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Lowe informs Elsword and his team that while they were gone, a notorious thief named Banthus had come and stole the power of El from the Tree of El. Luckily for the three, Banthus hasn't gone very far, and with little time left, Elsword and his team chase Banthus to restore peace!

Alberodiel.png Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level:


Dungeon Layout:


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Monster Image Monster Description
1-1 Mars1.png Mars - Fox-Masked thieves trying to stop Elsword from stealing the El! They shouldn't be a problem as long as you quickly attack them.
1-1 Luji1.png Ruchi - A bird living in Ruben that rapidly kicks you with its feet. Sadly, it cannot fly.
Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Mar1.png Banthus - The leader of the Benders Bandits, Banthus is trying to steal the Elstone! You won't let him get away with that, will you? Moves:
  • Swing - Banthus will leap towards you and swing his sword right at you.
  • Leap Slash - Banthus will leap towards you and swing his sword right at you.
  • Jumping Slash - Banthus jumps into the air and strikes with his huge sword.
  • Kick - Banthus kicks you with his foot, usually followed by Leap Slash.
  • Guard - With his sword, Banthus guards himself, preparing for any attack you might pull off.
  • Summon - Beat him down enough and he'll decide he can't waste any more time - he'll call a White Giant Phoru to attack while he goes for the El!
WhiteGiantPhoru.jpg White Giant Phoru - An enraged Phoru that attacks anything in its way. Moves:
  • Claw Slash - White Giant Phoru attacks three times with his claws.
  • Jump Slash - White Giant Phoru slashes you in the air, does not knockdown.
  • Charge Attack - White Giant Phoru rushes forward.
  • Rage - When its MP is full, it will release a pillar of energy (similar to awakened Unlimited Blade) to damage nearby players.
Boss Drops: BGMs:

Image Name Boss Character Stats
Banthus' Necklace
Banthus' Necklace

Accessory (Necklace):

Physical Defense +20

Magical Defense +20

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +1%





  • William Phoru was originally the boss of 1-1 while Banthus was the boss of 1-2.
  • Steel Dogtooth drops from the Ancient Phoru.
  • The Giant Phoru that Banthus summons after he is defeated can be heard even before it has been summoned as it's waiting underground to be teleported into the stage.
    • Killing the Giant Phoru before Banthus summons it by using a skill such as Guided Arrow or Magic Missile may result in the stage glitching not clearing properly.

Ruben Elder Besma Altera Peita Belder Hamel Sander Varie
1-1: Albero di El
1-2: Rovina nel Bosco
1-3: Palude Nebbiosa
2-1: Bosco Notturno
2-2: Grotta di Benders
2-3: Canale di Scarico
2-4: Torre di Guardia
2-5: Castello di Robo
2-x: Laboratorio Sotterraneo
3-1: Via dei Draghi
3-2: Lago di Besma
3-3: Lago di Besma (Notte)
3-4: Nido di Drago
3-5: Grande Miniera
3-6: Dirigibile da Trasporto
3-x: Abisso
4-1: Dirigibile dei Corvi
4-2: Piano del Ritorno
4-3: Tunnel B4-1
4-4: Pianura di Altera
4-5: Fabbrica dei Nasod
4-6: Nucleo di Altera
4-x: Zona Contaminata
5-1: Ingresso del Tempio
5-2: Corridoio a Spirale
5-3: Cripta
5-4: Giardino del Tempio
5-5: Sanctum
5-6: Stanza dell'Altare
5-1: Terzo Distretto
5-2: Ponte della Speranza
5-3: Via del Palazzo
5-4: Ponte Ardente
5-5: Quartiere dei Commercianti
5-6: Porta Sud
5-x: Allucinazioni a Belder
6-1: Periferia di Lysia
6-2: Lysia: la Città Sommersa
6-3: Antica Idrovia
6-4: Centro dell'Antica Idrovia
6-5: Nascondiglio di Magmanta
6-6: Tempio dell'Acqua Ghiacciato
6-7: Reliquiario del Tempio dell'Acqua
6-x: Tempio delle Prove
7-1: Sander Arido
7-2: Garpai
7-3: Nido dei Trax
7-4: Villaggio della Tribù dei Kalluso
7-5: Sandtilus
7-6: Cuore di Behemoth
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