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Weekend Events September 1st – 2nd

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September 1st (Sat) / September 2nd (Sun)

11:00 A.M. – 12:00A.M.


Event 1 : Buff

  • 2x EXP
  • 2x Item drop rate
  • One Stamina Potion


 Event 2 : Avatars

Once per day for an account

  • 1 day Salvatore Solace All set avatar cube (Sat)
  • 1 day 2011 Halloween avatar cube (Sun)


Event 3 : Summer Vacation Cube (Saturday Only)

 The cube will be sent to the post after 10 minutes of login and will be given to characters who managed to login by 11:50 AM.

 The cube will be given once per account.

The cube will randomly give an item from following list :

  • A Resurrection Stone
  • El tree berry
  • An Ice burner
  • 1+1 Ice burner cube
  • 5+1 Ice burner cube
  • 10+1 Ice burner cube
  • Exchange Ticket for a Full Set of Limited Avatar ( 15 days)
  • Exchange Ticket for a Full Set of Limited Avatar ( 30 days)
  • Upgrade Scroll Lv.8
  • Upgrade Scroll Lv.9
  • Upgrade Scroll Lv.10



Patch notes August 30th

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New Content

1. Eve’s new 2nd job, Code : Battle Seraph

– 8/30~9/6, You will get Oblivion Drink Box (7 Days) when obtaining Code : Battle Seraph (regardless of whether you do quest or use the cash item).

Unused box will be removed on 9/13

New Events

More details will be updated on event page.

1. Angel’s Feather – Just For You!

Code : Electra, Code : Battle Seraph and Shelling Guardian are now eligible to receive feathers upon dungeon clear. (8/30~9/6)

2. With the Guardian Angel

Upon first logging into the game, all characters will receive a card that permits them to summon a Code : Battle Seraph Guardian Angel to support them in dungeons! This card can also obtained from a daily quest. (8/30~9/6)

3. Chung’s New 2nd Job Advancement Pre-Event. (8/30~9/6)

New Cash items

1. Code : Battle Seraph 2nd class advancement, job change and locked skill cash items have been added. These are on special promotion for limited time. (8/30~9/6)

2. Code : Battle Seraph’s Promotional Accessory  “Electric Spirit” can now be purchased from the item mall for 3000 NX. (8/30~9/13)

3. Addition of Dark Shadow Accessories to the Ice Burner. (8/30~9/27)

Bug Fixes

1. System

 – Change in Annoucement message when an item is obtained.

 – The opening time of the Gate of Darkness returns to the school term set of time.

2. Characters

a) Code : Electra

–  El Crystal Spectrum : Spectrum Mode

The changes in damage will now apply as same as that is written in the tooltip.

– Elctron ball passing through the Spectrum

A bug that which the damage change did not apply will be fixed.

Knock down rate, Elemental effect rate, MP recovery and technical score will be corrected according to different modes.

– Sweep Rolling

Addition of ‘Black hole’ effect, which will drag any targets within range of the triangle.

– Particle Ray

A bug which increased the number of hits will be fixed.

b) Blade Master

– Wolf Fang

A bug which drops a target straight away when the skill is used on target in the air will be fixed.

– Standing Position

Changes in the Ankle.

c) Veteran Commander

– Shadow Buster

A bug which Nasod Core is not shooting the target will be fixed.

– Ignition Crow

A bug which Harpoon Spear is not hitting targets after use of Ignition Crow will be fixed.

d) Reckless Fist

– Weapon Break

The damage reduction in Awakening Mode will apply as same as it is written in the tooltip.

3. Items

For all the newest 2nd Classes, from Lv. 49 and 53 Normal Quessts the bug which the equipments from the quests reward is not changed to 2nd class equipments from 1st class equipments.

