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Water Master
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Water Dragon
Water Master
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이명희 (Lee Myung Hee)
... I must have been asleep longer than I thought. To see Elrianode back in all its glory...

~ Denif


The El Master of Water. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. A combination of coolness and intelligence controls the sea so that it does not overflow onto the land.

Denif is a humanoid type of dragon. He is part of a family which had protected the El for generations, and he is no different.


The Incident

The El Tower was attacked, however they were able to fend off the enemies. Solace arrived and asked Denif what had happened, Denif explained that a similar situation had occurred to the El Tower a hundred years ago. He explains that back then Henir zealots had attacked the tower and were able to harm the El Lady, this nearly caused the annihilation of the entire continent. Solace asked Denif about these Henir zealots, he told Solace that the Henir zealots are extremists who believe that everything not created by Henir should be destroyed, hence why they attacked the El Lady, the human form of the goddess Ishmael, the servant of Elia. Denif was thankful the the El Lady was safe this time and decided that they have to strengthen the defenses of the El Tower for the Harmony Festival.

The Harmony Festival

During the Harmony Festival, Denif was patrolling the El Tower when he heard a strange sound. On guard and some of the soldiers starting to panic, Denif became very alert. Denif tried to calm people down to assess the situation, and ordered that the security of the tower be tightened and to have the tower on complete lock down. When Solace panicked and rushed in to save Hernia, Denif became suspicious and ordered the guard to stop him, activating the tower's defense magic.

El Explosion Aftermath

After the El exploded, the El Masters decided to pour their energy into the scattered El. In the process, they gave the power of attributes to the various scattered El. In order to preserve Elrianode, they created a seal and locked it with the El. The capital of Elrios would fall into slumber alongside the El Masters who sealed it.

Chapter 27: The Boy and the El

Elsword choosing to sacrifice himself, restored the El to its former glory. With the El restored to its full power, the ancient capital of Elrios, Elrianode was released from its slumber in the scattered El. Denif awoke in the reawakened city, he soon found Artea as well as the other priestesses of El who were teleported to the city. Denif patrolled the city when the El Search Party arrived. He asked them to identify themselves and Elesis had told him that they were acting upon request of the El Lady. Denif was first reluctant to aid the group but with Artea's assurance decided to hear what they had to say.

The El Search Party then told Denif about what had happened to Elsword, he then concluded that Elsword's sacrifice must've been the cause of Elrianode's awakening. Rena asked Denif if he knew where the other El Master were, he was not aware of their locations speculating that they might have waken up in a different place or may have not yet waken up at all. Denif remember that they had mentioned the El Lady, he asks the group the details on that. The group told him about Solace. Denif expresses his regret for not stopping Solace but also that he understands the situation he had been under. He still expresses great disdain for Solace's actions but admits that it is not the time for him to harp on the past. Rena pleas to Denif to help them save Elsword even if it risks the El. Denif hesitates, but accepts their request. Acknowledging that Elsword's sacrifice may only lead to the cycle of sacrifice continuing.

Denif tells the group that he is a dragon, part of a family who had guarded the El for generations. He tells the Search Party that they must go inside the El and take Elsword out themselves. He says that he will open an dimensional fissure allowing them to enter the Corridor of El. He warns the group that there is no guarantee that their plan will work but admires their commitment. He lastly warns the group that the El energy will most likely test their resolve and failure may result in them being consumed by the El. Denif opens the fissure into the El and the El Search Party enter.

After they'd entered, Rose arrives in Elrianode with approval from the El Lady. Upon the El Lady's suggestion, Rose asks Denif if she could enter the El to save Zero and Denif complies.

