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A compilation of all Passives.


SKTiny.png Sword Knight
Knight.png Knighthood
IronBodyArmor.png Iron Body - Guard
MKTiny.png Magic Knight
RPassive4.png Thinking Outside the Box
ElSkill11i.png Magic Chain
TKTiny.png Sheath Knight
CruelSlayer.png Cruel Slayer
ISPassiveNew.png Sudden Strike
Tiny - Root Knight.png Root Knight
RootKnightPassive1.png Resonance
RootKnightPassive2.png Choice and Resolve


HMTiny.png High Magician
AishaS1.png Fireball Mastery
DMTiny.png Dark Magician
Gravity Ball Research.png Gravity Ball Investigation
BMTiny.png Battle Magician
Fitness.png Fitness


CRTiny.png Combat Ranger
Swift Kicks.png Swift Kicks
SRTiny.png Sniping Ranger
Hawkeye.png Hawkeye
TRTiny.png Trapping Ranger
Huntersability.png Hunter's Ability


STTiny.png Sword Taker
RavenNew14(New).png Focus
STPassive6.png Victor's Dignity
OTTiny.png Over Taker
RFpassive1.PNG Burning Nasod Hand
STPassive6.png Victor's Confidence
WTTiny.png Weapon Taker
MercenaryBehavior.png Mercenary Behavior
Hard Fighter.png Veteran


ExoTiny.png Code: Exotic
Elegant Steps.PNG Graceful Step
SI Concenofenergy.PNG Concentration Aura
ArchTiny.png Code: Architecture
CAPassive3.png Queen's Potential
ElectronBooster.png Electron Accelerator
LeTiny.png Code: Electra
SpectrumDynamics.png Spectrum Dynamics
PhotonBooster.png Photon Booster
Tiny - Code Unknown.png Code: Unknown
CodeUnknownPassive1.png Unknown Code
CodeUnknownPassive2.png Snowball Code


FGTiny.png Fury Guardian
SI METBOOST.png Metabolic Boost
SI RESISTFIP.png Elemental Training
SGTiny.png Shooting Guardian
SI RemodelRifle.PNG Remodel Rifle
SI RemodelMag.PNG Remodel Magazine
HGTiny.png Shelling Guardian
ConvertedWarhead.png Modified Warhead
Reload.png Reload Mastery


HsienTiny.png Little Hsien
FilledPower.png Abundant Power
DevilTiny.png Little Devil
YRPassive2.png Spirit Enhancement
SpecTiny.png Little Specter
ALS 10P.png Assimilation


SaKTiny.png Saber Knight
Agility-Mastery.png Enhanced Agility
Chivalry.png Knight's Destiny
PKTiny.png Pyro Knight
BoF.png Body of Fire
ConMas.png Enhanced Concentration
DKTiny.png Dark Knight
CAIcon19.png Dark Force
RevengeofBloodR.png Revenge of Blood


PTTiny.png Psychic Tracer
AddPassive4.png Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear
AddPassive6.png Particle Storm
ATTiny.png Arc Tracer
AddPassive4.png Nasod Armor Mode - Transform
At passive.jpg Hidden Records
TiTTiny.png Time Tracer
TiTSkill1.png Nasod Armor Mode - Overlimit
DESkill12.png Time Control


ChilliTiny.png Chiliarch
LuCielSkill12.png Creeping Terror
LuCielSkill22.png Communication - Amplification
RGTiny.png Royal Guard
Royalguard3.png Soul Collector
Royalguard8.png Communication - Restoration
DiaTiny.png Diabla
DemPassive1.png Chemistry
DemPassive6.png Communication - Absorption


HBTiny.png Heavy Barrel
HeavyBarrel3.png Over Strike Enhance
BLTiny.png Bloodia
Bloodia3.png Revolver Mastery
VLTiny.png Valkyrie
VakPassive.png Battlefield Angel
MHTiny.png Metal Heart
MHPassive.png Mechanic Mastery


LETiny.png Lofty: Executor
LEP1.png Continuous Projection
Tiny - Lofty Anpassen.png Lofty: Anpassen
LAPassive1.png Noble Pledge: Eid
LWTiny.png Lofty: Wanderer
LWPassive1.png Wavering Faith


Tiny - Sparky Child.png Sparky Child
SparkyChildPassive1.png Respect
Tiny - Twinkle Child.png Twinkle Child
TwinkleChildPassive1.png You and I
Tiny - Rusty Child.png Rusty Child
RustyChildPassive1.png Like This?


Tiny - Second Revenger.png Second Revenger
SeRSkill03.png Second Breath
Tiny - Second Selection.png Second Selection
SeSSkill03.png Horoscope
Tiny - Second Grief.png Second Grief
SeGSkill03.png Island Sea

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