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The Water Priestess Sasha guides the El-team to where Chung's father, Helputt, is being held captive. To purify Helputt from the demon's grasp, the El-team need to clear 3 trials and get special items.

Tempiodelleprove.png Recommended Level:
Appropriate Item Level (Normal):
Appropriate Item Level (Hell):
Entry Requirements:
  • Complete all dungeons in Hamel on Very Hard.
  • Have a Luto's Pass in your inventory. (2 Luto's Passes is needed when entering Hell mode)
  • Must be Level 60 or higher.
  • Sasha6-X.png

Water Priestess Sasha - When you start this dungeon, there will be an NPC named Sasha. She will follow the El Search Party and tell you what the Temple of Trials is. If you have received damage, she will heal 10% of your max HP and give you 25% Damage Reduction for up to 3 hits. She will stop following you after the first encounter with Helputt. After each trial, she will fully heal your HP when you go back to the start in order of the Trials. This NPC cannot be hit by monsters.

  • Dunno.png

Brutal Walker - Same as Shadow Port Walker but will super armor during first and last hit.

  • Dunno.png

Brutal Defender - Same as Shadow Port Defender but its Defensive Aura make mobs around itself stoic quickly.

  • Dunno.png

Brutal Charger - Same as Shadow Port Charger.

  • Dunno.png

Brutal Voider - Same as Shadow Port Voider.

  • Dunno.png

Brutal Trickster - Same as Shadow Port Trickster.

  • Dunno.png

Brutal Linker - Same as Shadow Linker but instead will using Soul Link this mobs now can use Lightning (will super armor) similar to Burrowed Trickster.

  • Dunno.png

Brutal Stinger - Same as Shadow Stinger.

  • Dunno.png

Brutal Sniper - Same as Shadow Port Sniper but this mob just firing the laser without aim similar to Shadow Sniper have.

  • Dunno.png

Brutal Bobosse - Same as Giant Hammer Bobosse but this mob can only use Smash moves that does not knockdown on last smash.

  • Dunno.png

Dark Magmanta - Same as Magmanta but it can only use Leg Slash and Lunge moves.
Note: All mobs except Dark Magmamta now can active stoic after 30 hits. They now appear randomly in any stage.

Mini Boss:
  • Strength Guardian.png

Strength Guardian - Miniboss required to defeat to pass the Trial of Strength and receive the Chestplate of Strength.
-Lunatic Smash: It charges its hammer and smashes down numerous times.
-Hammer Combo: Does an uppercut and smashes 1 more time.
-Impact Hammer: Uses a regular hammer attack and is nearly unavoidable. After it smashes its hammer, it becomes vulnerable to any attack.
-Hammer Swing: It swings its hammer and then uses the Impact Hammer attack if you're at the platform.

-After you kill the Strength Guardian, you will receive the Chestplate of Strength. This will increase your Phy/Mag Defense by 10%.

  • Mind Guardian.png

Mind Guardian - Mini boss required to defeat to pass the Trial of Mind and receive the Wings of Mind.

-It's difficult to attack him when you're not on the platform since he can spin easily (It will knockdown) and then Teleport himself to prevent more hits. It's recommend to inflict Freezing, Petrifying or inflict Helpless to prevent spin and teleport.
-After you kill the Mind Guardian, you will receive the Wings of Mind. This will add 2 more MP gain per second.

Trial of Shadows:

In the last trial before fighting Helputt, you will enter a room and Doppelgangers similar to the characters' base classes will appear. Roughly 50 Doppelgangers will spawn.

  • Doppleganger Knight.png

Doppelganger : Knight - This mob's combo and actives are virtually similar to Elsword's.

  • Doppleganger Magician.png

Doppelganger : Magician - This mob's combo and actives are virtually similar to Aisha's.

  • Doppleganger Ranger.png

Doppelganger : Ranger - This mob's combo and actives are virtually similar to Rena's.