Once the group had successfully overcome the hall's trials and found Elsword, they managed to escape the El together. Upon returning outside the El, Denif greets the El Search Party once more, Elsword asks who Denif was, mistaking him for a child. Elesis butts in, scolding Elsword for his rudeness, introducing Elsword to Denif, Elsword swiftly apologizes and thanks Denif for helping his friends save him. Denif not harping on Elsword's mistake is charmed by the boys spirit and impressed by the group's ability to have returned from the El. He tells the group that they must've faced resistance from the El and confirms that the voices that they heard were illusions of the El energy. That if they had fallen for the El's deception, they would've been lost for good. Denif then comments that as he suspected, due to Elsword's removal, the El has once again become unstable, however reassured the group that Solace's diceon is helping temporarily maintain the El, as well as the powers of himself and the other Priestesses of El. However, their efforts will not last forever and suggests they search for another power source to replace the diceon currently in use. The El Search Party collect themselves and prepare to embark on their task, Denif smiles at the groups reliability and places his full trust in them.

Chapter 28: Restored Elrianode

Rose emerged from the El around this time with Zero having been revived. Denif informs that the El Search Party had just made their way to the Water Dragon's Sanctum and suggests she follow them.

The El Search Party was unsure what exactly they'd need to search out to replace the diceon being used in the El. Denif mentions a shrine his family had been guarding for generations at the Water Dragon Sanctum, he is unaware of what exactly lies inside the shrine but knows it radiates an immense El energy, who which can be felt despite the object being sealed. This being his only lead was the perfect place to start their search. Denif however mentions that the Water Dragon Sanctum is a place that had fallen into the gaps of Henir sprouting around the city, located in the outskirts of the city, Henir consumes the area. Denif tells the group that he can still send the group to the entrance, but he cannot do anything about the Henir wall. Speaking about Henir, Denif says that Henir energy in itself is not bad, in fact Henir energy is in part what comprised Elrios in its early stages, but the situation at hand is quite strange. Denif informs the group that when the original El brought life to Elrios, it too created traces of Henir energy as feedback. Rena wonders if the resurgence of Henir around Elrianode could be a response of the El reforming and creating, Denif was unsure, finding the current situation different than what he had read. Unlike Henir energy created as feedback which just twist the world around them, the Henir energy currently present appear to be destroying everything around them, hypothesizing that something must be intervening. Planning to send the group of to the Water Dragon Sanctum, he tells the group that they must find a gate to access the sanctum, and that Elsword should be able to react and find it for them. Despite that, he states that the gate is still sealed, that only very few knew how to unlock it, even during the Ellian Kingdom's peak. He was shocked to learn that Aisha might be able to. He was even more shocked when he learned Aisha and her grandfather were members of the Landar family, the greatest magician family of the Ellian Kingdom, he was very pleased to have met a member of the Landar family. With Aisha able to undo the seals, Denif counted on her to get them inside the Water Dragon Sanctum before sending them off.

After their confrontation with a mysterious man and Henir cult and the Water Dragon Sanctum, the group went back to Elrianode to contact Denif about the situation. Denif was shocked to learn that others had too known about the seal inside the sanctum. Unsure how this could've been, Denif wondered if the intruders had connections with other water dragons in the past, however he still finds that possibility unlikely. Add proposes that someone else might have known about it before the water dragons. Upon some thought, Denif recalls that the water dragons had been given the task by humans long ago, he thought that these intruders might be decedents of those humans. Ain brings to the table Hernir's Order, which Denif too considers, however cannot drawn any concrete conclusions with so little information. Afterwards, Raven showed Denif an orb which they retrieved from the intruders. Elesis tells Denif that the orb contained unknown substances and radiated Henir energy, that all the people they saw use the orb turned into monsters. Denif was surprised by the news, wondering if those under the orb's influence had gone berserk, which Rena corrected that they had actually transformed into abominations. Denif was confused by the revelations, recalling back to the assaults on the El by Henir's Order in the past, we worried for the current situation and insisted they seek methods to counter it quickly.

Chapter 29: Invasion of the Order

Denif expects nothing good of the object the El Search Party found from the sanctum, he wondered what it was for. Artea wonders about the Henir's Order and Denif speaks of the Henir fanatics which have tried to attack the El Tower in the past. Ara wonders if the group may have been awakened with Elrianode like the El Masters, however Denif dismisses the possibility since only the El Masters fell into slumber with the city. He fears what the organization might do with the enhanced growing Henir energy around the city, more so taking account of objects they've been using, he believes their operation in Elrianode is long since planned. Artea asks about the orb the El Search Party found, but Denif who was clueless on how it worked, expressing a need for the other El Master's input on the matter. Then, Elesis soon realized that Glave might be someone fit to give them more information on Henir. Denif was surprised the group knew such a person and requests they seek Glave out to identify the orb they found.

