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Elder Village's Blacksmith
Name Lenphad
NPC Role Elder Village's Blacksmith
Location Elder Village
Age 35
Welcome to Sword Smith Cats! I'm Lenphad. We sell the best weapons around.

~ Lenphad


Official Description

You can enhance your equipment items with Lenphad's help. People get easily intimidated by his grouchy appearance, but he really is a kind person who aims to please. Lenphad is the little brother of Hanna from Velder. He works in the same chain of equipment shops called "Swordsmith Cat" with his sister.


Mercenary of Elder

Lenphad is a close friend of Hoffman and younger brother of Velder's blacksmith Hanna. He was a mercenary for Elder in the past, working alongside some of the current Elder militia like Verngert.

Chapter 2: The Chase! Banthus!

When first encountered, he shows some doubts to the El Search Party's abilities. He has tried to deal with the caves in Elder in the past but even they proved a bit of a challenge to him. After the El Search Party braved Banthus Cave, Lenphad admits he had underestimated them. He shows a growing suspicion about the increasing amount of bandits surrounding Elder and aggravation towards the lack of action being taken by Wally's soldiers. Upon learning that Wally had been working with Banthus, Lenphad proposed they storm Wally's Castle first thing tomorrow. However, Hoffman advise him to reconsider his options and not take the direct route. After defeating Banthus in the Underground Waterway, Lenphad incarcerates Banthus for good before following along to the castle.

Chapter 3: The secret of Wally's Castle

When the group arrive at the Suburbs of Wally's Castle, Lenphad is highly aggravated by the alarming phoru activity jeopardizing his plan. After the phorus had been dealt with, Wally's guards had already been set off on high alert. Lenphad exclaimed that the stealth route was no longer a viable option and stormed Wally's Castle with Hoffman agreeing that they no longer had much of an option. In the castle, Lenphad encountered his former ally, Verngert, who had been promoted to Guard Captain by Wally since they had last met. Chasing down Wally, they discovered he has been working with Nasod technology and that Wally had been using the villager's taxes to fund his projects. Lenphad was enraged by this but was also thankful to the El Search Party for their aid in driving the tyrannical Wally out of power.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 렌파드 Lenphad
German Flag.png Germany Lennart
Spanish Flag.png Spain Learco
French Flag.png France Lennart
Italian Flag.png Italy Lennard
Polish Flag.png Poland Lennart
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Renpard
App Store Logo.pngGoogle Play Store Icon.png Elsword: Evolution (Mobile) Lampard

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