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Promotional Image for Nature's Spirit Update in KR 01/02/2014
2nd Promotional Image

Every character in Elsword has their own set of unique features that sets them apart from other characters.

Nature's Force

On 01/02/2014 in the Korean server, Rena received a new system, the Nature's Force system. Nature's Force is a system exclusive to only elves. The system interface is indicated below the MP bar. The orbs are indicated in game as NF.

Increasing Amount of Nature Orbs

Rena is able to charge up the nature orb gauge by hitting targets with basic kicks, arrow commands, and Active skills. After 3 commands, 1 bar of the nature orb gauge is filled.

E.g., using DRU.pngX.pngX.pngX.png is three commands despite having five hits total.

When Awakening, 5 NF bars will be filled. If you receive NF when your orbs are already full, you will instead receive 15 MP for each extra NF.

As the bars fill, certain graphical effects will surround Rena:

  • 1 bar: A faint green orb appears.
  • 2 bars: The orb has a green trail.
  • 3 bars: The orb becomes more luminous.
  • 4 bars: A second orb appears. It has the same appearance as the previous stage.
  • 5 bars: A third orb appears. Same appearance.
    • Since the number of orbs do not match the number of bars filled, they aren't a good indicator of your gauge's current status.



Nature's Force Buff

When Rena has at least 1 bar in her nature orb gauge, she gains a passive buff that increases all speed, passive MP recovery, arrow MP gain and decreases her arrow MP usage.

Nature's Force Damage Boost


When Rena has at least 1 bar in her nature bars gauge, she is able to boost the damage done by commands and Special Active skills. When Special Actives are used, the explosion boosts only the first hit of the skill. The explosion has an AoE damage, this means it can hit unlimited targets at once in its range.

  • At the end of each combo, an orb will explode on the target. However, this does not apply to single hit combos (E.g: ↑Z).
    • Some combos removed the orb detonation after a later patch on the same day.
      • Sniping Ranger: ↑↑X[X], →→X[X]
      • Combat Ranger: ↑↑Z[Z]
      • Night Watcher: →→↑Z[Z], →→Z[X], ZZZ[X]
    • All three arrows of Rena's XXX↑[X] and XXXv[X] can each detonate one orb.
  • The list below shows the maximum number of bars used for each eligible skill.
    • If a Special Active skill is used with less than the maximum number of bars, the explosion damage is equal to the number of bars available.
    • Some Special Active skills (e.g., Karma) do not use bars.


Rail Stinger.PNG
Rail Stinger
: 1 Bar
Perfect Strom.PNG Perfect Storm
: 2 Bars
Aero Tornado.PNG Aero Tornado
: 3 Bars
Assault Kick.PNG
Assault Kick
: 1 Bar
Phoenix Strike.PNG Phoenix Strike
: 3 Bars

Combat Ranger/
Wind Sneaker

Crecent Kick.png Crescent Kick
: 2 Bars
Spinning Kick.png Spinning Kick
: 1 Bar
TAI-HO-MING.png Dive Kick Bombing
: 3 Bars
Violent Attack.PNG Violent Attack
: 3 Bars
SHOCK HO.png Sharp Fall
: 2 Bars
WSs1.png Slide Double Kick
: 1 Bar
WSTrans1.png Spinning Crescent
: 1 Bars
WSTrans3.png Gyro Kick
: 2 Bar
WSTrans6.png Tempest
: 3 Bar

Sniping Ranger/
Grand Archer

Guide Arrow.png Guided Arrow
: 2 Bars
Wind Ward.png Wind Wall
: 1 Bars
Crazy Shot.png Crazy Shot
: 3 Bars
SI Aero-Strafe.png Aero Strafe
: 2 Bars
Wind Blast.png Wind Blast
: 2 Bars
GAs1.png Freezing Arrow - Sting
: 1 Bar
GATrans1.png Blast Arrow
: 1 Bars
GATrans3.png Cutlass Wind
: 2 Bar
GATrans6.png Ace in the Hole
: 3 Bar

Trapping Ranger/
Night Watcher

Fatality.png Fatality
: 2 Bars
Humming Wind.png Humming Wind
: 1 Bars
Callofruin.png Call of Ruin
: 3 Bars
TA fungus.png Trapping Arrow - Fungus
: 2 Bars
NWSActive2.png Gliding Strike
: 2 Bars
NWSActive1.png Furious Engage
: 1 Bar
NWTrans1.png Seed of Wrath : Icicle
: 1 Bars
NWTrans3.png Rage Fungus
: 2 Bar
NWTrans6.png Eradication
: 3 Bar

Feature Information

Bars Explosion Buff
Damage Per Bar Skill Modifier Max Bars
All Speed
Passive MP
Arrow MP Gain
Arrow MP Usage
1 370% +20% 3  % +1 MP/3 seconds  %  %
2  % +2 MP/3 seconds  %  %
3  % +3 MP/3 seconds  %  %
4  % +4 MP/3 seconds  %  %
5  % +5 MP/3 seconds  %  %


Character HQ Shop Item 72550.png     Specialization A HQ Shop Item 72560.png     Specialization B
x% chance of gaining extra NF (Max: 50%) MP Usage decreases by how many NF consumed (Max: 40%)

Tips and Details

  • Damage is based on the player's average attack power.
  • The explosion hits all targets in range and ignores defense and guard. After the Rena Reborn update (07/23/2015 KR Patch), it no longer inflicts hitstun, meaning it no longer prevents knockdown.


  • Although the poster states the system as Nature Force, a direct translation of the words indicate it as Nature's Spirit.
    • In NA, this feature is named Nature's Force, similar to the KR poster. This can easily be confused with Wind Sneaker's Nature's Force.


  • 01/02/2014 KR
    • Nature's Spirit system added.
  • 01/28/2014 KR
    • Commands required to gain a nature orb reduced from seven to six.
    • Skills increase your Nature's Spirit command count on activation.
  • 07/23/2015 KR
    • System revamped.
  • 08/27/2015 KR
    • Adjusted damage reduction buff per 1 NF point which was set too high.
  • 02/04/2016 KR
    • MP recovery effect decreased.
    • Damage Reduction effect removed.
  • 04/21/2016 (KR) / 05/18/2016 (NA)
    • Change to be recovered NF more easily when using combo.
  • 08/11/2016 KR
    • Fixed issue where NF consume is affected by Specialization B and Skill Trait.
  • 05/18/2017 KR
    • Fixed issue where cannot gain NF when awaken during entering the next stage.

Character Systems

Way of the Sword

When playing as Elsword, you will have access to a special gauge known as Way of the Sword. This gauge will enable you to activate Aura of Vitality or Aura of Destruction for a period of time. Depending on the type of commands (Z.png/X.png) or skills you use, the gauge will lean towards either vitality or destruction.

While the Aura of Vitality is active, you will gain more MP from vitality-based attacks, while the MP cost for vitality-based skills will be reduced. Your speed will also be increased. While the Aura of Destruction is active, you will immediately bounce back any attack that hits you, knocking down nearby enemies and triggering super armor for 6 seconds in which time you cannot trigger the effect again. All destruction-based attacks will also deal vastly more damage.

Note that the system they use is not what what it may appear to be at first; vitality-based attacks take away vitality from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards destruction; destruction-based attacks take away destruction from the gauge, leaning the gauge towards vitality; this is why only attacks that use the gauge will receive benefits while in their respective aura.

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