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Water Priest
Name Avalanche
Role Water Priest
Location Temple of Frozen Water
I... I see... You killed off my corrupted body and pulled my soul from the bottom of the abyss..?

~ Avalanche



The Water Priest, when the demon attacked he swore to protect the Water Seal at all cost. Corrupted by the demon influence his soul was trapped in the abyss.


The Water Seal

As the previous Lord of Hamel aged, he deemed his son untrustworthy and instead entrusted the Water Seal to the Water Priest Avalanche. When the demons invaded Hamel, they attacked the Temple of Water. In order to protect the Water Seal, Avalanche kept the Water Seal inside his staff and removed his memories. The demons were able to transform Avalanche into a zombie that controlled the spirits around the Water Temple.

Chapter 13: Secrets of the Temple

Upon being defeated by the El Search Party, Avalanche was able to regain control briefly. With the remainder of his life, he reveals that he had been protecting the Water Seal, even as a zombie. He tells the El Search Party not to trust Rod Ross before being struck down by Ran, ending his life.

Boss: Avalanche

Avalanche's appearance in Frozen Temple of Water

Avalanche will appear in Frozen Temple of Water as the dungeon's main boss.


  • Icicle Crash: Avalanche will launch a large block of ice towards the direction he is facing. This attack will induce Frostbite.
  • Icicle Saw: Avalanche will push you aside with his staff and create a circular saw out of ice on his staff and attacks you with it. This attack will induce Frostbite.
  • Blizzard Shower: Avalanche is capable of using a weaker variant of High Magician's Blizzard Shower. The ice crystals that he summon will be larger but instead of freezing you doing significant damage.
  • Ice Traps: Avalanche will summon up to 4 Ice Traps on the stage floor in an attempt to trap you. If the traps aren't activated, they will automatically be destroyed when he uses this move again.
  • Retreat: Every time you reduce 1/4 of Avalanche's maximum HP, he will retreat to the background of the stage and will attack with the statues in the background. The statues will either launch homing ice shards towards the nearest target or will shoot multiple icicles towards you.
    • Unlike Magmanta, there is no way to cheat Avalanche's phases - he will become invincible when his HP becomes about a quarter fraction.
  • Frozen Tomb: After reaching his Stoic threshold or maximum mana, Avalanche will float into the air, and raise multiple frozen megaliths from the ground. In addition to that, two white flares emitting ice shards in every direction will drop onto the stage randomly and will explode after reaching ground level. A direct hit from a flare will do significant damage.
    • The megaliths will block out the ice shards helping you to escape from the flares.
    • He will become invincible during the later half of the animation for this skill.


  • When Avalanche Retreat, the ice missiles and icicles can be absorbed by Rune Slayer's Phoenix Talon buff and blocked by Code: Nemesis's Atomic Shield.
    • If neither are available, loop them as you would a Magic Missile.
  • There is a very easy way to escape a missile, it's to loop and lure them to your ally or another projectile to destroy it to your advantage.
  • Summoning monster NPC will make the missiles targeting them. However, their HP is not as much as their cooldown that they cannot be used anytime.
    • This is exceptional for Shadow Port Voider, who instead absorb them into HP.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 아발란쉬 Avalanche
Japanese Flag.png Japan アバランチ Avalanche
Spanish Flag.png Spain Avalancha Avalanche

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