Nucleo di Altera

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They find the core of Altera, which houses King Nasod...!

Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level:


Dungeon Layout:

Elite Nasod Guard: Shield - An upgraded Nasod of its old predecessor. This Nasod uses a sturdy shield to protect its front while quickly jabbing you with its electric baton while you're off-guard.

Elite Nasod Guard: Cannon - An upgraded Nasod that is much more deadly in its aim and accuracy.

Nasod Guard: Type-ICE - Type-ICE is a Nasod that can launch huge Ice Blasts from its arm.

Assault Nasod: Type-W9 - A skilled Nasod that slashes you with its twin blades with sharp swiftness.

Nasod Blader - Unlike the harmless Nasod Healer, the blader, as its name suggests, has hidden rotating blades inside of it to attack you.

El Energy Extractor (Attack) - An energy generator that buffs all the mobs with attack.

El Energy Extractor (Defense) - An energy generator that buffs all the mobs with defense.

Mini Boss:

Fire Nasod: Ignis - The fire Nasod who uses fire blasts from his cannon to heat up any opponent.
-Combo Duo: Ignis attacks you with his long arms, knocking you down.
-Fire Blast: Ignis raises his cannon and launches a flamethrower out of it, heavily damaging any player who gets hit, also burning them.
-Meteor Shower! Ignis raises his arm and summons flaming meteors falling throughout the stage, burning any player who gets hit.
-Fire Pillar!: Ignis's strongest move. The stage darkens as Ignis pounds his cannon onto the floor and summons a pillar of fire heavily damaging and burning any player within its reach.

Water Nasod: Leviathan - The water Nasod who summons ice that can slow down any opponent.
-Combo Duo: Leviathan attacks you with his long arms, knocking you down.
-Ice Floor: Leviathan sends out his arm and summons up three oncoming spikes of ice that come up from the floor, heavily damaging any player who gets hit as well as freezing them, which slows down the victim.
-Blizzard Shower! Leviathan raises his arm and summons showers of freezing ice falling throughout the stage, freezing any player who gets hit.
-Ice Glacier!: Leviathan's strongest move. The stage darkens as Leviathan pounds his cannon onto the floor and summons a rotating block of ice, heavily damaging and freezing any player within its reach.

Crow Rider - A huge mechanical duplicate of Raven, copying his attacks, skills, all with additional equipment to make him even more lethal.
-Combo: Crow Rider catches you and quickly makes a short combo with his sword, ending it with his Nasod Claw launching you high into the air. (He also sometimes uses Maximum Cannon or an air attack to further his combo)
-Grab: The Crow Rider quickly dashes towards you and grabs you using its Nasod Arm to stun you. While you're stunned, Crow Rider can use his Combo attack right at you.
-Maximum Cannon!: Stretching its Nasod Arm, Crow Rider unleashes a spinning fume of fire straight at you, dealing heavy damage. Unlike Raven's, this one is much more bigger and stronger.
-Power Assault!: Crow Rider rushes straight towards you at high speeds, destroying everything in its way. Like Maximum Cannon, this one is also upgraded to deal more damage.
-Cannon Blade!: Crow Ride takes out its Nasod arm and holds it, launching a powerful blast of heat straight at you.


Blue Laser - These lasers deal a small amount of damage and knocks you down.

Red Alert Laser - These lasers trigger an alert and summons Nasods as reinforcement.

Green Alert Laser - These lasers are the most dangerous. They both trigger an alert and damage you.


King Nasod - King Nasod seems indestructible. No hidden barriers like Ignis and Leviathan, not reliant on mobs like the Alterasian Turret, and you can't even hit him since he's so big! However, his weakness is actually right in front of you! You'll have to destroy each of his El Energy extractors. Destroying the extractor will also disable the Nasod King from using Energy Surges from the corresponding extractor you had destroyed. Destroying all four extractors brings out the Nasod King's true form, the King Nasod Powertrain!
-Crusher (Summon): The Nasod King uses his gigantic hands and smashes them on the far sides of the stage, creating a large tremor to knock any player down. This also summons Nasod minions to protect it.
-Crusher (Flatten): The Nasod King uses his gigantic hands and slams them into the stage twice, while this does not generate a tremor or summon minions, this will flatten the player for a significant amount of time.

  • There are two versions of this, striking different areas in each.

-Sweep: Putting one hand onto the far left or right, the Nasod King slides it throughout the entire stage catching and continuously doing damage to any player caught (however sometimes it simply throws the player away after the first hit).
Energy Surges:
The Nasod King clenches his hands together, and releases a surge of pure yellow energy. He uses any of the 4 elements randomly to attack the entire stage. The reactor of a given attribute must still be standing when he starts charging for him to use that certain attack.
-Fire Roll: As the Nasod King clenches his hands together, the screen glows red. Fire will then roll around the entire stage, dealing heavy damage and burning any player who gets caught.

  • Usually it is recommended to destroy this core first in parties due to its damage output.
  • Sometimes it inflicts high damage once, but there are times when it locks player in place and continuously damages them. The latter can be more deadly than the former.

-Lightning Strike: The screen darkens as the Nasod King clenches his hands together. At a flash, lightning will be shot all around the stage precisely striking any player. The lightning does heavy damage and stuns you, leaving you vulnerable.
-Earth Shaker: The Nasod King releases his energy to summon an earthquake. A rain of rocks will then fall throughout the stage, distracting every player.
-Blizzard Shower: The screen glows blue, as the Nasod King summons showers of ice raining upon the stage, freezing any victim who gets hit.

El Energy Extractor -Earth- - The Green energy extractor that represents Earth. Destroying this will disable King Nasod from using Earth Shaker.

El Energy Extractor -Fire- - The Red energy extractor that represents Fire. Destroying this will disable King Nasod from using Fire Roll.

El Energy Extractor -Thunder- - The Yellow energy extractor that represents Thunder. Destroying this will disable King Nasod from using Lightning Strike.

El Energy Extractor -Water- - The Blue energy extractor that represents Water. Destroying this will disable King Nasod from using Blizzard Shower.

King Nasod Powertrain - This is the hidden weak spot found in King Nasod. You'll have to destroy it as fast as you can as the Nasod King will struggle to put it underground again. If it does go underground however, you will have to destroy all of his four extractors all over again to summon the Powertrain out.

  • The Powertrain's hitbox extends far below ground and is wider than it appears, making it vulnerable to large AOE attacks.

Powertrain Moves:
When the player successfully locates and brings out the Powertrain, King Nasod will struggle as much as he can to keep you away from his weak spot, bringing out new moves that you've never seen before. These moves are much more lethal and destructive than his normal ones, so watch out!
-Homing Missiles!: While you're attacking the Powertrain, King Nasod will launch out a horde of homing missiles straight at you. They don't look like much, but these missiles, in large numbers, can easily be lethal to any player.
-Laser!: After the Nasod King launches out his Homing Missiles, the Nasod King will charge up a yellow beam of energy like when he's charging an Energy Surge. It doesn't seem much, but underestimating it is a huge mistake. The King Nasod will launch a laser unlike no other; the laser is gigantic and covers literally the entire height of the stage and does unbelievable damage that will take at least half of your HP. This is the Nasod King's strongest move.

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