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Elder Village's Accessory Shop
Full Name
Elder Village's Accessory Shop
Voice Actors
장은숙 (Jang Eun-sook)
My goodness, what a cute guest! My name is Luichel.

~ Luichel


An ex-thief, Luichel is Elder Village's jeweler. She sells bracelets, bonnets, and baubles of all sorts that aren't just for looks. Her goods are as enchanted as she is. She seems to have a lot of ancient artifacts in her disposal.


A Notorious Bandit

Before settling down and becoming an accessory shop owner, Luchiel had a history of being a renowned bandit in the region.

Chapter 2: The Secret of Wally's Castle

When Luchiel was contacted by the group to seek out Banthus, she agreed to help the El Search Party foil Banthus's plans since he even gives bandits a bad name. Luichel suggests the group take the Underground Waterway to make it into Wally's Castle.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

After the El Search Party drove Wally out and left Elder, the Elder Merchants worked on restoring the village's economy. After things have normalized, Hoffman decided to host a feast for all of Elder. Luichel, went to invite villagers and made her way to Swordsmith Cat to invite Lenphad. The two exchange how they are grateful that the El Search Party helped drive Wally out of Elder and how things have been looking up ever since then. Luichel tells Lenphad that Hoffman is holding a grand feast in celebration, to celebrate the great strives they have made to restore their village. Lenphad accepted the invitation with much gusto, so much so that Echo is awaken from her nap. Luichel invites the invitation to Echo as well, who accepts on the condition that there is candy.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 루이첼 Luichel
Japan ルイチェル Luichel
China (Simplified Chinese) 路易莎 Louisa
Germany Leila
France Lelia
Italy Leila
Poland Lelia
Elsword: Evolution (Mobile) Louisa

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