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For one of the Epic NPC of the same name, see Ice Princess Noah.
Full Name
Noah Ebalon
Extra Abilities
Power of Moon and Shadow
162 cm (5 ft 3 in)
Class Tree

Voice Actors
이새아 (Yi Sae-ah)
堀江瞬 (Horie Shun)
Brandon Winckler[1]
Release Date
17 December 2020
13 January 2021
13 January 2021
13 January 2021
13 January 2021
14 January 2021
14 July 2021
Theme Song
I invite you, under the shadow of the moon.


[Defier of Death, Moon Shadow]

Special Ability

Main Article: Moonlight System

When Noah uses his skills, the shape of the moon changes. Depending on the shape, he gains additional awakening/resurrection effects.

The changing moon shape orders from New Moon to Half Moon to Full Moon to Half Moon to New Moon, cycling through the phases.


Main Article: Shadow Chamber
  • In-game Version
  • Nexon Version

He uses a sickle as his main weapon and uses the power of the moon and darkness that mutated from an experiment.

He lost his brother to Henir's Order and forgot about it, but got his memory back after the El Explosion and was sealed shortly.

After many years have passed, he woke up within the temple affected by the restoration of Elrianode.

First Class Advancement

Noah is required to be Lv.15 to begin his first class advancement. You can decide between the following:

Second Revenger
Use the power of Shadow with Obsidian.
New Moon Awakening is stronger and can deal critical damage to enemies.

Second Revenger

Second Selection
A class that utilize cards with the Circulation system and fulfill various roles depending on the activated cards.

Second Selection

Second Grief
A class that uses Relic of Confession and Rest, and moonstones with the power of the moon to protect your allies.

Second Grief

Second Dejection
A class that dreams of a Blood Moon and pull out fragments of twisted memory to compelete his revenge.

Second Dejection

Skill Tree

Skills Passives
[Create a bond and use the new skills!]
Changes to if Married.
Changes to if Partnered.

Level 1
Level 5
Level 10
Level 15

Level 20
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 20.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 1st job class.


 : Dark Mark lasts for 5 seconds which can be stacked up to 3 times. Damage of  is increased by 5% per stack.
Combo Description Damage
A four crescent slash combo. The final slash has super armor and launches targets upwards.

153% Phy. Damage
188% Phy. Damage
223% Phy. Damage
308% Phy. Damage

Slash twice, then throw a black star forward before causing spikes to shoot out of the ground which pull enemies toward you. Number of hits from the final portion based on target size and distance pulled.

153% Phy. Damage
188% Phy. Damage
357% Mag. Damage
131% Mag. Damage x4

Upon successful [X]~[XXX] attack, leave a [Dark Mark].
Deal more damage when using XXX[X] commands to enemies with more [Dark Mark] stacks.
Throw three shadow daggers which explode upon impact or reach a certain distance, then finish with a large shadow blast.
The 1st 3 daggers will apply the  Enemy DebuffDark MarkEnemy DebuffDark Mark and the final shadow blast consumes the mark to increase its damage by 5% per stack.

309% Mag. Damage
349% Mag. Damage
390% Mag. Damage

Upon successful [X]~[XXX] attack, leave a [Dark Mark].
Deal more damage when using XXX[X] commands to enemies with more [Dark Mark] stacks.
502% Mag. Damage

Throw two shadow daggers forward, inflicting  Enemy DebuffDark MarkEnemy DebuffDark Mark, then rush forward to perform an uppercut slash.

309% Mag. Damage
349% Mag. Damage
223% Phy. Damage
308% Phy. Damage

Launches targets into the air with an uppercut, then performs a barrage of lingering strikes.

203% Phy. Damage
38% Phy. Damage x8

Cloak yourself in darkness while tackling enemies ahead, before sending out a shadow to create a spinning sawblade.

302% Mag. Damage
38% Mag. Damage x9

While in the air, perform an overhead sickle swing.

172% Phy. Damage

While in the air, throw a shadow dagger which explode upon impact or reach a certain distance.
The dagger will apply the  Enemy DebuffDark MarkEnemy DebuffDark Mark .

323% Mag. Damage

Jump up once more while in midair.

Quickly dash far ahead while in midair. You will be left in a neutral air state after the dash, allowing further actions.

While dashing in midair, perform three slashes.

