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For the Bluhen skill by the same name, see Harmony.
For the Pet information of the same character, see Harmony (Pet).
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Magical Familiar
Full Name
Magical Familiar


A mysterious creature that appeared in Elrios City. Granting magical powers, he is followed by an invasion of strange demons from another dimension.


Saving Elrios City!

Appearing out of nowhere one day, Harmony was sighted around Elrios City followed by strange occurrences. The soon to be members of Magical Bright gave chase when they encountered the odd magical creature. They tried to pursue Harmony but it gives them the slip.

When the mysterious demons began to appear in Elrios City, Harmony used their magical powers to turn the El Search Party into the magical warriors, Magical Bright! Using their newfound magical powers they fended off the mysterious demon intruders.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 하모니 Harmony
Japan ハーモニー Harmony
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 哈莫妮 Harmony
China (Simplified Chinese) 哈莫尼 Harmony
Germany Harmonie Harmony
Spain Armonía Harmony
France Harmonie Harmony
Italy Armonia Harmony
Poland Harmonia Harmony
Brazil Harmonia Harmony

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