After returning with information of the "Seed of Life", Denif was surprised to learn that the object was created right here in Elrianode by its most esteemed organization, the Seven Tower. Knowing the lengths and beliefs of Henir's Order, Denif grows more concerned over what they have planned. He firmly believes their end goal is to throw the world into chaos so they could destroy Elria's creation. Soon he was interrupted by Ignia with news on monsters starting to swarm the city. Eve tells everybody that the monsters are coming out of dark rifts spawning through the city, however Denif feels suspicious of it seeing as the rifts don't appear to be big enough for the monsters to enter through, however Eve reports that the rifts are increasing in size. With the situation looking bad, the El Search Party all spring into actions, splitting up in all directions.

Chapter 30: Henir's Passage

While the El Search Party was investigating Elrianode City on their own, Rose informs Denif that she believed she may have found the passage to Henir based on Zero's information. Denif agreed to her circumstances and asked her to help locate and secure the location.

The El Search Party arrived back in Elrianode alongside Ventus. Denif was pleased to see an old ally once again, however, he is still just as annoyed by Ventus's gesture as always. Denif asks why he was with the El Search Party and Ventus explained what had happened to him over the past two years since he was awakened early by Lincy and Rena. Ara tells Denif that Ventus had retrieved the relic from the Sanctum, Ventus hands it over but Denif doesn't feel anything special from the stone. Ventus tells Denif to look at the inscriptions on the bottom of the stone, Denif recognizes the ancient script and with the help of Aisha, they decode part of it, however, the message was incomplete.

Chung brings up the information they had learned from Glave about the passage to Henir's core which is supposed to be underneath the ancient Elrianode palace. Hearing the news, Denif is quick to tell the group about an individual he had encountered soon after the group departed. Soon after, Rose and Zero arrived back to Elrianode from a survey of the entrance to the Debrian Laboratory. Denif lets the group go with Rose to see what they can find in the Debrian Laboratory.

Chapter 31: Interdimensional Colossus and...

The El Search Party hurry and return to Elrianode with the news they found in the Debrian Laboratory. The group tell Denif of Henir's Passage and that Henir's Order must've been taking energy from it as soon as Elrianode was awakened, assuring Denif's suspicion. Lu then tells Denif about the demon script she found in the lab, tell him that if the relic which she now knows is the Primal El and a Dark El were to combine, it would release immense amounts of power. Denif was confused by the statement, wondering how the two stones would combine, Lu then went on to tell everybody that the Dark El was a mirror of the large El in Elrios, which Denif soon recalls certain text he had read long ago making vague reference to the idea. He grows concerned over what power Henir's Order truly had, seeing their presence in Elrianode's ancient palace even in its prime. Elesis growing concerned over the possibility of the Myserious Man attacking the El Tower, she requests that Denif hand the Primal El over to the group which he does comply, giving the Primal El to Elsword. Soon after, Elesis and the group's suspicions became a reality and the Mysterious Man came through a portal right in front of the El Tower.

With his assault right on the El Tower's doorstep, Denif called for Ventus to prepare a defense against the incoming monsters. His preparations were soon interrupted by Solace and Hernia, the two's intrusion caught the Water Master by surprise, Denif not sure what to say. Ventus greeted Solace but soon took the opportunity to whale on him for the things he had done, but also to relieve some guilt from Solace. After that, Hernia tells everybody that Henir's Order will most likely try to destabilize the El again, Denif agrees. Hernia however insists on sacrificing herself to maintain the El, which Denif strongly protests and all the El Priestesses soon arrive to back Denif. Denif explains to Hernia that even before the El Explosion, the El Masters have been planning to replace the El Master and El Lady system with the El Priestess system. Explaining that it was more important to maintain the El than protect it like the El Masters had done before. He let the other Priestesses explain and try to convince Hernia to let them help, to much success before all of them prepared their position to protect the El.