  • Doppleganger Taker.png

Doppelganger : Taker - This mob's combo and actives are virtually similar to Raven's.

  • Doppleganger Another Code.png

Doppelganger : Another Code - This mob's combo and actives are virtually similar to Eve's.

  • Doppleganger Guardian.png

Doppelganger : Guardian - This mob's combo and actives are virtually similar to Chung's. However, the model of this doppelganger uses Shelling Guardian's armor and hairstyle instead use Base job model. The Destroyer remains the same as Base Chung Destroyer.

  • Doppleganger Little Xia.png

Doppelganger : Little Xia - This mob's combo and actives are virtually similar to Ara's, except will do an incomplete X combo(The combo is listed as XXX~X. The Spin and the final stab is removed).

  • Doppleganger Free Knight.png

Doppelganger : Free Knight - This mob's combo and actives are virtually similar to Elesis'.

  • Doppleganger Knight.png

The Last Doppelganger - This doppelganger will appear as Elite Doppelganger : Knight. It has same move as Elite Doppelganger : Knight except when killed it will release the Shadow of Godness.
-When you fight against doppelgangers, there's another version called the Elite Doppelganger. This Elite Doppelgangers will have the same moves as the regular ones, except they will have a red aura, will super armor at their First Strike, has more HP and more damage when attacking, able to use any Active/Special Active skills and sometimes can use their skills more than once.(Their skills are different according of what class they are.)
-After you kill The Last Doppelganger, you will receive the Shadow of Godness. This will increase your Phy/Mag Attack by 10%.

  • Strength Guardian's Hammer.png

Strength Guardian's Hammer: Will knock you up if its hammer impact the ground.

  • Mind Guardian's Lunatic Fury.png

Mind Guardian's Lunatic Fury: Will knock you up and its magic can hit twice.

  • Corrupt Destroyer Helputt.png Corrupt Destroyer Helputt

Chung's father, who is being controlled by the demons. His fighting stance and style is similar to that of Chung.


Helputt is capable of using some of Chung's skills in a similar style. Unlike Chung's skills, Helputt's skills will be colored red instead of blue.

  • Combo: He will use his Destroyer to mimic Chung's combos, such as ZZZX, XXX, XXZX, and Fury Guardian's ZZX.
    • During his XXZX combo, he will not be in Stoic during the Z portion of the combo.
  • Auto Land Demolisher - Heavy Arms: Basic attacks used by Helputt will kick up rocks.
  • Artillery Strike - Quantum Ballista: Fires a warhead up and drops down, causing a large explosion.
  • Carpet Bombing: Calls for an air strike.
  • Comet Crasher: Fires numerous missiles down.
    • Animation is same to that to Deadly Chaser, however he fires faster and with more shots.
  • Iron Howling: Release a loud war cry that stuns.
  • Pain of Caladbolg: Release a devastating war cry, dealing high damage.
  • Scare Chase: Fires a red homing missile.
  • Heavy Stance: Sometimes when Helputt is attacked, he will automatically enter heavy stance mode (Will super armor) and he may use a counterattack through his X combo.
    • During Heavy Stance, he will temporarily reduce all incoming damage by 99%.


  • You can wait outside the teleporter to the Trial of Shadows for approximately 2 minutes, at which point all the doppelgangers will have spawned. You can then teleport over and wipe them all out in one fell swoop.
  • There are less chances of mistakes being made if Hellputt is cornered; once the fight starts, make an effort to push him against a wall.
  • You can prevent being targeted by Helputt's Scare Chase if you use a skill with iframes. This is especially necessary if you are going solo. If you use a special active with short iframes, be sure that Hellputt is out of range from the delay or you risk being targeted after the delay ends.
  • Hellputt's Pain of Caladbolg shares the same effect as Chung's; if you have a status ailment while hit by the attack, you will be damaged by an explosion momentarily afterwards. Hellputt tends to use Pain of Caladbolg as a follow up to Iron Howling to induce this special effect.









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