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Lord of Hamel
Full Name
Rod Gess
Lord of Hamel


The father of Rod Ross and previous Lord of Hamel. A humble leader loved by the citizens of Hamel, he was a close friend to Horatio. However as his son grew, he saw the Rod Ross did not fit the qualities of protected the secrets of the Water Seal.


Lord of Hamel

Lord Rod Gess was the Lord of Hamel prior to his son, Rod Ross. Unlike his son, Rod Gess was a very kind and humble to his people. In his years ruling over Hamel, he became friends with Horatio and had many ties to both Hamel's Commander of Defense Helputt and the priest Avalanche.

When Lord Rod Gess was coordinated as the Lord of Hamel, he was passed down the Water Seal. A magical stone that symbolized the leadership of Hamel, but more than that, the Seal possessed secrets regarding all of Elrios which the Lords of Hamel swore to protect and keep secret. As his son Rod Ross grew up, Lord Rod Gess became worried of his son's ability to properly lead Hamel. He became uncertain of whether or not he could even trust his won with the sacred artifact of the Water Seal. Distrusting of his own son, Rod Gess secretly pass the Water Seal to the Water Priest Avalanche to keep the artifact away from any harm.

Lord Rod Gess would eventually pass away and the title of Lord of Hamel would be passed down to his son, Lord Rod Ross. However the Water Seal, the artifact passed down from generation to generation by the Lords of Hamel would not be passed down to Rod Ross.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 로드게스 Rod Gess
China (Simplified Chinese) 劳德格斯 Rod Gess
France Comte Hagos Count Hagos

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