After the El Search Party defeated Hennon, as a last ditch effort and a means of testing out the Primal El's power, he used a Dark El fragment he had and turned into the Interdimensional Colossus. The Priestesses saw the beast and quickly alerted Denif and Ventus. Denif realizing a monster on this scale posed a huge danger to the El Tower told everybody to help him produce a barrier around the El Tower.

After the El Search Party defeated the Interdimensional Colossus, the monsters attacking the El Tower soon began to dissipate and things quieted down. He thanked the other Masters, Priestesses, and the El Lady for helping protect the El Tower. Ventus also gives his thanks in his flirtatious way, which Denif quickly scolds him for, telling Ventus to act more Master like again. Denif then directs his attention to Solace and Hernia, telling them that they don't have to say in Elrianode anymore. Hernia insists on staying but Denif is stern on letting them go, telling that he has realized the cycle of sacrifice the El Lady faced was wrong, that he believes in the El Search Party to find another way. Ventus jumps in and nudges the two to leave Elrianode and get together. Denif annoyed by Ventus's crudeness, let his statement slide just this one time.

Chapter 32: Recuperation

After the battle with Hennon, Denif kept an eye on the El Priestesses as they took on the role of the El Lady. Ventus walks into the El Tower with the El Search Party with an enthusiastic expression on his face. Denif feels concerned but is soon greeted by good news that Ventus and discovered an Elriabrunnr that may be the Forgotten Elrian Sanctum. Denif is impressed by Ventus's elf sense but also reprimands him for leaving his post. Elsword is confused by the speak of Elriabrunnrs and Sanctums. Denif explains that Elriabrunnr are locations where a high concentration of El energy gathers, like water in a valley, and the Sanctum is one such Elriabrunnr that the ancient Elrians used to train. Denif warns the group of the risks of entering a high El concentrated area, much like in the Hall of El. Eve expresses difficulty getting readings in such area. Denif continues to warn that the incomplete state of Elrianode and the infestation of Henir may have had unforeseen effects on the Sanctum. Ciel and Elsword express that the difficulties will only make them stronger. Seeing that the group had all made their decision to go, Denif wishes them a safe return.

After Ventus returns from escorting the group to the Elriabrunnr, Artea expresses a shred of guilt for always needing the aid of the El Search Party. Denif comforts her expressing that they each have their own roles to play and that maintaining the El, is theirs. Sasha then asks Denif of the whereabouts of the other Masters, in which Denif believes they must be outside Henir's Barrier. Ventus hopes the others are not fooling around, and Denif grudgingly suggests that Ventus search for them if he is complaining about it. Denif expresses how Ventus hasn't changed, but so much has in the world since the El Explosion, that he never thought he would see Elrianode again. Anduran then asks Denif what the Priestesses roles were before the El Explosion. Denif tells them about how the Elrian Kingdom bestowed the title of Master to those who were skilled at manipulating the El, however after an event where Henir's Order nearly destabilized the El, the order soon realized that they needed to train people who can take on the task in the event something were to happen to the El Lady. With that, the idea for the El Priestesses were conceived. Denif then expresses that due to the long slumber he had been under, he never got to see the fruits of their plan, but judging as the world is still in one piece, he feels reassured that their plan had worked. Darkmoon and Ignia begin to regret their failings to protect their El, but Denif tells them that they should not dwell on the past and keep looking forward, elaborating that since Elsword restored the Large El, the Moon El she has lost to the demons is no longer an issue. With their worries quelled, Anduran suggests they help her make her famed vegetable stew, Ventus and the Priestesses agreed while Denif tells them not to go too far. Before they leave off, Artea approaches Denif.

