Camp: Aurora

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Camp: Crimson Edge Camp: Aurora Magmelia
Glacial Land, and the Base Hidden Beneath the Cliff.
Camp: Aurora
Map - Camp Aurora.png
Raid Party's Resolve
Activation Time: 6 minutes
Status 586.png Damage Increase to Boss Monsters +2%, Damage Decreased from Boss Monsters +2%, Adaptation +2%
Duration: 30 minutes

• Damage Increase to Boss Monsters and Damage Decreased from Boss Monsters are normalized.

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Name Image Description
Asella AcelaHead.png A Nous and leader of Rigomor's surface base of operation, the Aurora Operation Site.
Camp: Aurora - li_devildom3_rest_01
  • Despite the map itself being simply named Camp: Aurora, both the loading screen and the signpost in Camp: Crimson Edge refer to it by its full name of Camp: Operation Site Aurora.
Date Changes
07/16/2020 08/12/2020
  • Camp: Aurora added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 집결지: 거점구역 오로라 Gathering Place: Base Area Aurora
Japanese Flag.png Japan 集結地:拠点オーロラ Gathering Place: Aurora Base
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 集结地:奥罗拉据点区域 Gathering Place: Aurora Base Area
American Flag.png North America Camp: Operation Site Aurora
German Flag.png Germany Stützpunktareal Aurora Aurora Base Area
Spanish Flag.png Spain Área de bases de Aurora Aurora Base Area
French Flag.png France Zone de la base d'Aurora Aurora Base Area
Italian Flag.png Italy Area stanza base Aurora Aurora Base Area
Polish Flag.png Poland Obszar Baz Aurora Aurora Base Area
English Flag.png United Kingdom Aurora Base Area
Brazil Flag.png Brazil Uniaõ: Base Operacional Aurora Union: Operation Base Aurora
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