Crazy Shot

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SnipingRangerSkill6.png [Special Active: Bravery]
Fire a sphere that fires magical arrows. Its hits and size is increased by 30% if used while Awakened.
NF Consumption Skill
  • Uses 3 NF on hit
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Last hit no longer launches.


Class Level Required
Sniping Ranger 35

Skill Information

Mode Sphere of Light (Magical) Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
Normal Awakening Normal Awakening
PvE 454% 359% 15 20 300 MP 21 Seconds
PvP 172% 137%

Skill Traits

Useful Crazy ShotGigantic Crazy Shot
Attribute EffectMax HitsAttribute Effect
Max Hits increased
Damage decreased to 70%
Normal: 29
Awakening: 38
Skill size increased to 130%

Total Damage

Exclamation.png : Damage values may not be reflected in Free Training.
ModeBaseHawk Eye/Arrow Mastery
RegularAwakening ModeRegularAwakening Mode

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Tips and Details

  • Without [Enhanced], targets will be knocked up at the end of the skill.
  • The skill drags enemies towards its center and since the hits start as the projectile leaves Rena's bow, enemies must be relatively close to receive full hits of the skill.
    • This is mitigated a lot by the Gigantic trait and by being in awakening as the size increases make this initial point of contact much larger.
    • Due to the skill originating near Rena, the hitbox actually starts quite far behind her, as the entire Sphere of Light travels forward to its eventual location.
  • This skill has a high MP regeneration when using Useful Crazy Shot while awakened, and if used inside of Gungnir while having the passive Rapid Archer, it is possible to get almost all of your MP back.
  • The skill is affected by the Free Training hit count error:
    • By default, it will deal 16 hits instead of 15.
    • In Awakening Mode, it will deal 21 hits instead of 20.
    • With the Useful trait, it will deal 25 hits instead of 29.
    • In Awakening Mode, with the Useful trait, it will deal 41 hits instead of 38.



Date Changes
03/20/2008 05/04/2011
  • Crazy Shot added.
11/07/2013 02/12/2014
  • Damage increased.
  • MP cost increased to 300.
04/20/2015 -
  • Skill's hitbox changes to follow the visual effect, so the hitbox becomes larger.
07/23/2015 12/16/2015
  • Range increased when awaken.
  • Max Hits increased when awaken.
02/04/2016 03/16/2016
  • Fixed Crazy Shot appearing in other side when Grand Archer has too much attack speed.
01/12/2017 01/24/2017
  • Damage decreased.
04/27/2017 05/10/2017
  • Damage increased.
  • Damage decreased.
11/02/2017 11/15/2017
  • Damage increased.
12/14/2017 -
  • Tooltip error in [Enhanced] level fixed.
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Damage increased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 미친 샷 Crazy Shot
Japanese Flag.png Japan クレイジーショット Crazy Shot
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 疯狂空间 Crazy Space
German Flag.png Germany Schuss des Wahnsinns Crazy Shot
Spanish Flag.png Spain Disparo de locura Crazy Shot
French Flag.png France Tir démentiel Crazy Shot
Italian Flag.png Italy Tiro di Follia Crazy Shot
Polish Flag.png Poland Strzał Obłędu Crazy Shot
Brazil Flag.png Brazil Disparo Explosivo Explosive Shot