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NishaLabyrinthPassive1.png [Passive] 니샤의 힘이 발휘되어 숲의 기억에게 영향을 미친다.
숲의 기억이 [라비의 친구?] 스킬에 반응할 때의 행동이 강화된다.

- 포코 : 발사체가 적을 찾아다니며 연속 공격하는 2개의 유도체로 변화
- 우키 : 재사용 시간 감소량 증가
- 즈뮤 : 꼬리 돌려치기 데미지 증가
- 비비 : 출혈 디버프로 감소시키는 HP량 증가


Class Level Required
Nisha Labyrinth 99

Skill Information


Skill Level Level Required Poco Wooki Zumyu Bibi
Launch Pretty Flowers (Physical) Max Hits Skill Cooldown Reduction Max Cooldown Reduction Tail Spin (Physical) Max Hits Bleeding Debuff
HP Burn Amount
1 99 130% 20 -1.5 Seconds -3 Seconds 2104% 2 x1.5


Skill Level Level Required Poco Zumyu
Launch Pretty Flowers (Physical) Tail Spin (Physical)
1 99 54% 801%

Tips and Details

  • Poco's new Launch Pretty Flowers can deal up to 2,860~3,900% (1,188~1,620% in PvP) Physical Damage per use on a single target after casting a [Laby's Friend?] skill, depending on your Growth stage.
    • With the Empowered trait, it can deal up to 3,432~4,680% (1,425.6~1,944% in PvP) Physical Damage per use.
    • This replacement for Poco's original attack deals significantly less total damage, but as this passive cannot be "switched off" like [Mod] skills, the original attack's damage is lost forever.
    • While the two homing orbs can now pierce through enemies, they will immediately expire upon their 10th hit, making them rather ill-suited for large groups of enemies.
    • The homing orbs inflict hitstun for their entire duration, making them extremely good for catching opponents in PvP.
  • While not explicitly listed, the additional cooldown reduction per Growth stage for Wooki's CD reduction effect is increased to 0.3 seconds each.
    • At 5 Growth stages, the effect still suffers somewhat from the basic 4 second cooldown between its uses, though it becomes much more viable than before.
  • Zumyu's enhanced Tail Spin can deal up to 4,628.8~6,312% (1,762.2~2,403% in PvP) Physical Damage per use after casting a [Laby's Friend?] skill, depending on your Growth stage.
    • With the Empowered trait, it can deal up to 5,554.56~7,574.4% (2,114.64~2,883.6% in PvP) Physical Damage per use.
  • Bibi's enhanced Bleeding debuff will now deal an average of 72% of your Physical/Magical Attack per second, per stack.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 니샤 파워 Nisha Power

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