Collina delle Anime

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Collina delle Anime
Dead Man's Hill.png
Level Range:


Aggressive Mobs: Reactive Mobs:
  • Lesser Glitter Dasher.jpg

Lesser Glitter Dasher

  • Lesser Glitter Guard.jpg

Lesser Glitter Guard

  • Lesser Glitter Illusionist.jpg

Lesser Glitter Illusionist

  • Lesser Glitter Protector.jpg

Lesser Glitter Protector

  • Lesser Glitter Sniper.jpg

Lesser Glitter Sniper

  • Glitter Zombie.jpg

Glitter Zombie

  • Glitter Zombie.jpg

Glitter Zombie

Field Boss:

Corrupt Glitter

  • Bater.jpg

Bater - Bater is one tough Glitter gone wrong. He hardly knows any better than to walk aimlessly and chomp at enemies.

Gigantic Jubigee

  • Wamu.jpg



Dead Man's Hill - field_peita003