Once the El Search Party returned for the Sanctum, Denif greets the group. He asks them if they had seen visions of the past. Elsword and Elesis both mention that the sensation had gone through them, Denif then elaborating that the countless Elrians that had trained in the Sanctum in the past had left their impression in the El energy, and their impressions taught them. Ara wonders if such power is unique to the Sanctum, but Denif tells her that any place of concentrated El has the potential. Ciel ponders about the Demon World and how it lacks El energy. Denif wonders too but feels as though there must be another energy in the Demon World, one in which another lesson can be learned.

Chapter 33: To the Demon Realm

Upon further investigation of the Primal El that Hennon left behind, Denif concluded that the shard would no longer be a viable option to reach the Demon Realm. He tells the group that the remaining residue while still maintaining power, is not stable enough to guarantee any sort of dimensional travel. The El Search Party begin to discuss among themselves any alternatives, eventually devolving into bickering between Add and Lu, Denif feeling a familiar headache arising from listening to the two.

While the El Search Party went to Debrian Laboratory to pursue Add's plan, Denif went to scout around the city. When he came back, the El Search Party began to discuss with everybody everything they knew about people who have been able to cross dimensions, mainly about how the Demons were able to cross into Elrios despite them not having any type of El. Denif speculating that the Demons targeted the Earth El because it was the strongest power source they could reach. With the knowledge that El exists in Rose's world as well, the group eventually conclude that the El's nature is actually to prevent travel between worlds.

The group asked Denif if they could search under the tower, Ventus raising that nobody has truly ever investigated below the El, Denif bringing to mind that he was never really thought too much about it himself. Chung tells the master that they have already been below the El once before, Denif was surprised to hear the new, Chung revealing that Ara has fell down and the group had to go rescue her. Denif extremely frustrated with the group's antics. Ventus tells him that they did see a powerful seal deeper in the hole. Denif agrees that they must go down into the hole, but warns the group that they should retreat immediately if anything goes wrong, as they they are going into unknowns.

Reaching the bottom of the hole, Denif asks the El Search Party if the object they found was the seal they were talking about, Lu revealing that she sensed faint traces of the Demon Realm coming from the object. Investigating the object, Denif realizes that the seal was akin to the ancient seal spells, going so far as to hypothesize that it might be the origin of the ancient seals. Denif tells the group that they can't undo the seal, not only because he is unsure it can even be one, but that they shouldn't in the first place, breaking the barrier between the material and Demon Realm. However, Denif proposes that he, Ventus, and the other priestesses could use their magic to pry open a hole through the seal temporarily. Aisha says that she can help them, but Denif tells her that they should save their energy, that there is no telling what lies beyond the seal, that there is no promise that the group may ever return to Elrios. Once the El Search Party readied themselves, Denif and the others were able to make a small opening in the seal, just large enough for the El Search Party to enter before the gateway closed behind them.

Chapter 35: Cradle of Sin

Once the El Search Party had departed, he and Ventus had realized that the El Search Party had no proper way of returning back to Elrios. The two deliberated and came up with a plan to give them a wind stone which they can detect once they've reached the other side of the seal below the Large El. With the plan set, Denif tasked Ventus with delivering the wind stone to the El Search Party, however besides that, Denif also had another objective he bestowed to Ventus. Denif had begun to suspect that Fire Master Rosso may be in the Demon Realm, in addition to delivering the wind stone, Denif also tasked Ventus with seeking out the lost El Master.

Sage of Fluone

When Gaia and Laby cross the Henir barrier to reach Elrianode, Denif was informed of their entrance. To Gaia's request, Denif sends Darkmoon to tend to Laby's injuries. After Gaia sees the Earth Priestess, Artea, Denif assures him that their training the El Priestesses had paid off, including Gaia's sister. Gaia then properly greets his master. After Gaia dawned his El Master garb the two master began to talk, when Denif asked about Laby, she appeared in their conversation and is awe struck by the El's light referring it as the Third Morning, a detail that peaked Denif's interest. Learning of her Black Forest origins, he begins to ponder what she might be. Laby expresses wanting to know what she is, however Denif is too unsure what she might be. In order to deduce more he brings in the other El Priestesses to hear what Laby has to say. Hearing Laby mention the voices she heard in the forest, he ponder the intervention of demon magic and when she mentioned the three mornings, it clicked to him that she maybe referring to the major El events in history. He suspects that Elsword's intervention in the El restoration may have resulted in Laby being freed from the Black Forest. Gaia is surprised to hear that and Denif explains the events that had led up to this point but returns the conversation back to Laby. After Laby mentions her experience in North Fluone, the group are surprised to learn of the persistence of demons, however Denif wasn't quite surprised demons would be around but was surprised to hear one acting so peacefully. Hearing enough, he suggested Gaia and Laby rest.