Dark Shadow Accessories Screenshot

Aisha, Raven and Chung withDark Shadow Monocle Accessories (Face (Middle)) in Normal Status

Elsword, Rena and Eve with Dark Shadow Monocle Accessories in Awakening Mode

All Characters with Dark Force Accessories (Bottom Accessories)

Dark Shadow Monocle

Face (Middle)

Physical Attack + 30

Magic Attack + 30

Critical rate + 98

Dark Force


Physical Attack + 30

Magic Attack + 30

Critical Rate + 196

Accuracy + 196

Dark Shadow Avatar Weapon set

Dark Shadow Weapon

Dark Shadow Monocle

Set Options

2 parts

Critical Rate + 98

All Elemental Resistance + 10

Translator’s Comment : Seriously that’s the set option?!!!!

Check out our new guide translated by Cissnei in the Guides section, a helpful comparison of the Old Mana Necklace vs. New Mana Necklace on KR!

Hi all,

Here at Babel, we have done a bit more research into the iPIN Regulations. For those of you who are unaware (read two posts below for more context), KR Elsword is moving away from KSSN to iPINs (Internet Personal Identification Number) as a way of registry.

To obtain an iPIN, you need to register with your KSSN and an official document with your name and KSSN (passport, identity card, etc.). Alternatively, you may apply with your KSSN in person. For any user under the age of 14, you will require not only your own ID, but also your parents’ ID in order to obtain your iPIN. Aboard applicants will require their passport number in addition to their KSSN. The iPIN will be good as your internet identifier as a Korean Citizen, not only for Nexon, but for a variety of Korean internet services as well.

Unfortunately, this makes things significantly harder for foreigners wishing to play KR Elsword. Unlike a KSSN, which is issued to every citizen in Korea, an iPIN is strictly optional. This means that a good number of the iPINs will be registered to players on Elsword already. Consequentially, while it was possible to use Google or another service to find a KSSN since the number of KSSNs actually registered to Nexon accounts was still very low, it will be extremely difficult to find an iPIN through brute luck that is not already associated with an account. iPINs are also more likely to be guarded closely since they are used for a variety of online services – thus, it may not even be possible to find one online.

Babel is currently working on collecting iPINs from their Korean connections who are willing to donate them to foreigners, as it may still be possible to make multiple accounts per iPIN as with KSSN (3 is typically the limit).

As we need to know the demand for iPINs, please express your interest by tweeting to @ConspireOnAisha or commenting on this post. Also note that the use of the iPIN may not be completely free, as we will likely require a one-time donation to the provider of the iPIN for use of the iPIN.




A big round of applause to our new Korean translator, Cissnei!

Korean-English Translator

Favorite Character:
Wind Sneaker
About Me:
I study economics at the University of Edinburgh and I want to marry Renaaaaaaaaa!!!

We’re all very glad to have you aboard.

Also, Gwenny Chiffoniataeko Marikake, our site owner (better known as Kenny in some spheres) will now be doubling as an English Editor. Yaaaaaaaay. (Seriously, though, all of you need to start calling him by his formal name from now on. Because it is so pretty! Like me! I am so pretty!)


Hello NEXON users,

Since the regulation on using resident registration numbers (KSSN) has been taking effect since August 18th, we are giving you a notice about ‘Regulation on collecting and using resident registration numbers’ in advance.

According to this regulation, resident registration numbers now cannot be used or collected except for the following cases:

  1. If it is a listed identification institution.
  2. When it is permitted by legislation.
  3. When it is unavoidable to provide a network service without collecting or using it and when it is officially notified by the KCC (Korea Communications Commission).

With this, for 6 months of guidance period, under a procedure that identification is compelled, NEXON KOREA will regulate using and collecting resident registration numbers and we will do our best to provide another safe way to identify by using I-PIN (Internet Personal Identification Number).

When collecting resident registration number ceases, you can no longer identify yourself with it. So we urge you to take notice of this notification so that you will not have any problems using our services.

Thank you.


