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Ignite.png [Passive]
Summons fire attack when hitting. Fire flies towards an enemy and burns MP. Also causes debuff that disables MP recovery through attacking and attacked.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Any 3rd Job Master Class 99 Ignite Item

Skill Information

Rarity Activation Chance MP Burn Status 577.png Enemy DebuffBlazing FlameEnemy DebuffBlazing Flame Cooldown
MP Gain Duration
Rare 0.5% -20 MP 0 1 Second 120 Seconds
Elite -40 MP 2 Seconds
Unique -50 MP 3 Seconds


  • Under rare circumstances, instead of one, the skill will fire out at an enormous amount when you hit the enemy at the same time the enemy's freeze frame occurs.


Date Changes
01/02/2020 01/29/2020
  • Ignite added.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 발화 Ignite
German Flag.png Germany Entfachen Kindle
Spanish Flag.png Spain Desencadenar Unleash
French Flag.png France Attiser Kindle
Italian Flag.png Italy Provocazione Provocation
Polish Flag.png Poland Rozniecenie Kindling
English Flag.png United Kingdom Kindle