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The information in this page is from an old version of Elsword and is no longer available.
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In the newer version, Banthus has been moved to Tree of El to be a Boss.

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Tree of El

Somebody is looking for El in the Tree of El. Indeed, El must be protected!!
A giant tree where El can be found. Ruben Villagers call it Tree of El.
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Recommended Level


Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Old1-1-01.jpg Giant Bee - A giant bee! Make sure not too get too close to it, or it will sting you!
2-2-03.jpg Phoru - An enraged Phoru that attacks anything in its way.
1-1 Mars1.png Mars - Fox-Masked thieves trying to stop Elsword from stealing the El! They shouldn't be a problem as long as you quickly attack them.
Mong.png Apple Mong - Monkeys who pick up apples in the Forest. They can attack from distances by throwing apples.
1-3bruce1.png Bruce - One of Banthus's strongest thieves. You'd better watch out for his club!
Old1-2-01.jpg Flame Bee - A red bee in the forest. When their life reaches low enough, they will turn red and attempt to self destruct.
Old1-2-02.jpg Flame Bee Hive - A small beehive that can spawn bees. Make sure to attack it before it does though! It can only spawn a limited number of Flame Bees.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Mar1.png Banthus - The leader of the Benders Bandits, Banthus is trying to steal the Elstone! You won't let him get away with that, will you?

-Swing: Banthus will leap towards you and swing his sword right at you.
-Leap Slash: Banthus will leap towards you and swing his sword right at you.
-Jumping Slash: Banthus jumps into the air and strikes with his huge sword.
-Kick: Banthus kicks you with his foot, usually followed by Leap Slash.
-Guard: With his sword, Banthus guards himself, preparing for any attack you might pull off. }}

Boss DropsBGM

Image Name Boss Character Stats
Banthus' Necklace
Banthus' Necklace

Accessory (Necklace):

Physical Defense +20

Magical Defense +20

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical Hit Rate +1%







Tree of El (Old)

  • Banthus used to be the El Search Captain. However, he was greedy and went astray due to the power of El.

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