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Command Activation Skill Bar
SparkyChildPassive1.png [Passive] In order to become like Bellonde, Laby learns his combat method.
Changes all magical attack to physical attack and increase physical attack power.
Learn [Command Activation Skill], which allows you to use skills with commands.


Class Level Required
Sparky Child 15

Skill Information

Using a [Command Activation Skill] will register it to a special skill slot.
You must enter a correct command for each skill in order to activate it.


Skill Level Level Required Physical Attack Increase
1 15 5%
2 31 6%
3 37 7%
4 83 8%


Skill Level Level Required Physical Attack Increase
1 15 2%
2 31 2.4%
3 37 2.8%
4 83 3.2%

Tips and Details

The first part shows an empty Command Activation Skill bar above the normal skill bar.
The second part shows the skill bars after Kapow Punch is registered. Note the skill's 27-second timer and 2 uses.
The third part shows the skill being activated by a command.
  • While, like similar passives, the physical attack increase is shown in the character menu, it is slightly off, showing your attack to be roughly 1% lower than it actually is at Level 4.
  • The skills turned into physical attacks through this passive's effects are the Awakening Skill, Splashy Splashy, and Crunch N' Munch. Command attacks that use magical attack are unaffected.
    • On the NA server, the tooltip mistakenly claims all magic attack is changed to physical attack, despite it only applying to skills.
  • Registering a [Command Activation Skill] will consume its MP cost and set the skill on cooldown. Cooldown will not start until the skill is actually used, however.
    • A Transcendence Skill Slot is able to reduce the cooldown of a [Command Activation Skill] while it is still in the unique skill slots, but you still won't be able to activate it again until its current uses are used up.
  • A registered [Command Activation Skill] will display how many times it can be used, as well as indicate how long they are available to be activated before disappearing from the unique skill bar.
  • The command to activate the skill and the number of times the skill can be activated varies between Command Activation Skills. When the amount of uses of a registered skill is depleted or its duration runs out, the skill will be removed from the Command Activation Skill bar, and the skill's cooldown timer will start.
  • [Command Activation Skill]s include Kapow Punch (Force), Super Laby Bomb (Force), Mixsys, Laby Thunder and Mont Blanc (Force).
  • If the Transcendence buff is active when you register a Command Activation Skill that is currently in a Transcendence Skill Slot, the buff will be consumed and all casts of that skill will gain the damage increase no matter when you cast them later. If the buff activates after already registering the skill, it will not take effect.


Date Changes
12/06/2018 01/03/2019
  • Respect added.
12/27/2018 -
  • Physical Attack Increase decreased.
02/21/2019 -
  • Fixed Transcendence Skill Slot buff not increasing damage for Command Activation Skills under certain conditions.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 존경해 I Respect You
Japanese Flag.png Japan 尊敬! Respect!
Polish Flag.png Poland Szacunek Respect

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