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Just Elsword ID's Player.

My Current Characters in Elsword ID:

LKNEW.png Trager
RSNEW.png Shairan
ISNEW.png Skyger
EMNEW.png Vafner
VPNEW.png Yunha
DWNEW.png Yansifa
WSNEW.png Suyuan
GANEW.png Mellina
NWNEW.png Listira
BMNEW.png Rasgul
RFNEW.png Ragaren
VCNEW.png Partade
CNNEW.png Fuyulan
CMNEW.png Fiskara
CBSNEW.png Sleyrain
IPNEW.png Sargean
DCNEW.png Krylan
TTNEW.png Fargen
SDNEW.png Aranela
YRNEW.png Sarayan
AANEW.png Shalina
GMNEW.png Yuzuren