Answer to Belief

After Laby spoke with Ignia she confronted Denif with the truth about Nisha. Denif is skeptical of her claims and is wary of the other's trust in Laby's words. Denif hears her out and even afterwards still found her claims hard to believe but takes what she had said into consideration and deduces that she is likely telling them the truth. He is still rather confused of what she might be and suspects the Henir energy found within the forest may play some role, suspecting she may be a being who had crossed through the Henir portals from the Demon Realm. Gaia was uncertain of the Henir theory but Denif tells him that the El Search Party had proven it themselves and had gone to the Demon Realm. Denif tells Gaia about their current objective to locate the Dark El.

Their discussion was interrupted by the Ventus's Wind Stone reacting. The group open the seal underneath the Large El and Denif greats Ventus and Rosso. Ventus informs that his return trip was more chaotic and worries for the El Search Party's return. Ignia and Rosso begin to argue among each other, Denif attempts to defuse the situation and requires Gaia to forcibly remove the two. Ignia was dejected by the turn of events but both Denif and Ventus saw their meeting as having gone surprisingly well.

You and I Are One

Denif meets with Gaia, there he reveals that when they had imbued their powers into the El, he did not fall asleep and instead sealed Elrianode to prevent important information from leaking, a plan he withheld from most of the other El Masters, saying he did not wish for the to worry about the more important task of imbuing the new El but he also did not have complete trust in all of them. Gaia was saddened by the knowledge that his master did not have complete faith in him but is determined to gain that faith. Denif expresses quite a bit of surprise to how much Gaia had grown in such a short time, reflecting on his he and Denif's long lives. Gaia reveals that he had met Laby during his venture to seek his sister's grave, and how the girl had taught him much and reinvigorated his drive to protect others. Denif tells Gaia that they learn from their students when they teach.

Meeting the El Search Party

Gaia and Laby confront Denif who they noticed had a worried expression. Denif reveals he's concerned about the Henir realm between here and the Demon Realm for the El Search Party. He tell Gaia about the lengths they had gone to open a way to the Demon Realm, including their failed attempts to use the portal. Hearing this, Laby tells Denif about Calonne's knowledge of portals. Denif is shocked to learn that the demons have access to such technology and laments just how little the know of them. Laby pleas they no do harm to Calonne which Denif agrees to. Ventus arrives with news that the Spirit Stone was reacting and Denif gathers everybody to open the seal. They open the seal but Ventus looks in to see the El Search Party having difficulty progress due to the monsters. Gaia attempts to help but Denif tells him that he can't without causing the seal to close. Laby says she cold help and Denif decides to trust her. The situation in Henir's Realm causes everything to shift and the El Search Party and Laby fall into a fissure and disappear.

Chapter 40: Another Deal

Gaia is kicking himself over what had happened in the seal, however Denif calms him down and tells them that they have to focus on what they can do now. Just as they were planning to send somebody off to seek Calonne, a rift strikes Elrianode. Anduran appears to alert the two masters that the El Search Party had suddenly reappeared.

Chapter 41: A Wounded Return

When the El Search Party crashed back into, in order to tend to Ain's peculiar condition, the Priestesses took him to Denif. Denif was unable to do anything about his condition but believed the El Lady could aid him. He sends the priestesses to teleport Ain as well as Elsword, Raven, Eve, and Add up to Elysion.