In an unorthodox move, we have decided on two separate winners, one for the Banner and one for the Logo. Each winner will receive 25m, payable by LuzCeleste (for the winners, please make arrangements to catch her in-game ASAP! She will be in contact with you soon.)

Without further ado, here are our winners!

LOGO by Sylence

Our team really enjoyed the classic feel of this logo. Very comic-like to reflect the origins of Elsword, and done in the traditional colors of Elsword – good job to Sylence!


BANNER by Sennyu:

Our team loved the black-tie spy theme of this banner! The Babel team only wishes they could be as cutting-edge and cool as Elsword, Eve and Aisha in this banner.


Finally, an honorable mention. While TrickArt won’t be receiving any prize, I wanted to showcase the amazing submission we got!

Banner/Logo by TrickArt:

We were impressed by how well the colors and lightning blended, as well as the art style of the stock images. That’s some skillful blending there! (I laughed at the logo too)


We were also impressed by the logo that Sennyu sent in, but it unfortunately didn’t make the final cut:

But still, so cute!


Thank you to all of the entrants. We were really stunned by the high quality of the submissions we got this time around. Congratulations to the winners, as well!






Thank you for all of your submissions to the Banner and Logo Contest! We are currently deliberating on the results, and will announce a winner this weekend!

Patch Notes – August 23rd

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New Contents

1. Raven’s new 2nd job, Veteran Commander

– 8/23~8/30, You will get Oblivion Drink Box (7 Days)when obtaining Veteran Commander (regardless of whether you do quest or use the cash item).

-Unused box will be removed on 10/4

New Events

-More details will be updated on event page, 8/23

1. Angel’s Feather – Just For You!

Veteran Commander, Code Electra are now eligible to receive feathers upon dungeon clear. (8/23~8/30)

2. Guardian Angel “Arch Angel Mini-me”

Upon first logging into the game, the first character you log onto will receive a Arch Angel Mini-me. (8/23~8/30)

3. With the Guardian Angel

 Upon first logging into the game, all characters will receive a card that permits them to summon a Veteran Commander Guardian Angel to support them in dungeons! This card can also obtained from a daily quest. (8/23~8/30)

4. Eve’s New 2nd Job Advancement Pre-Event (8/23~8/30)

New Cash Items

1. Veteran Commander 2nd job advancement, job change and locked skill cash items have been added. These are on special promotion for limited time. (8/23~8/30)

2. Veteran Commander’s Promotional Accessory  “Crow Rise” can now be purchased from the item mall for 3000 NX. (8/23~9/13)

Bug Fixes

[System Fixes]

1. Blaze, Frozen, Poison overlapping effects are changed.

2. Quest List UI’s size is changed.

[Character Fixes]

1. Weapon Taker : Improvements on Overheat

-Overheat effect is changed.

– While XXXX~X, you can cancel the combo using skills.

-Knockdown Ratio is added to XXXX~X combo and final attack’s Knockdown Ratio is removed.

-Damage Penalty for Overheat Combos is reduced to that of Special Active Skills.

-‘Harpoon Spear’ now can be used by Overheat.

2. Battle Magician

-Bug fixes ‘Energy Drain’ : ‘Energy Drain’ now cannot be countered.

3. Trapping Ranger

-A bug that ‘Evoke’ can be evoked without limitation when Awakened is fixed.

4. Night Watcher

-‘Gliding Strike”s damage is now seperated to Awakened and Non-Awakened.

-Stat for Passive Skill ‘Guardian of Eldrasil’ is increased.

[Dungeon Fixes]

1. A bug that Ruto Mode is unavailable in Secret Dungeon Hell Mode is now fixed.

Thanks to our donators, we are now up on the new server, huzzah!

However, our chief Korean translator, Roo, is currently recovering from LASIK Surgery, which limits our ability to translate from KR to English.  We may be able to push out a few updates, but they will be considerably slower than usual. Thank you for your understanding, and we all wish Roo a fast recovery!