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Rinnovo Henir

On the 26th of September 2013, Korean Elsword had an update, which involved the reorganization of Henir related stuff.

New Stages Addition

New stages were added to the henir map.

  • New stages include 6-X boss fight for Hamel bonus map, Sander bosses and the last bonus stage with sander mini-bosses.
  • When you play Challenge Mode, Boss Level now will adjust to "Average level of the highest and lowest leveled players that are within 5 levels of the highest leveled character in party rounded down to the nearest whole level".

Map Layout


New Boss Set List

Ruben Set/Elder Set

Stage 1 : William Phoru
Stage 2 : Fairy Guardian (x5) OR Monkey King (x1), Toto (x1) OR Mush King, Bomber Boss Mong OR Ancient Phoru
Stage 3 : Awakened Banthus (x1), Nasod Banthus (x1) OR Wally No.8 (x1), Verngert (x1) OR Ent, Bat King OR Jango, Kid Phoru, William Phoru

Bethma Set/Altera Set

Stage 1 : Lizardman Warrior (x2) OR Raven (x2) OR Shadow Lizardman (x2) OR Corrupt Nasod Driller (x2)
Stage 2 : Berauk (x2) OR Dark Berauk (x3) OR Kayak the Shaman (x2) OR Ignis and Leviathan OR Parasitic Alterasia Turret, Corrupt Nasod Excavator (x2)
Stage 3 : Nasod Driller (x2) OR Wally No. 8 MK2 (x2) OR Crow Rider (x2)
Stage 4 : King Nasod (x1) or Armoured Wally No. 9 (x2)
Secret Stage : Nasod Inspector (x1)
Elite Stage : Code: Q-PROTO_00 (x1), Apple (x1)

Feita Set

Stage 1 : Dullahan Knight (x2) OR Teach the Tyrant (x2)
Stage 2 : Amethyst (x1), Glitter Necromancer (x2) OR Plant Overlord (x3)
Stage 3 : Cutty Sark (x1)
Stage 4 : Berthe (x2)
Secret Stage : Kayak the Shadow Shaman (x1), Ancient Bone Dragon (x1)
Elite Stage : Proxy the Nimble (x1), Wise Dutor (x1), Assaulter Crash (x1)

Velder Set

Stage 1 : Uno Hound (x2)
Stage 2 : Crazy Puppet, Arc Glitter Alchemists (x2)
Stage 3 : Spriggan (x2)
Stage 4 : Dark Nephilim (x1)
Secret Stage : Alterasia Type-H (x1)
Elite Stage : Stealthy Morfos (x1), McGard the Blitzkrieg (x1), Polka (x1), Invincible Vardon (x1), Sullen Hoakin (x1)

Hamel Set

Stage 1 : Shadow Master (x3)
Stage 2 : Coral Serpent (x3)
Stage 3 : Taranvash (x1) OR Victor (x2)
Stage 4 : Avalanche (x1) OR Magmanta (x2)
Stage 5 : Ran (x2)
Secret Stage : Hoakin's Hallucination (x1)
Elite Stage : Shadow Stinger (x1), Bizarre Conrad(x1), Chloe the Corrupt (x1), Bobosse (x1)

Sander Set

Stage 1 : Waldo (x1) OR Steel Wing-Kelaino (x1)
Stage 2 : Chieftain Trockta (x1)
Stage 3 : Great Battle Chief Karu (x1)
Stage 4 : Succubus Queen Karis (x1)
Stage 5 : Karis True Form (x1)
Secret Stage : Corrupt Destroyer Helputt (x1)
Elite Stage : Battle Chief Tariq (x1), Battle Chief Tuadin (x1), Succubus : Erilot (x1), Ferocius Trak Thrower (x1), Dark Wing-Okypete (x1)

Solo Challenge List Added

  • Solo Challenge applies to completing Henir by yourself.
  • Ranking categories related to board is added as 'hero'.
  • The rankings will be reset once a month, the monthly ranking as the initialization schedule.


Title Addition

Along the addition of the solo challenge, new titles are also added.

Name Stats Requirements
이계의 절대자 Physical Damage increased by 10%
Magical Damage increased by 10%
Hyper-Active Skill Lv +1
Available for people who cleared the solo henir challenge and is first in the monthly rankings.(First week of every month based on regular inspections ranking)
이계의 정복자 Physical Damage increased by 5%
Magical Damage increased by 5%
2nd job basic skill Lv +2
Available for people who cleared the solo henir challenge and is 2nd to the 10th in the monthly rankings.(First week of every month based on regular inspections ranking)
이계의 침략자 Physical Damage increased by 3%
Magical Damage increased by 3%
1st job basic skill Lv +3
Available for people who cleared the solo henir challenge and is 11th to the 100th in the monthly rankings.(First week of every month based on regular inspections ranking)
시공 정복자 Action Speed +2%
Addition Damage +2%
Available to people who cleared the solo challenge once.
시공 초월자 Critical +3%
Addition Damage +3%
Action Speed +3%
All properties Attack Probability +1.0%
Avaliable to people who clear the solo challenge 499 times.

Construction of Henir Equipments

  • Armor pieces are all unified into 1 type of equip.(All characters can use the same equipment)
  • New equipment names have been changed.
  • Ruben (Lv 10) equipment are no longer available.
    • First piece of henir equipment starts at lv 20.


  • Unique grade equipment requires a new item, the Aurora Gemstone.

Installation of Aurora Gemstones

  • This stones are acquired by completing the henir quest given by Glave.
    • The quest requires you to clear Challenge mode on Henir. Completing this quest gives you 5 gemstones.
  • Clearing the dungeon will also give you 1 stone.
  • Henir daily cubes and the stones can be exchanged here and there.
    • 1 Daily Cube <=> 3 Aurora Gemstone.


Possible Bug/Glitches

Sometimes when you play Henir, there's still bug in there even Henir has Revamped. This is a list of possible bugs/glitches that might be encountered inside Henir's Time and Space:

  • Wally no.9 often does not appear from his armor in the correct position to non-host players.
  • Avalanche becomes invincible at his HP threshold but does not teleport into the background, becoming an additional obstacle during his background attack phase to non-host players.
  • Coral Snakes sometimes spawn in random positions on its stage, some floating in air or in the middle of a platform. This happens due to laggy players.

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