After all the other El Search Party members and El Masters had gone to their own devices, Aisha and Chung decided to seek Denif for potential aid. Meeting with the master, Chung asks if any incidents with Henir's Order had occurred in their absence, fortunately there were not though Denif notes the El becoming progressively more unstable. Aisha asks if she could see the remnants of the El Hennon used, Denif gives them caution to not try to use the residue for anything extreme such as using it for a portal. However, Aisha claims we wished to try and create a device that could track El energy in the Demon Realm. Denif quickly calls off their plan, not for any skepticism, but because he was already in possession of a device that could help them. He shows them the Water Dragon's Compass which was an heirloom from his mother which pointed towards reservoirs of Water El energy, and he believed it may do the same if the Dark El also exudes elemental energy. Denif tells them that their is currently a seal imposed on the devices which restricts its use to him alone and tells them that they must travel within the seal in order to undo its binding. We warns the two of the thing inside the seal before sending them on their way. Within, they converse with the Will of the Water El taken Denif's form who trials their wills and the two eventually prove themselves before being expelled form the compass.

When they return, Denif is glad they managed to succeed in undoing the seal. Aisha was curious and asked Denif about the being inside the compass, Denif telling them it was a manifestation of the Water El, suspecting its knowledge may be more than his own. Chung asks Denif about the compass mentioning that he had the El inside of him. Denif tells the boy the nature of the Guardian Stone, as well as how its malleable nature allows it to function even within the Demon Realm, giving Chung hope that his father Helputt may still have some of humanity in tact. Aisha wonders why the compass had such a seal which Denif tells them it was a gift from his mother, though he does not mind them taking it, believing she could would be proud of its use. Chung proceeds to apologize for any wrongdoing his family may have done for the power of the El, however Denif reveals that is was his own will that granted the Seiker clan the power of the Water El, and that he is certain now that his choices back then were the correct ones.

Chapter 43: Preparation

At around the same time the El Search Party all reunited back in Elrianode, Denif and the other present Masters met with the priestesses. At this meeting, Denif reveals to the priestesses the truth about the El Explosion, that is was Ebalon who caused the incident, as an agent of Henir's Order. Ignia wondered why it was that history only mentioned Solace and the El Lady. Denif tells her that they believed the world was not in a state to learn the truth, Ventus noting trust in the El Masters was already at an all time low that they essentially had to beg to make the Elemental El. The news made Darkmoon realize the Moon Priestess sacrificed herself to make the small Moon El. Denif informs that anything less than full control over the element would result in the draining of ones life force as with the First Moon Priestess. Ventus finds is curious that the Sun Priestess survived, Denif remained silent, aware of Solace's involvement which Ventus quickly caught on. Moving on to their current situation, Denif asks if Ventus had any new information about Henir's Order which he unfortunately did not. Artea was uncertain why the group would not make any significant actions till recently. Rosso brings up if they should inform the El Search Party which Denif decides against, choosing to continue their investigation separately.

Everyone's Reason

When the Landars arrvied, Denif alongside Gaia and Gloria planned most of the arrangements for their stay. Ventus arrives with Rosso, Darkmoon, and Noah and calls for an emergency meeting. Upon learning that Noah was Ebalon's younger brother, Denif dismisses the other Priestesses beside Darkmoon for a meeting.

They learn of the imposter Ebalon, something Denif didn't suspect during his tenure, though laments even if they had suspected so, they would've been of little power to do anything as Ebalon seemingly was performing his duties. Though learning of Noah's story lines up with the reality that occurred. After reviewing all the information they'd gotten from Noah and the Landars, Denif grants the boy permission to wander the grounds but warns that any step out of line would be penalized.

The One Hidden

Denif conversed with Hernia and Solace soon after they arrived in Elrianode after learning of Noah Ebalon's presence. Denif fills them in on some of the knowledge they'd gotten from Noah. This aligning with Solace's suspicions of Ebalon being a spy for Henir's Order after the El Explosion. Hernia wishes to see the boy which Denif allows.

Later once Noah's memories had been restored, he reveals to them the truth of the imposters, Dantelion. The news of a being which resided in the El was something even Denif had no knowledge of. After learning how intertwined Henir's Order and the Dark El are, Denif begins to regret not better informing the El Search Party of their enemy from the shadows. Rosso affirms they'd made the right decision at the time, but they have Noah, who wishes to meet up with the El Search Party to relay the news.

