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Sebastian: What? You're looking for another Raven in Elrios? Alright, see this page.
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Name Raven Cronwell
Class Maid
Weapon Broom, Nasod Arm
Age 24
Birthday May 8th
Height 184 cm (6 ft)
Weight 98 kg/113 kg (with Nasod Arm) (216 lb/249 lb)
Blood Type AB
My name is Raven.
I'm a maid in Elrios Mansion who uses the Nasod Arm to do housework.

RavenAF2017.png Raven


Although he seems speechless and cool, he is a warm and friendly maid. He used to be a Royal Maid but was framed by jealous aristocrats and lost everything he cared for. He vowed to seek revenge. He later joined the Elrios Mansion, introduced by Elsword, and became a maid. He finally gave up revenge and use his power to clean the mansion. He never forgets his lover from when he was a Royal Maid. You can always see him stop to think about his lover when he is doing housework.

Real Man

Part 1

"Master, are you calling me?"

Majestic looking, loud voice, and strong muscles.

He only follows my command.

"Come here."

"Yes, my master."

The distance between us gradually shortened. Our face is also getting closer and closer...

I tell him...

-To be continued-

First Class Advancement

Raven is required to be Lv.15 to begin his first class advancement.
However, he loves his job. So he doesn't want to do the class advancement.


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