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Sebastian: What? You're looking for another Add in Elrios? Alright, see this page.
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Name Edward Grenore (Add)
Class Maid
Weapon Dynamos, Bells
Age 16
Birthday January 2nd
Height 168 cm (5 ft 6 in)
Weight 52 kg (114 lb)
Blood Type AB
I'm a maid who is employed by Elrios Mansion. You can call me Add.
These are Dynamos and... Ah! Where are you looking at!?!

AddAF2017.png Add


Add is a rebellious genius maid. He uses Dynamos, which are made by himself, to clean the house. He is a descendant of a prominent family that researches the forbidden secret of cleaning Nasods. Due to this, he was imprisoned and tortured. He managed to escape, but while being chased, he fell and became trapped in the cracks of time and space and receive a huge cleaning knowledge. He tries to find a way back in time. He discovers an ancient Nasod Code named "Eve". In order to get her, he enters Elrios Mansion and becomes a maid.

"Ahhhh!! Where are you looking at!?! Idiot!"

Part 1


She (He?) is shrieking.

"Your resistance is useless!"

I clutched her (it doesn't matter) wrist tightly. Her wrist is as slim as my expectation.


and her...

Part 2

"Where are you looking at!?! Idiot!"

His ears turn red, trying to pull the skirt, and repeat this meaningless action.


At that moment, his face suddenly comes close to mine.

-To be Continued-

First Class Advancement

Add is required to be Lv.15 to begin his first class advancement.
However, he loves his job. So he doesn't want to do the class advancement.



  • Add likes sweet foods, especially chocolate.

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