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Full Name
159 cm (5 ft 3 in)
Class Tree

Voice Actors
장예나 (Jang Ye-na)
加藤 英美里 (Katō Emiri)
Faye Mata[1]
Release Date
6 December 2018
3 January 2019
3 January 2019
3 January 2019
9 January 2019
10 January 2019
26 June 2019
Laby come from the Black Forest!


[A mysterious girl that uses strange powers]

Special Ability

Main Article: Sentimental Point System

Laby can enhance her command attacks and certain special actives by using Sentimental Points. When available, Sentimental Points are automatically consumed when Laby uses special actives that use them and when she performs her command attacks, one for each applicable command attack. Attacks enhanced by Sentimental Points receive effects ranging from increased damage to ignoring a percentage of defense. Laby can regenerate Sentimental Points by using Inner Aurora, entering awakening state, or using her awakening skill.

Laby also automatically enters awakening when her awakening gauge is full, so she can use her single awakening bead to instead perform a special awakening skill that damages enemies around her and puts them into a Groggy state, while recovering her Sentimental Points as well.


Main Article: Black Forest Cemetery
  • In-game Version
  • Nexon Version

She lived deep within the Black Forest for an unspecified time, but she was finally able to leave, lead by 'Third Blue Light'.

She decides to leave the forest and go on a journey to learn who she is.

First Class Advancement

Laby is required to be Lv.15 to begin her first class advancement. You can decide between the following:

Sparky Child
Use Sentimental Points and command activated skills for intense burst damage.
Requires strategy depending on battle style.

Sparky Child

Twinkle Child
A job path that combines power with Nisha.
Use versatile skills that change forms to attack effectively.

Twinkle Child

Rusty Child
A class that utilize the correct summon depending on the situation for strategic play.

Rusty Child

Rough Child
A class that has fun pranking with Nisha and allows you to play more tricks the more you collect Black Aura.

Rough Child

Skill Tree

Skills Passives
[Create a bond and use the new skills!]
Changes to if Married.
Changes to if Partnered.

Level 1
Level 5
Level 10
Level 15

Level 20
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 20.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 1st job class.


Combo Description Damage
Punch enemies twice followed by an uppercut and finish with a forward kick, launching enemies away. You will be in Super Armor during the uppercut.

152% Phy. Damage
187% Phy. Damage
171% Phy. Damage
292% Phy. Damage

Punch enemies twice and smash them with an enlarged Nisha. Nisha will then cause an eruption of shadows in its place, launching enemies. You will be in Super Armor during Nisha's final attack.

152% Phy. Damage
187% Phy. Damage
100% + 323% Phy. Damage
233% Mag. Damage

Fire shadow projectiles out of Nisha. She'll use Nisha to pull in enemies before smacking them at close range. You will be in Super Armor during Nisha's pulling attack.

309% Mag. Damage
349% Mag. Damage
106% Mag. Damage x4
100% + 407% Phy. Damage

Fire shadow projectiles out of Nisha, angling her last two hits downwards. You will be in Super Armor for the first shot downward.

309% Mag. Damage
349% Mag. Damage
281% Mag. Damage
448% Mag. Damage

Fire shadow projectiles out of Nisha, angling her last two hits upwards, launching enemies. You will be in Super Armor for the first shot upward.

309% Mag. Damage
349% Mag. Damage
281% Mag. Damage
448% Mag. Damage

Dashes forward to punch enemies and launch them up with an uppercut. You will be in Super Armor during the uppercut.

169% Phy. Damage
136% Phy. Damage

Warp behind and opponent and fire a shadow ball out back at the enemy.

100% Phy. Damage + 329% Mag. Damage

Perform a kick while in the air.

163% Phy. Damage

Dive at an angle downwards while performing a series of windmill kicks.

140% Phy. Damage x1~infinite + 267% Phy. Damage

While in the air, perform an uppercut, a kick, then a downward smash. You will be in Super Armor during the final downward smash.

183% Phy. Damage
161% Phy. Damage
171% Phy. Damage

While in the air, Laby will launch herself diagonally forwards using Nisha. She can then dive backwards the direction she came.

265% Phy. Damage
100% Phy. Damage + 289% Phy. Damage

While in the air, perform a double jump.

