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Every character in Elsword has their own set of unique features that sets them apart from other characters.

Nature's Force[edit]

On 01/02/2014 in the Korean server, Rena received a new system, the Nature's Force system. Nature's Force is a system exclusive to only elves. The system interface is indicated below the MP bar. The orbs are indicated in game as NF.

Increasing Amount of Nature Orbs[edit]

Rena is able to charge up the nature orbs bar by doing basic kicks and arrow shots. After using 6 kick or arrow commands, 1 orb will float around Rena.

E.g., using DRU.pngX.pngX.pngX.png is three commands despite having five hits total.

Using skills will also increase Rena's command count. For every 25 MP used on the activation of skills, you gain one extra command. For example:

  • 30 MP Active: +1.2 commands
  • 100 MP skill: +4 commands
  • 200 MP skill: +8 commands
  • 300 MP skill: +12 commands


New Double Jump[edit]


Along with the new system, Rena's mobility is also improved. Her double jump has been changed to from a midair somersault to jumping off a platform made of wind and leaves. Like Elsword and Raven, Rena is also able to air dash, but with a lower distance. Along with the new double jump, Combat Ranger's ^^ZZ is also changed to drag target towards you instead of kicking them into the air.

Nature's Force Buff[edit]

When Rena has 3 or more nature orbs (1 in Awakening Mode), she gains a passive buff that increases her movement Speed, passive MP recovery, and damage reduction.

  • Rena's passive MP recovery is increased by 1 MP per 3 seconds.
    • MP gain from skills and attacks are unaffected.
  • Damage taken is reduced by 10%.


Nature's Force Damage Boost[edit]


When Rena has at least 1 nature orb, she is able to use that orb alongside her attacks.

  • At the end of each combo, an orb will explode on the target. However, this does not apply to single hit combos (E.g: ↑Z).
    • Some combos removed the orb detonation after a later patch on the same day.
      • Sniping Ranger: ↑↑X[X], →→X[X]
      • Combat Ranger: ↑↑Z[Z]
      • Night Watcher: →→↑Z[Z], →→Z[X], ZZZ[X]
  • The orb deals splash damage, ignores defense, and the does not knock down.
  • Each NS bar used adds 370% of the average of Rena's physical and magic attack to the explosion.
  • For skills, you are required to have the required amount of nature orbs. With the required amount, the first hit of the skill will be aided with a detonation of the number of orbs used. The list below shows how many orbs are need for each skill.
    • If you use a skill with lower than the required amount of NS bars it will still consume the remaining NS bars and give a proportionally reduced effect.


Sniping Ranger/
Grand Archer

Combat Ranger/
Wind Sneaker

Trapping Ranger/
Night Watcher

System Updates[edit]

  • 01/02/2014 KR
    • Nature's Spirit system added.
  • 01/28/2014 KR
    • Commands required to gain a nature orb reduced from seven to six.
    • Skills increase your Nature's Spirit command count on activation.


  • Although the poster states the system as Nature Force, a direct translation of the words indict it to be Nature's Spirit.
    • This is how in NA, this feature use the name of KR Poster instead. Being named as Nature's Force in NA.
  • Implemented zzz cancel point (zzz loop) and GA ^^xx combo.

Abilità dei Personaggi

La Strada della Spada

Quando sei nei panni di Elsword, ci sarà un indicatore supplementare sotto l'interfaccia del combattimento. La Strada della Spada (conosciuta anche come Strada della spada o WotS) ti consente di intraprendere la strada per lo "Spadaccino della vitalità" o lo "Spadaccino della distruzione" per un certo periodo.

Essa si riempirà di furia distruttiva (colore rosso) o di forza della vitalità (colore blu) a seconda della skill o della combo utilizzata.
Quando la barra si riempie di furia distruttiva e si utilizza una skill o una combo della distruzione, la furia distruttiva diminuisce. Viceversa, utilizzando le skill o le combo della vitalità, scende il livello di forza della vitalità.
Quando vieni colpito da un mostro, la furia distruttiva o la forza della vitalità diminuiscono.

Da notare che il sistema utilizzato non è ciò che potrebbe sembrare all'inizio. Gli attacchi di tipo vitalità toglieranno vitalità dalla barra, portando la barra verso distruzione; gli attacchi di tipo distruzione toglieranno distruzione dalla barra, portando la barra verso vitalità.