El Tear Assembly

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Denif has the power to imbue your Elrianode Set armor with various effects using a special kind of El Tear shard.

El Tear Fragment Color Change

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Using Elrianode Color Change Tickets, Denif also has the ability to switch the color of the tears on your Elrianode equipment between Red and Blue, as well as converting certain effects to correspond accordingly with the color change.

Amethystine Prophecy Color Change

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Using Amethystine Prophecy Color Change Tickets, Denif also has the ability to switch the color of the Amethystine Prophecy equipment between Vermillion, Crimson, Cerulean, Cobalt, Sage, Violet.

Artifact Spirit Stone Assembly

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Using Artifact Spirit Stone Fragments or Artifact Spirit Stone Shards, Denif can assemble the Artifact Spirit Stone.


Crystal of Courage x2
Crystal of Courage x2 Trade Type
Trading List
Spectral Amethyst N/A N/A N/A
Crystal of Courage x20
Crystal of Courage x20 Trade Type
Trading List
Blessed Master Artifact Potential Ability Scroll Secret Manual: Force (M) (Rare) N/A N/A
Crystal of Courage x40
Crystal of Courage x40 Trade Type
Trading List
Secret Manual: Force (M) (Elite) N/A N/A N/A
Crystal of Courage x60
Crystal of Courage x60 Trade Type
Trading List
Secret Manual: Force (M) (Unique) N/A N/A N/A
Secret Manual: Force (M) (Rare)
Secret Manual: Force (M) (Rare) Trade Type
Trading List
[Force] Shattered Earth (Rare)
[Force] Ignite (Rare)
[Force] Raging Storm (Rare)
[Force] Water Wears Away the Stone (Rare)
[Force] Nasod Protector (Rare)
[Force] Sol Dominion (Rare)
[Force] El Affected Paradigm (Rare) N/A
Secret Manual: Force (M) (Elite)
Secret Manual: Force (M) (Elite) Trade Type
Trading List
[Force] Shattered Earth (Elite)
[Force] Ignite (Elite)
[Force] Raging Storm (Elite)
[Force] Water Wears Away the Stone (Elite)
[Force] Nasod Protector (Elite)
[Force] Sol Dominion (Elite)
[Force] El Affected Paradigm (Elite) N/A
Secret Manual: Force (M) (Unique)
Secret Manual: Force (M) (Unique) Trade Type
Trading List
[Force] Shattered Earth (Unique)
[Force] Ignite (Unique)
[Force] Raging Storm (Unique)
[Force] Water Wears Away the Stone (Unique)
[Force] Nasod Protector (Unique)
[Force] Sol Dominion (Unique)
[Force] El Affected Paradigm (Unique) N/A



  • Writer of the Strong Shield skill note.
  • Despite his youthful appearance, Denif is the oldest among the El Masters and is treated as such.
    • Ventus always calls him names like "old man" or "senior".
    • Rosso calls him "old man". Being angry about Denif carelessly allowing Laby to stay close to the El, he also accuses him of "going senile".
  • After the introduction of Hall of El, Denif's portrait was modified to display him with pointy ears.
  • In the original KR dub, Denif has a youthful-sounding voice, reflecting his appearance, while in the NA dub, he sounds much older, reflecting his age.
  • Being that Denif is a dragon, he sports pointy ears, horns, a distinct eye pattern, as well as a tail.
  • Denif becomes the mentor to Aisha and Chung during the Master Class update. This is supported by his age-old wisdom, higher magic capabilities and natural affinity to the element of water.
  • In Europe, Denif is named Agaur, which might be a deformation of
    aqua > agua > agau > agaur
    . The final R is shared with Gajar/Gayar, the name of Gaia in Europe.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 데니프 Denif
Japan デニフ Denif
China (Simplified Chinese) 特里普 Denif
Germany Agaur
Spain Agaur
France Agaur
Italy Agaur
Poland Agaur
United Kingdom Agaur

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  • Region 19~20
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