While in the air, dash forward with a kick that passes through and launches enemies. Can be used 3 times before landing.

58% Phy. Damage

Recovery / Nisha will twirl around Laby as she gets back up.

/ 275% Phy. Damage


Date Changes
03/12/2020 04/08/2020
  • Afterimage duration and range decreased for Physical Attack Commands.
11/19/2020 12/16/2020
  • range decreased.



Full Gallery: Laby/Gallery




  • Laby's job path in Lore/Story would be the Radiant Soul path.
    • Interestingly however, dialogue by Gaia in Master Road suggests Laby's fighting style in-universe resemble Gaia's, just with her own spin on them, which is the case for Eternity Winner, but not Radiant Soul.
  • Laby's official theme song is Nisha Labyrinth.
  • Laby officially joins the main cast after the Sea of Ruin story quest Reinforcement, though she is unconscious till the Abandoned Deep-Sea Tunnel story quest The Trace in the Tunnel.
  • Laby's in-game story starts after Elsword restored the El and unsealed Elrianode, and she visits Elrianode while the El Search Party is still in Varnimyr.
  • Laby originally had no name, and was given her name by Gaia, based on her place of origin, the Black Forest, Nisha Labyrinth.
    • Laby named her mirror weapon "Nisha", which means "night" in Sanskrit or "two things/people" in Japanese (二者).
  • Laby is unable to recognize feelings of sadness or grief, due to Nisha absorbing most of those feelings into itself. As a result, she is always exceptionally cheerful, although she does feel uneasy during situations where one would normally feel sadness.
  • She is shown to be incredibly resilient to any sort of damage, with wounds healing nearly instantaneously and taking no ill effects from demonic energy.
  • The small bright blue flower bud on her chest seems to contain her feelings for Nisha.
    • It is entirely absent for the Eternity Winner path, who shuns her and only uses her own strength to win, considering Nisha as no more than a means to an end.
    • It remains clearly visible for most of the Radiant Soul path whose feelings for Nisha never change, considering her as a friend the entire time, only disappearing on the final advancement as they both understand and accept each other.
    • It blooms open into a dark purple flower for the Nisha Labyrinth path, spreading vines over her body before vanishing in later advancements as Nisha gains more and more emotions until she takes Laby's place at the end.
    • It is also entirely absent for the Twins Picaro path, instead, Laby and Nisha's colors start blending into one. Foreshadowing their enjoyment through defense mechanisms together as they are able to fuse into a single entity.
  • Each of Laby's job paths are defined by a crucial moment that changes her view of the world and how she deals with it, usually affecting her relationship with Nisha as well
    Check individual class page for more details
  • Due to having the mentality of a child, many of Laby's skill names are just sound effects and she often refers to herself in the 3rd person.
  • Laby notes 3 blue lights from the time when she first woke up to the present. This is referring to the 3 times when the El had been changed in some way. First being when the first El Lady restored the El, second being when the El exploded, and third being when the El was restored by Elsword.
    • This information makes Laby one of the oldest characters in the game, and potentially the oldest playable character
  • Her Skill Cut-in appears to be depicting her doing her uppercut.
  • All of her 2nd and 3rd job promotional weapons are animated in some way.
  • Laby was the first character to have fully unique story dungeons and quests, including quests in Elrianode and Varnimyr, which became the standard from that point forward as seen with Noah.
  • As Laby automatically enters awakening, her Transcendence awakening cut-in will instead appear when using her special Awakening Skill.
  • The various colored flowers seen on her Character Selection platform, as well as in Laby's Imaginary World and its loading screen, each represent one of her class paths. The bright pink flowers represent Eternity Winner, the white/purple/pink flowers represent Radiant Soul, and the dark blue flowers represent Nisha Labyrinth. After the release of Twins Picaro, an additional set of dark purple/red/pink flowers were added to represent her as well.
  • In the voice teaser "Laby's Song", the second song Laby sings is sung to the tune of the German children's song Hänschen Klein.
  • Laby and characters released after her only have clear dialogue for dungeons directly connected to their story. For any other dungeon, the dialogue box won't appear at all.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 라비 Laby
Japan ラビィ Laby
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 菈比 Laby
China (Simplified Chinese) 娜薇 Navy