Black Forest Cemetery

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Black Forest Cemetery

Between the heavy atmosphere of Black Forest, a warm energy like morning was slowly spreading.

Recommended Level
Appropriate Item Level
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Bibi - A small, native creature of the Black Forest
  • Tackle: After becoming alert with a cry and its tail up, it will lunge forward to attack.
Wooki - A native creature of the Black Forest with long arms and a long tail.
  • Roll Swing: Roll forwards swiping at players with its tail before swiping with their hands.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Fallen Trees - Some trees have fallen over and are blocking the path, attack them to clear the way.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Wooki - A large and foreboding Wooki that blocks Laby's path to new discoveries.
  • Energy Beam: Fires a straight beam of blue energy from its mouth.


  • Can only be defeated once the player has awakened.


Don't you think about leaving this place.
  • When I opened my eyes, the world was made of dark, black, night.

  • I only saw trees... Branches and leaves everywhere. This place with no light was empty. No one here except me, and the monsters that hated me.

  • Where did I come from, and why am I here? Who... am I? I had so many questions.

  • But there were few things I did know. My body was bright, unlike the forest. I spent endless time by myself; and...

  • I knew that every time I tried to leave, a voice in my head would stop me.

  • ...That was all. I didn't know whose voice it was. I didn't even know why they were telling me I couldn't leave. But I always followed, choosing to stay in this forest.

  • All my questions were left unanswered. And I was slowly... slowly starting to forget.

  • The forest was always quiet, except when it sometimes shined with blue lights.

  • Then one day, a small friend came to me.

  • I was so lonely after spending a long time by myself. But like a dream, she stayed with me. We became best friends.

  • I was so happy. Even if I add all my happiness in my life together, it was not as big as the happiness I felt right then.

  • I wanted to be together with her forever. But she...

  • -The mirror stayed with me. We became best friends.

  • One day, a blue light shined through the forest. This was the third time it happened since I opened my eyes.

  • I didn't know how, but the forest became more calm, like how when I opened my eyes for the first time before the first blue light!

  • That's when I realized that I could no longer hear the voice that I heard in my head.

  • I had a strange feeling that I could now leave the forest. That is why I left the forest that used to be my whole world.

  • Waiting to meet a whole new world out there...
Date Changes
12/06/2018 01/03/2019
  • Black Forest Cemetery added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 검은 숲 무덤가 Black Forest Grave
France Cimetière du Bosquet des ténèbres Dark Forest Cemetery

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