185% Phy. Damage
197% Phy. Damage
223% Phy. Damage

While dashing in midair, perform a quick piercing slash forwards. You will automatically keep dashing in the same direction if is pressed on landing.

308% Phy. Damage

Recovery / Recovery by slash his sickle around himself.

/ 212% Phy. Damage


Date Changes
12/31/2020 01/13/2021
  • Adjusted command feel and hitstun of certain commands.
    • Movement delay for the following attacks reduced:
    • animation speed increased, air time reduced.
    • upward trajectory and movement distance reduced.
    • momentum is now maintained. Enters dashing state if is pressed after landing.



Full Gallery: Noah/Gallery




  • Noah's job path in Lore/Story would be the Liberator path.
  • Noah's official theme song is Moon Shadow.
  • Noah is Moon Master Harque Ebalon's younger brother.
  • Noah awakens when the Temple of Time is reawakened after Elsword restores the Large El. He gets to Elrianode just after the El Search Party left to revive Aegirp.
  • Noah officially joins the main cast at the end of Plegas's Labyrinth, though unlike other characters it's merely alluded to in his clear line, rather than be part of any quest cutscene.
    • He is technically already part of the main cast for the dungeon itself as he helps them defeat Colossus Plegas, though given the circumstances, he has yet been able to introduce himself.
  • The accessory near his neck is a pendant that allows the user to travel through time. Originally belonging to his brother, Harque, it was given to Noah by Misty after his brother's death. In the hands of Noah, at least at first, this effect occurs unwillingly whenever he sustains fatal injuries. The first time it activates is at the end of his animated trailers, which starts the second time loop as the game's tutorial segment.
    • Based on the class path videos, it can be inferred that Noah's physical body and clothes will be sent back, but with any wounds and ailments being healed. Clamor will also retain his appearance and memories between loops, but will become sealed again.
    • At each of his 3rd jobs, the design of the pendant changed to a brooch.
  • The events of Noah's first time loop are never shown in-game, but snippets of it can be seen in his animated trailers.
    • The Old Journal in Someone's Lab also details the events of the first loop, with each chapter being added after certain story quests.
      • In the first loop, Noah fails to save Yuria in time (thus preventing Clamor from being unsealed), and Titania turns people near Lanox into Henir Mutants, which the animated trailers show Noah fight against. He also becomes affected by hallucinations (similarly to the third loop), and ends up defeating Titania, mistaking her for the imposter disguised as his brother. Believing to have gotten his revenge on the impostor that killed his brother, he succumbs to his wounds and time is reset.
  • As revealed in Dark Side story quest, during his childhood, Noah was injected with the Power of the Moon by the imposter and was bed-ridden as his body could not tolerate the power. Under the guise of Harque, the impostor occasionally visited after that under the pretext of 'taking care of his sick baby brother' but was secretly conducting experiments on him. The final experiment conducted on him was giving him a pill infused with the Power of the Sun
    Revealed in Stellar Caster backstory
    , which mutated both his Power of the Moon and Darkness. Due to this, Noah is no longer passively affected by the Power of the Moon, instead only being negatively affected by it when he used it
    As shown by the Nyx Pieta path
    • The mutated Power of the Moon caused the center part of Noah's pupils to become white. In the Nyx Pieta job path, due to forcefully using the Power of Moon, the white parts spread to the iris, as shown in his awakening form.
    • The Power of the Sun mutated his Power of Darkness into the Power of Shadow. Noah is able to suppress the mutated Power of Shadow with the help of the Moonstone passed down in the Elabon Family.
  • After the El explosion, the Henir's Order injected him with an unknown liquid, turning his hair black from its natural white. By the time he woke up in the future, his hair has faded to a bluish hue.
    • The masked Henir Order member that administered the liquid could possibly be Misty, "poisoning" Noah to bring him to safety. She turned his hair black and made him unconscious from the pain so that the other members will not suspect that he was a member of the Elabon family and brought him to the altar.
  • Noah has a different goal in each of his job paths
    Check individual class page for more details
  • The name Noah means to rest or comfort in Hebrew. This references the Moon El's power of rest and regeneration.
  • In the China and Taiwan servers, the Second in all Noah's 1st job name is translated into the unit of time, instead of an ordinal.
  • Noah's physical paths gain a double dash command.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 노아 Noah
Japan ノア Noah
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 諾亞 Noah
China (Simplified Chinese) 诺亚 Noah