Laby's Friend

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Laby's Friend
Full Name
Laby's Friend
Laby's Friend
Oh...! That's right! Laby had you! How did Laby forget?

~ Laby


A shadow creature native to the Dark Forest, Nisha Labyrinth. Laby befriended this little animal a long time ago.


Nisha Labyrinth

The small creature one day approached a lonely girl in the Dark Forest, Nisha Labyrinth. This encounter filled the girl with glee as the creature was the first friend she had. She was filled with great happiness that lasted until one day, the creature didn't wake up.


The creature's death filled the girl with great sadness, eventually that sadness manifested into a mirror which took all those negative emotions and bottled them off from the girl. The girl would become known as Laby and the mirror as Nisha.

Laby would be blissfully unaware of the tragedy that befell her friends, simply existing as a gap in her memory. This would be the case until Laby entered the Henir Barrier surrounding Elrianode. The memories that Nisha had locked away seeped out and Laby was exposed to a vision of her former friend and was eventually confronted by the truth she had long since forgotten.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea ??? Laby's Friend

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