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Every character in Elsword has their own unique features that set them apart from other characters.

Sentimental Points


A comparison showing the range increase.

The Sentimental Point System is a system exclusive to Laby which allows her to enhance her command attacks and certain special actives through the use of these Sentimental Points. When available, Sentimental Points are automatically consumed when Laby uses special actives that use them and when she performs her command attacks, one for each applicable command attack. Laby can regenerate Sentimental Points by using Inner Aurora or some of her other skills.
Special actives enhanced by Sentimental Points receive effects ranging from increased damage to ignoring a percentage of defense, per SP used.
Command attacks strengthened by Sentimental Points receive the following benefits:

  • Double Attack Chance +5%
  • Ignore Defense 100% (10% in PvP)
  • Damage and Range +30%

Awakening Skill

Laby's awakening attack.
LabyAwakeningEmpty.png LabyAwakeningSkill.png Awaken automatically when the awaken gauge is full.
When the awakening bead is active, you can use a skill by pressing Ctrl.
The target hit by Awakening Skill enters groggy state.


Automatic Awakening Skill Activation
Base Duration Maximum Duration Thorns (Magical) Sentimental Point Recovery Groggy Duration
30 Seconds 90 Seconds 2234% 10 1 Second


Skill Activation
Thorns (Magical)

Tips and Details

  • The gauge will empty itself upon entering awakening mode, and if the gauge is filled again while still awakened, the duration will stack on top of the remaining awakening duration.
  • While the tooltip will always say "Ctrl" to activate the awakening skill, it does use whatever key you have awakening mode mapped to.
  • The "Awakening Duration" stat will not have any effect on the maximum duration, which is only increased by the effects of Lesson Learned, Love Nisha, and Like This?.

Sentimental Point Related Skills


LabyAwakeningSkill.png Awakening Skill

+10 SP

LabySkill2.png Inner Aurora

+1 SP per 0.5 seconds

+1 SP per 0.33 seconds

Sparky Child/
Rumble Pumn
Eternity Winner

SparkyChildSkill1.png Hang On!

+5 SP

+10 SP

SparkyChildSkill2.png Kapow Punch (Force)

-1~10 SP

SparkyChildSkill8.png Super Laby Bomb (Force)

-1~10 SP

RumblePumnSkill4.png Mixsys

-1~10 SP

RumblePumnSkill6.png Laby Thunder

-1~10 SP

RumblePumnTSkill4.png Mont Blanc (Force)

-1~10 SP

Twinkle Child/
Shining Romantica
Radiant Soul

ShiningRomanticaPassive2.png Flexible Mind

+1 SP after Special Active

Flexibility Skill
-1 SP

Tenacity Skill
-2 SP

Strength Skill
-3 SP

Bravery Skill
-4 SP

Rusty Child/
Nisha Labyrinth

RustyChildSkill7.png Look!

-4 SP

-3 SP

RustyChildSkill8.png Bramble, Grow!

-1~10 SP

DaydreamerPassive1.png Dream Star

+1 SP per 3~1 seconds inactive

DaydreamerSkill4.png Fantasy (Force)

-1~10 SP

DaydreamerTSkill4.png Flower Garden (Force)

-1~10 SP


Date Changes
12/27/2018 -
  • Skill Freeze removed from Awakening Skill
01/31/2019 03/06/2019
  • Hitbox duration of Awakening Skill reduced.
03/07/2019 03/27/2019
  • Double Attack Chance decreased from 10% to 5%.
  • None
  • Defense Ignore decreased from 15% to 10%.

Character Systems

Way of the Sword

When playing as Elsword, you will have access to a special gauge known as Way of the Sword. This gauge will enable you to activate Aura of Vitality or Aura of Destruction for a period of time. Depending on the type of commands (Z.png/X.png) or skills you use, the gauge will lean towards either vitality or destruction.

While the Aura of Vitality is active, you will gain more MP from vitality-based attacks, while the MP cost for vitality-based skills will be reduced. Your speed will also be increased. While the Aura of Destruction is active, all destruction-based attacks and skill will deal vastly more damage.

Note that the system they use is not what what it may appear to be at first; vitality-based attacks take away vitality from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards destruction; destruction-based attacks take away destruction from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards vitality; this is why only attacks that use the gauge will receive benefits while in their respective aura.

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