM (If it didn’t open at exact time, try going to character creation menu then logging in again)

Cash Cube Contains random amount of NX Cash Ticket or NX cash piece

Multiple NX Cash Pieces can be exchanged for 10~1000 NX Cash Ticket at Ariel.



-Cash Cubes are deleted when the event ends at 3PM. Don’t try to collect cubes for the entire hour then open them after 3PM.

-Cash Cubes don’t stack. Make sure to free up your special inventory before the event so you can buy many cubes as you can at once.

Redeeming NX Cash:

Wait until redeem date, will post separate notice. Don’t delete NX cash tickets.


<Eclipse Title Becoming Unobtainable>

  1. Cannot unlock title after

– 2017 09 14 Maintenance


  1. Cannot obtain title after

– 2017 10 19 Maintenance

8/03 Patch Notes

August 1st, 2017 | Posted by 2nafishisgood in Patch Notes - (44 Comments)

Maintenance Time: 07AM ~ 10AM (3 hrs)


8/01 KST:
-All fluorite enhancement/restoration costs only one material. 1 Fluorite Stone/Crystal, 1 restoration scroll
-Log in for 30 minutes to get 3x [Cobo] Fluorite Stone, 10x [Cobo] Restoration scroll, 10x [Cobo] El Hammer
-Event items removed on 8/10

Enhancement Event Items on Sale